SAMMY DAVIS, JR. - b12-08-25, Samuel George Davis, Jr., d05-16-90, COS

"...The best performance [in "Poor Devil", a 1973 tv pilot] is by Adam West, who gleefully plays the villain.

"All that's memorable about this pilot is historical. You see outdoor scenes in San Francisco, and the clothing of the time. In this pilot a character is trying to get in touch with the underworld, and starts to phone the Church of Satan downtown. Satan (a youthful-looking Christopher Lee) uses the upside-down pentagram, with horns on it. The 2 fingered sign of Satan with a twist of the wrist, enables a devil to disappear.

"Sammy Davis who plays a devil was for a time a member of the Church of Satan. He socialized with the LaVeys and wore his Church of Satan medallion in public."
-- "Satan was big in 1970 San Francisco" comment by "pery-1" (CA), 7/12/04
(accessed 7/15/09)

"...Poor Devil [was] a pilot for a TV series that was never picked up. It starred Sammy Davis Jr. as Sammy the Poor Devil and Christopher Lee, typecast as Lucifer. Sammy plays a bumbling assistant to Satan who hasn't gotten a soul for him for 1400 years. Lucifer gives him one last chance when Sammy sets his sights on a a disgruntled accountant, played by Jack Klugman.

"Adam West plays Jack Klugman's mean boss and has never given the loyal Jack a promotion which Jack thinks he deserves. Feeling slighted Jack tries unsuccessfully to steal money from his job. Sammy, sensing Jack's desperation, convinces Jack to sell his soul to Satan. In return, all of Jack's dreams will come true. Looks like the Poor Devil may get on Lucifer's good side.

"Sammy and Jack scheme a way to get Jack's boss fired and Jack is promoted to Chief Accountant. Seems as if Jack's dreams have come true and Sammy can finally stop working in Hell's fiery furnace. But Sammy has second thoughts about taking Jack's soul and finds a loophole in the contract giving Jack his soul back. Lucifer is none too happy with this outcome and orders Sammy back to Hell's fiery furnace for eternal damnation...poor devil.

"In 1973, in appreciation for his balanced approach to Satanism in the film Poor Devil, the Church of Satan made Sammy Davis Jr. an Honorary Warlock. The award was presented to Davis on stage during one of his performances at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, CA."
-- "Halloween Countdown" by 'Franklin Mint' (Frank Fusco) 10/6/08
(both accessed 7/15/09)

"I've never let my blackness interfere with my religion. I've never allowed my religion to interfere with my blackness. I think they're too separate things. They intertwine, and they should be supportive of each other, but many people, up until 10 or 15 years ago (maybe in the last 8 years) weren't aware that 85 per cent of the Israelis are colored. They aren't white and blue-eyed. They are dark skinned (::pointing to his own arm::) -- dark, the people of the Middle East, this way."
-- EbonyJet Magazines Interview with Sammy Davis Jr.,
"Sammy Davis Jr. 1985"

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