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Practice (activities, rituals, events, etc.),
Theory (ideologies, philosophies, doctrines, etc.), and
Graphics (drawings, paintings, photos, etc.)

Propaganda ( Academia, Investigative/Defensive, Co-Religious, and topic-compilation files),
Delusion (subversion ideologies from Christians and Muslims), and


voluntary religious, cult or solo.

1. PRACTICE (activities, rituals, events, etc.)

aayear5.txt --- " Crossroads Ritual Marks AEonic Year #5" by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode)

blackmass.txt --- "Black Mass", by Alan Stuart October 1997, subtitled "A True and Factual Account of the Principal Ritual of Satanic Worship".

cocrotoones.txt --- "Ritual of the Old Ones" by Venger Satanis (aka Darrick Dishaw).

coscos.txt --- "Satanic Ritual", from "The Church of Satan", by Blanche Barton, Hell's Kitchen, 1990, pp. 116-9, 135 (NOTE).

coscurselvtn.txt --- "Spells to Perform Against Your Enemies", by ''.

cosinfo.txt --- "CoS Info Document" by Peggy Nadramia, former HPs of the CoS, May 1997.

cosinv.txt --- "Invocation to Satan", from the Satanic Bible, by Anton LaVey, Avon Books, 1969; pp. 145-6.

cosstnmgklvtn.txt --- "Invocation of Lust", "Invocation of Destruction", and
""Invocation of Compassion",
all excerpts from the Satanic Bible, assembled by Asphyx9.

demonlist.txt --- "Demoniac Grimoire", edited by 333 (nagasiva yronwode); skeletal structure of a glossary of demon names, having sifted through a demonology library merely for names preliminary to any thorough consolidation of demonic descriptions.

destnvamp.txt --- "The Art of Vampyrism", by Daimon Egan (aka Lord Egan, John Allee, FCoS founder).

devilrun.txt --- "Runnin' With the Devil! WTF 666", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), April, 2002.

kvnyarl.txt --- "Nyarlathotep Summoning and Cthulu Dreamworking", unknown author.

ldwnosf.txt --- "The Nosferatu Rite: a Working of Self-Creation", unknown author, excerpted from "The Ninth Night: a Journal of Black Magic & the Left-Hand Path", Vol. 1, Issue 1, May 1996. presented and introduced by Fr. NN, Northbridge, Australia.

manopoderosa.ny.txt --- "A Satanic Mano Poderosa", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), May 5, 2000.

onarcllng.txt --- "The Ceremony of Recalling, with Sacrificial Conclusion", from "The Black Book of Satan", Part III.

otsmagic.txt --- "Satanic Magic", by unknown author, O.T.S.

stnrite.txt --- "A Ritual Wrapped in Love", by Lord Gothic.

tokusmarshalling01.txt --- "Marshalling the Armies of Darkness", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), September 10, 1999.

tokusmarshalling02.txt --- "Marshalling the Armies of Darkness", 2nd Rite, nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), October 13, 1999.

tokuspact.txt --- "Adversarial Aeon Begins: Satanic Pact on 9666", by noctifer (nagasiva yronwode), June 7, 1996.

tokuspract.html --- "Satanism in Practice", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), October 3, 1996.

2. THEORY (ideologies, philosophies, doctrines, etc.)

anarchstn.txt --- "The First Rebel", by Illuminatus;
"What is Satan?", by unknown author.

baphsolved.txt --- "Baphomet: A "Mystery" Solved At Last?", by Frater Baraka, IV*, reprinted from "Annuit Coeptis", copyright 1995 OTO: Whiskey Rebellion Camp.

batos.ref.txt --- "Balanone's Temple of Set Ref", (version 1.2), September 5, 1999; copyright Balanone:
1997, 1998, 1999.

bcssatanism.txt --- "Satanism", by ego2.

bcssistatutes.txt --- "The 6 Infernal Statutes", by ego2.

bcsstheology.txt --- "Satanic Theology", by ego2.

bcswmasatanist.txt --- "What Makes a Satanist?", by Brother Erebus.

blkbksatan.txt --- "The Black Book of Satan", by Conrad Robury, additional material (by Christos Beast)
not included in this archival copy.

blsphaltar.txt --- "About the Internet Altar of Unholy Blasphemy", by unknown author, Copyright (c) 1996 Mock Him Productions.

cbgajwah.txt --- "Al Jil Wah", by unknown author. note: the Yezidi text, "Al Jilwah", is by Seih Fahr-ad-Din, 158 A. H.

cbgbolucifer.txt --- "The Book of Lucifer", by Ben Shakur, C.B.G.

cbgspoints.txt --- "The 21 Satanic Points", by unknown author.

cocrihell.txt --- ""I Choose To Reign In Hell", by Darrick Dishaw, C.o.C., w/ HPs Peggy Nadramia, CoS.

cocsibhlaw.txt --- "The Slimy Infernal Book of His Law", by Darrick Dishaw, C.o.C.

cosatanasmds.txt --- "Satan, Satanist Methods", text by Asmodeus, CoS, copyright (c) 1997 DemonSword Grotto.

coscm.txt --- "What is the Church of Satan and How Do I Get Involved?", unknown author, data sheet from CoS, 1996; probably edited by Curtiis LeBlanc, 1996.

coscm2.txt --- "What is a Grotto and Who is a Grotto Master?", and "Brief FAQ, Answers from the Grotto Master",
by unknown author, edited by Curtiis LeBlanc, 1996, Connecticut.

coscos.txt --- "On Satanism and Religion", (Including the Nine Satanic Statements Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, and the Nine Satanic Sins), Anton LaVey, quoted by Blanche Barton, from "The Church of Satan", Hell's Kitchen Productions, 1990; pp. 60-1, 62-4, 65-7, 85-6.

coscos2.txt --- On Satanic Politics, (Including excerpts from "Pentagonal Revisionism: A Five-Point Program"), Ibid., pp. 79-88.

coscos3.txt --- On Satanic Initiatics, (Including discussion on the "Five Degrees of Satanism"), Ibid, pp. 119-31.

cosicon.txt --- "Symbols and their Meaning", by unknown author, CoS.

cosmightright.txt --- "Might is Right? Or is it that RIGHT IS RIGHT?", by Ole Wolf, plus contents of the original post quoted in myriad ways.

cosmology.txt --- "Satanism Without Satan: Information About LaVeyan Satanism", by Lila and Serah Ashe.

cosnadrnazi.txt --- "Boyd Rice, A Nazi? How Nazism Fits In With Satanism", by Peggy Nadramia, HPs CoS, to alt.satanism.

cosnmbrs.txt --- "Satan's Little Children", by unknown author, a brief statement, followed by the Nine Satanic Statements, the Nine Satanic Sins, and the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, dated.

cosobj.txt --- "Satanism and Objectivism", by Charles Nemo, excerpted from "The Black Flame", Volume 6, #1 & 2, 1997, Hell's Kitchen Productions, Inc.

cosodm.txt --- "Grotto ODM", (Oderint Dum Metuant -- "Let them hate, so long as they fear.") by author unknown, includes subsections: "Our Philosophy", "Magic and Ceremonies", "Symbols & Structure", and "Holidays".

cospent.txt --- "The Inverse Pentagram & the Meaning of Satanism", author unknown.

cospntrv.html --- "Pentagonal Revisionism: a 5-Point Program", by Anton Szandor LaVey.

cospoems.txt --- "Where Are the Real Satanists?", "When Will You Learn?", and "To All", all by J.B.M.

cospseudo.txt --- "Recognizing Pseudo-Satanism", by George Smith; first appeared in "The Black Flame" Volume 1, # 1 & 2, posted to alt.satanism.

cospwrfl.txt --- "The World's Most Powerful Religion", by Anton LaVey; Contributed to the (c) Copyright Year XXXI A.S.; originally appeared in 'The Cloven Hoof' #127.

cosstnsmvad.txt --- "Some Personal Opinions Regarding Satanism And Neo-Satanism", by Hr. Vad.

costnlove.txt --- "My Dark, Satanic Love", by Magistra Peggy Nadramia.

costnstdsclmr.txt --- 'Satanist Disclaimer', by unknown author.

costrap.txt --- "Trapezoids", by author unknown.

cosunkknwn.html --- "The Unknown Known", by Anton Szandor LaVey, excerpts from
pages 219 and 220 of "The Satanic Rituals".

cosvsdvlwrshp.txt --- "Satanism vs Devilworshipping", by Blanche Barton, in "Secret Life of a Satanist".

coswhatistnsm.txt --- "What is Satanism?", by author unknown.

ddsmscnptns.txt --- "Misconceptions About Satanism", by author unknown, from "The Raven".

dracdemyst.txt --- "The Demystification of Satanism", by Draconis Blackthorne

dracsatan.txt --- "A Commentary about Satan: Anthropomorphic & Symbolic", by Draconis Blackthorne

dracsatanist.txt --- "The Satanist", by Draconis Blackthorne

dvstnsm.html --- "Satanism and Me", by Diane Vera, copyright 1996.

dvwicc.html --- "Satanism and the History of Wicca", by Diane Vera, 1992, 1994, 1996.

dvwicc2.html --- "A Critique of Wiccan and Other Neo-Pagan Disclaimers About Satanism", by Diane Vera, 1994.

eartos.txt --- "Encyclopedia of American Religions", Temple of Set entry; author unknown.

erblkwtch.txt --- "Black Witchcraft: An Interview With Illean Draegan", by Eric Raben; excerpted from "The Ninth Night:
a Journal of Black Magic & the Left-Hand Path",
Vol. 1, Issue 1, May 1996. presented and
introduced by Fr. NN, Northbridge, Australia.

exu.txt --- "On Exu", by Clifford Low and Carol Dow.

faq1.txt --- "alt.satanism Frequently Asked Questions file", from Church of Satan,
author unknown.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqcos

faq2.txt --- "the alt.satanism Frequently Asked Questions", by Matt G. Paradise
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqmgp

faq3.txt --- "alt.satanism Frequently Asked Questions", Michael A. Aquino
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqtos

faq4.txt --- "the alt.satanism Frequently Asked Questions file", from Ontario Center
for Religious Tolerance (now at,
by an unknown author.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqcrt

faq5.txt --- "the alt.satanism FAQ", (Version 2.3.3), edited by Lupo LeBoucher.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqngp

faq6.txt --- "alt.satanism FAQ", aka "Satanism and the Great Martyrdom Cult",
by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), (c) 1999.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqtks

faq7.txt --- "alt.satanism FAQ file", from First Church of Satan (Daemon Egan,
aka Lord Egan, aka John Allee)
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqfcs

faq8.txt --- "alt.satanism FAQs file", by Michael Lawriel, 09/09/2000.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqml

faq9.txt --- "the alt.satanism FAQ file", attributed to Satan.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqstn

faq10.txt --- "file of alt.satanism Frequently Asked Questions", by Dagon, from Embassy of Lucifer.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqeol

faq11.txt --- "alt.satanism file of FAQs", by Bolverkr, from Thulean-L.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqt-l

faq12.txt --- "alt.satanism file of Frequently Asked Questions", by Rev. Xarian, from the Satanic Brethren.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqsb

faq13.txt --- "alt.satanism Frequently Asked Question file", by the Satanic Reds - Social Realists
alt.satanism FAQ v 1.4.
Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqsr

fenrisset.txt --- "Set: A Predecessor of Satan?", by Fenris Wolf,
Copyright XXXV A.S. / 2000 c.e. by Fenris Wolf.

godsatanism.txt --- "The Essence of Doctrines, Various Forms of 'Satanism'", by Guardians of Darkness (God).

jashan-quotes.html --- 'Writings of Jashan A'al', (for aka see the list of real satanists) Pertaining to the
Subjects of Satan, Satanism, the Left-Hand Path, and Related Material', compiled by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), (c) and in coordination with the very generous author quoted. see

Jashan's website text for more!

jdeboo.html --- "The Satanism of Jeffrey Deboo", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), June 21, 1999, (c) authors quoted.

jezstnsm.txt --- "'Satan'ism", by Jezebel Evenio-Solomon.

mediamovies.txt --- "Satan Doll -- The Devil is Making a Comeback on Screen and Stage -- But, Really, He Never Left", and ,
by Richard von Busack, Metro, Oct. 26-Nov. 2, 1995,
designed and created by the Boulevards team.
Copyright (c) 1995 Metro Publishing
and Virtual Valley, Inc.

mgphvymtl.txt --- "Satanism & Heavy Metal: the Confusion Continues", by Matt G. Paradise.

mgpnotgoth.txt --- "I am Not Goth", by Matt G. Paradise

necrstn.html --- "What is Satanism?", by Clifford Low.

nemoserial.txt --- "Serial Murders & the Satanic / Ritual Crimes Myth", by Charles Nemo, Walpurgisnacht, 1994 e.v.

ocrtstnsm.html --- "Satanism", by the Ontario Center for Religious Tolerance.

oeestndrds.txt --- "Standards of the Strong", by unknown author.

oittrap.txt --- trapezoid essay, by author unkown, from the Occult
Institute of Technology (OIT).

olhp.txt --- Order of the Left Hand Path information/contact sheet; typed in by Graeme Wilson (O.L.H.P.), New Zealand.

olhpcnst.txt --- "Order of the Left Hand Path Constitution", by Faustus Scorpius (Magister), September 25 1991,
from the OLHP; excerpted from "The Watcher",
November 1991, Issue No. 9, edited by Graeme Wilson,
New Zealand.

olhpstn.txt --- "Satan: God, or Anti-God?", by author unknown, OLHP.
excerpted from "The Watcher",
September 1990
XXV AS, Issue No. 4, edited by, Graeme Wilson,
New Zealand.

olhpstnsm.txt --- "Satanism & Morality", by author unknown, OLHP.
excerpted from "The Watcher",
April/May/June 1990, Issue No. 2, edited
by Graeme Wilson, New Zealand.

onaaims.txt --- "The Aims of the ONA", by author unknown, Order of
Nine Angles, 1994.

onabaph.txt --- "Baphomet: a Note on the Name", by unknown author,
from Order of Nine Angles, Wales; excerpted
from "The Watcher",
May 1991, Issue No. 7,
edited by Graeme Wilson, New Zealand.

onabaph2.txt --- "Baphomet - A Note on the Name II", by unknown author,
from Order of Nine Angles.

onabaph3.txt --- "Baphomet - A Note on the Name III", by unknown author,
from Order of Nine Angles.

onabaphopfer.txt --- "Baphomet & Opfer", by unknown author, from Opfer,
Fenrir, Vol. II, No. 2.

onaculling.txt --- "Culling - A Guide to Sacrifice II", by author unknown,
from Order of Nine Angles, 1990 (revised 1994).

onadrkgds.txt --- "The Dark Gods", by Christos Beest, ONA; excerpted from
"The Watcher",
November 1990, XXV AS, Issue No. 5,
edited by Graeme Wilson, New Zealand.

onahardreality.txt --- "The Hard Reality of Satanism", author unknown, from
Order of Nine Angels, 1991.

onahell.txt --- "Hell", by Anton Long, Order of Nine Angles (England),
excerpted from "The Watcher",
May 1991,
Issue No. 7, edited by Graeme Wilson, New Zealand.

onamagus.txt --- "Grade Ritual - Grand Master/Grand Mistress", from unknown author,
Order of Nine Angles.

onapoints.txt --- "The 21 Satanic Points", by unknown author. from "The Black Book of Satan", by Conrad Robury.

onapracticeevil.txt --- "The Practice of Evil: In Context", by unknown author,
Order of Nine Angles.

onaprincegift.txt --- "A Gift for the Prince -- A Guide to Human Sacrifice", by author unknown,
Order of Nine Angles, 1984,
revised 1994.

onasacrifice2.txt --- "Sacrifice", by unknown author,
Order of Nine Angles.

onasatanism2.txt --- "E I R A: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick", by Coire Riabhaich, Order of Nine Angles,
Venn Community, Shropshire,
Vindex Press, USA, 1998.

onasatanism3.txt --- "Satanism -- Or Living On the Edge", author unknown,
Order of Nine Angles, 1991.

onasatanismcrime.txt --- "Satanism, Sacrifice and Crime -- The Satanic Truth", author unknown, Order of Nine Angles.

onastnsm.txt --- "The Sinister Path: an Introduction to Traditional Satanism", by Anton Long, copyright 1994,
Renaissance Press, New Zealand.

onastnsm3.txt --- "A Basic Introduction For Prospective Adherents", by Anton Long, Order of Nine Angles,
copyright 1992, Thormynd Press,
Shropshire, England.

onmemp.txt --- "Satan and His Empire", by David R Ondrejko (aka VonDraco),
Order of the Nefarious Mass (ONM).

osvintro.txt --- "Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (formerly Order of the Left Hand Path) An Introduction", April 14, 1993, OSV, New Zealand.

osvstnsm2.txt --- "Have Fun & Go To Hell -- a Friendly Message from Your Local Satanists",
"The Nature of Satanism" and "The Devil -- as Trickster/Mocker/Joker", from Graeme Wilson, Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, Dunedin, New Zealand.

osvstnsm3.txt --- "Satanism: A World To Win", from Graeme Wilson, OSV, New Zealand.

otsecol.txt --- "Satanic Ecology", by author unknown, Ordo Templi Satanas.

otsethics.txt --- "Satanic Ethics", by author unknown, Ordo Templi Satanas.

otswhat.txt --- "What is Satanism?", by author unknown, Ordo Templi Satanas.

poscpoconsciousness.txt --- "Center Point of Consciousness (Truest Self)", written and read by SAMA.EL, Priesthood of Satan,
copyright July 7, 2003.

posiosatan.txt --- "Identity of Satan / Historical Manifestations", by SAMA.EL, Priesthood of Satan, July 11, 2006.

posntruths.txt --- "Nine Truths of Mastery", by the Priesthood of Satan

prptlhrsy.txt --- "Perpetual Heresy", by author unknown.

ref.baph.eop.txt --- "Baphomet" entry in "Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology", 2nd Ed., edited and revised by
Leslie Shepard, Gale Research
Company, 1984; pp. 131-2, 330.

ref.baph.use.txt --- "Compilation on 'The Meaning of Baphomet'", from usenet, compiled by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), April 8, 1997.

ref.demonlist.333.txt --- "DEMONLIST ([Names of] Fallen Angels, Malevolent Entities, Dark Matter, Alien Antagonists, Angst-Ridden Deities, Gremlins and Nicks)", compiled by 333.

ref.flame.use.txt --- Post on Black Flame, by Mr. Scratch and
Lupo Leboucher, from usenet. --- "Santa / Satan Comparison", by Mr. Scratch.

rrmight.txt --- "Might is Right", by Ragnar Redbeard, edit by
Graeme Wilson (O.L.H.P.), New Zealand.

rvwmrlowe.txt --- "Review of 'Dr Faustus' by Christopher Marlowe", by unknown author, excerpted from
"The Watcher", September 1990, XXV AS,
Issue No. 4, edited by, Graeme Wilson,
Wellington, New Zealand.

rwblkbthr.txt --- "The Devil Made Me Do It!", by R. Whitaker.

rwtrap.txt --- "The Law of the Trapezoid", by R. Whitaker.

satanicethics.txt --- "Satanic Ethics", by author unknown; an exerpt from
"The Book of Darkness",
an official work of the
Ordo Templi Satanis, 1991.

satanism.survey.txt --- "Satanism Survey Response", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode),
to usenet, April 11, 2001.

satanspathministry.txt --- "Satan's Path Ministry Satanism and Paganism", by author unknown.

satcredo.txt --- "The Satanic Credo", by author unknown.

skorgsatanismhistory.txt --- "The History of Satanism", by unknown author,
from the Satanic Kindred.

srdforce.txt --- "Dark Force: Asat, Sat & Tan", by Tani Jantsang, Satanic Reds.

streg.txt --- "Stregoneria: the Way of the Italian Sorcerer", by author unknown,
The Lodge of UR, 1996.

thelacstn.txt --- "Aleister Crowley: Satanist", by Thelemite, excerpted from "The Watcher",
Jan/Feb/Mar 1990,
Issue No. 1, edited by Graeme Wilson,
Dunedin, New Zealand.

tjstn.txt --- "SAT TAN", by Tani Jantsang, re-printed from
'The Heretic' #4, plus postal contact data for
Jantsang and Marsh.

tokusliparadise.html --- "Lost in Paradise: Milton-hatred", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode),
May 4, 1997.

tokusmanifesto.html --- "Manifesto Satanika and Elaboration", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), 12/17/96.

tokusosatanism.html --- "On Satanism", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode).

church-of-satan/gilmore-scriptures.html --- "Response to 'The Myth of the "Satanic Community" and Other Virtual Delusions'", by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode).

tosbal.txt --- "Balanone's Temple of Set FAQ", version 1.2.2, July 7, 2007.

tosfaq.txt --- "The Temple of Set FAQ", ed. by John Youril, November 30, 1994.

tosordtrap.txt --- "Order of the Trapezoid - Statement", reprinted from
'The Crystal Tablet of Set',
Temple of Set, January 1, 1990,
ed. by Stephen Flowers/Michael Aquino.

tosordtrap2.txt --- "Order of the Trapezoid: Mission Statement", by Sir Thorwald, K. Tr., 1997.

tosstnsm.txt --- "Horns Across the Water: Satanism in Britain and America", by Michael A. Aquino, ToS.

whatsatn.txt --- "What Is Satanism?", by Don Webb.

3. GRAPHICS (drawings, paintings, photos, etc.)

9d-etteilla-devil-box.jpg --- Hand-made wooden box with ornamentation of an Etteilla Nine of Diamonds and Devil motif.

aa-mandala-itsit.jpg --- Mandala Diagram and Thelemic Talisman; the reverse side of a Blood Pact with the Devil.

andrea-pasciuta.jpg --- Andrea Pasciuta of the Bambini di Satana.

andrea-pasciuta2.jpg --- Andrea Pasciuta of the Bambini di Satana.2

andrea-pasciuta3.jpg --- Andrea Pasciuta of the Bambini di Satana.3

anton-lavey.jpg --- Anton Szandor LaVey of the Church of Satan.

anton-lavey2.jpg --- Anton Szandor LaVey of the Church of Satan.2

anton-lavey3.jpg --- Anton Szandor LaVey of the Church of Satan.3

anton-levay4.jpg --- Anton Szandor LaVey of the Church of Satan.4

azazel.jpg --- "Azazel", drawing by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), pen and ink, computer manipulated.

birdie.gif --- The Middle Finger, from a "Mad Magazine" cover.

blanche-barton-anton.jpg --- Blanche Barton, left, with Anton LaVey and friend.

blanche-barton-anton2.jpg --- Blanche Barton, left, with Anton LaVey.2

boyd-delfonics.jpg --- Boyd Rice, CoS, with the Delfonics at his club.

boyd-moynihan.jpg --- Boyd Rice, CoS, left with Michael Moynihan in a bathroom photo shoot in Nazi uniforms.

boyd-rice.bob-heick.jpg --- Boyd Rice, CoS, left, with Bob Heick, right. Caption reads "American Front member Boyd Rice (left)
and Leader Bob Heick in San Francisco in 1989."

boyd-rice5.jpg --- Boyd Rice, CoS, clenching a sledge hammer amidst broken record albums.

boyd-rice6.jpg --- Boyd Rice, CoS, with a bald pate.

brian-warner2.jpg --- Brian Warner, as himself, on television.

brian-warner3.jpg --- Brian Warner, looking somewhat normal.

devil.gif --- The Devil, righted from a St. Michael holy card, with Michael erased.

devilbasset.gif --- Bassett Hound in a Devil Costume (commercial still).

devilface.gif --- Devil metal figure, head up.

devilfetish.gif --- Devil metal figure, side.

diane-hegarty.jpg --- Diane Hegarty, aka Diane LaVey, and Anton LaVey.

diane-levay.jpg --- Diane LaVey, and Anton LaVey.2

diane-lavey2.jpg --- Diane LaVey.

diane-lavey3.jpg --- Diane LaVey.2

donald-blythe.jpg --- Donald R. Blythe, looking purified.

donald-blythe2.jpg --- Donald R. Blythe, a bit more formal.

goetia1.gif --- The Goetic Magic Circle, the Triangle of Containment,
and the Directory of Goetic Spirits From Which to Choose

goetia2.gif --- The First 24 Seals of the Goetic Spirits.

goetia3.gif --- The Second 24 Seals of the Goetic Spirits.

goetia4.gif --- The Third 24 Seals of the Goetic Spirits.

goetia5.gif --- 8 More Seals of the Goetic Spirits, as well as Protective Equipment and Ritual Gear.

goetia6.gif --- The Seal of Solomon, as well as Other Seals of the Goetic Spirits.

isaac-bonewits.jpg --- Isaac Bonewits, former CoS member.

isaac-bonewits2.jpg --- Isaac Bonewits, former CoS member.2

isaac-bonewits3.jpg --- Isaac Bonewits, former CoS member.3

jason-sorrell.jpg --- Jason Sorrell, aka Ego Diabolus, right.

jason-sorrell2.jpg --- Jason Sorrell.2

jason-sorrell3.jpg --- Jason Sorrell, in submissive gear.

jason-sorrell4.jpg --- Jason Sorrell, visionary.

jason-sorrell5.jpg --- Jason Sorrell, in a colourful mood.

joan+hga.jpg --- Joan of Arc receiving the sword from her angel,
postcard of a painting.

jolene-welch.jpg --- Jolene Welch, belly dancing.

jolene-welch2.jpg --- Jolene Welch, left, in front of the Weird Museum.

karla-lavey.jpg --- Karla Maritza LaVey.

karla-stanton-anton-xerxes-lavey.jpg --- Karla Maritza LaVey sitting with Anton and Satan Xerxes.

kasey-koon.gif --- Kasey Koon, aka Brother Obitus, wrathfully red.

kasey-koon2.gif --- Kasey Koon, the priest in repose.

kasey-koon3.jpg --- Kasey Koon, as a young drummer.

kenneth-anger.jpg --- Kenneth Anger, aka Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer, in a still from one of his films.

kenneth-anger2.jpg --- Kenneth Anger, Orpheus pensive.

kenneth-anger3.jpg --- Kenneth Anger, in later years.

kim-bendix-petersen2.jpg -- Kim Bendix Petersen playing King Diamond.

king-diamond.jpg -- Kim Bendix Petersen, creator of King Diamond.

king-diamond3.jpg -- Kim Bendix Petersen, playing King Diamond at Christmas.

kiss-of-shame.gif --- "Queueing for the Osculum Infame", collage by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode) from a medieval woodblock image of devotees of Satan.

kissing-cousins.jpg --- "Kissing Cousins", collage of Alliette's Devil Trump artwork
painted into a 9 of Diamonds motif, mexican.

leviathan.gif --- "Leviathan", pen on bookcover of "Dictionary of Satanism" by Baskin, art by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), late 1990s.

leviathan.jpg --- "Leviathan", computer rendering of previous design, by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode), early 2000s.

levibaphomet.gif --- "Baphomet", black and white, by Eliphas Levi (aka Alphonse Louis Constant).

manuela-ruda-daniel.jpg --- Manuela, right, and Daniel Ruda.

manuela-ruda.jpg --- Manuela Ruda giving the horns.

manuela-ruda2.jpg --- Manuela Ruda, right, giving the horns.

manuela-ruda3.jpg --- Manuela Ruda, more conventionally.

marco-dimitri.jpg --- Marco Dimitri.

marco-dimitri2.jpg --- Marco Dimitri, more formally.

marco-dimitri3.jpg --- Marco Dimitri, in sinister mode.

marilyn-manson.jpg --- Brian Warner as Marilyn Manson, jesting.

melissa-hudson.jpg --- Melissa Hudson, aka Venus Satanas, waxing goth.

melissa-hudson2.jpg --- Melissa Hudson, feral.

melissa-hudson3.jpg --- Melissa Hudson.

michael-aquino-sig.jpg --- Michael Aquino's signature.

michael-aquino.jpg --- Michael Aquino.

michael-aquino2.jpg --- Michael Aquino, with Lilith, in full ceremonial.

michael-aquino3.jpg --- Michael Aquino, left, a bit older.

michael-boe.jpg --- Michael Boe.

nagasiva-yronwode-sig.gif --- nagasiva yronwode's signature.

nagasiva-yronwode.jpg --- nagasiva yronwode in a yin-yang cap at a Pantheacon party, discussing occultism.

nagasiva-yronwode2.gif --- nagasiva yronwode, aka haramullah, freaking the sheikh.

nagasiva-yronwode3.gif --- nagasiva yronwode, aka nocTifer, mimicking Crowley.

nikolas-schreck.jpg --- Nikolas Schreck, looking wolfish.

nikolas-schreck-ear.jpg --- Nikolas Schreck, absent a portion of his ear.

osculum-infame.gif --- "Primping Prior to the Infamous Kiss", collage by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode) from a medieval woodblock image of a devotee of Satan.

peggy-nadramia.jpg -- Peggy Nadramia.

peggy-nadramia2.jpg -- Peggy Nadramia, addressing questions from the press.

peggy-nadramia3.jpg -- Peggy Nadramia, explaining Satanism.

peppersaucedevil.gif --- Devil from a peppersauce label.

peter-gilmore2.jpg --- Peter Gilmore, in robes.

peter-gilmore3.jpg --- Peter Gilmore, with sword.

peter-gilmore4.jpg --- Peter Gilmore, more conventional, giving the horns.

peter-gilmore5.jpg --- Peter Gilmore covered in naked women.

peter-gilmore-larson-rice.jpg --- Peter Gilmore, right, with Bob Larson (center) and Boyd Rice.

placentashampoo.gif --- Placenta Shampoo, 16 FL OZ. (473 mL)

robert-de-grimston.gif --- Robert de Grimstone

sammy-davis-jr.jpg --- Sammy Davis, Jr. album cover? with Sammy Davis, Jr., in a paper horned mask.

sammy-davis-jr2.gif --- Sammy Davis, Jr. in a pilot about a tender-hearted devil.

sammy-davis-jr3.jpg --- Sammy Davis, Jr. in a Chico in the Man promotional poster.

sammy-davis-jr4.jpg --- Sammy Davis, Jr. on top of the world.

schorrdevilp90.gif --- Todd Schorr devil artwork, detail.

seasoningdevil.gif --- Devil from a spicy seasoning container label.

stanton-lavey-fuck-you.jpg --- Stanton and Szandora LaVey flipping birds.

stanton-lavey2.jpg --- Stanton LaVey, HoleAndAHeartbeat promotional.

stanton-lavey3.jpg --- Stanton LaVey.

stanton-lavey4.jpg --- Stanton LaVey, mouth full of his wedding cake.

stanton-lavey5.jpg --- Stanton LaVey with pitbull terrier.

stanton-szandora-lavey.jpg --- Stanton and Szandora LaVey, wedding.

strikeoutmatches.gif --- Devil on Strike-Out Self-Igniting Incense Sticks label.

sundevil.gif --- "Sun Devil Alcohol Lemon Drink" label.

susan-atkins.jpg --- Susan Atkins looking impressionable.

susan-atkins2.jpg --- Susan Atkins reformed.

susan-atkins3.jpg --- Susan Atkins completely blissed out.

szandora-kerry-king-stanton.jpg --- Szandora (left) and Stanton (right) LaVey
with Kerry King, all giving the horns.

szandora-lavey2.jpg --- Szandora LaVey at wedding giving horns.

szandora-lavey3.jpg --- Szandora LaVey posing.

szandora-stanton-lavey.jpg --- Szandora and Stanton LaVey yab-yum.

thelemite.gif --- "Thelemite"collage by nagasiva yronwode (aka Frater 'Nigris' (333), the Black Brother).

vadge-jenna-moore.jpg --- Vadge Moore (right) and Jenna Moore.

vadge-moore2.jpg --- Vadge Moore as a youngster, with a mohawk.

vadge-moore3.jpg --- Vadge Moore looking like a French devil.

waitedeviltarot.gif --- Smith-Waite Devil Trump, b&w.

wegman-devil-dog.jpg --- Wegman photograph of 'Devil Dog'.

zeena-baptism.jpg --- Zeena LaVey at her satanic ritual baptism.

zeena-galatea-lavey.jpg --- Zeena Galatea LaVey before the Baphomet.

zeena-lavey.jpg --- Zeena LaVey from a television still.

zeena-nikolas-schreck-webb.jpg --- Zeena (left) and Nikolas (right) Schreck, with Don Webb, all ToS.

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