MARILYN MANSON - b01-05-1969, Brian Hugh Warner, CoS

"[David Shankbone]: Marilyn Manson is a member [of the Church of Satan (CoS)]?

"[Peter Gilmore, HP of CoS]: Yes, he's a member who has been given an honorary priesthood. When asked about what Satanism is he can be very articulate in explaining it. But his own music is his own art. His stage shows are his own, and they don't really exemplify Satanism in particular.

"DS: It's more of a character.

"PG: Yeah, he's created a character. We say people forget about past orthodoxies, something that was culturally popular or permeating at one point or another, people forget about that. What Brian Warner did was he looked at David Bowie and Alice Cooper and re-created and repackaged them, and made a fortune.

"DS: Is he an active member?

"PG: He's an honorary priest, but he does his own thing. If asked about our philosophies he can explain it. The interesting thing is when his first album came out the two of us met on a panel that we were doing about racism in music that was being sponsored by Seconds Magazine. Nobody knew who Brian Warner was at that point, and he came up to me and gave me a CD and he was all in costume. But he said "I heard about you and I wanted to meet you," so we moved aside and talked for a little while and I learned he really did understand Satanism. I told Anton LaVey that this guy was pretty smart and this gimmick is going to do well; it's clever. He's using this serial killer and Hollywood star combination, and he's a smart guy and creating his own persona that is probably going to be successful. It took off immediately, and when Marilyn Manson was out on tour in California he asked if he could meet Anton LaVey and he was impressed. He is a really sweet and sincere guy, which has nothing to do with what all of the world sees in just his act and his art.
(accessed 7/12/09)

"Jeordie White was known as Twiggy Ramirez during his membership of the band "Marilyn Manson". The pseudonym was created by combining the names of Richard Ramirez and iconic 1960s model Twiggy."
(accessed 11-27-08)

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