MANUELA RUDA - bXX-XX-XX, Manuela Ruda, independent

"The pair had confessed to killing the man in their apartment surrounded by human skulls, cemetery lights, scalpels and incense - because the Devil ordered them to do so.

"It was a particularly gruesome killing. The victim, Frank Hackerts 33, who was apparently chosen by the Rudas as their victim because of his love of the Beatles, was hit over the head with a hammer, stabbed 66 times and had a pentagram carved into his chest. The Rudas say they then drank his blood and slept together in a coffin they kept at their flat."
(accessed 7/11/09)

"Manuela claimed she was first drawn to satanism during a visit to Britain. She told the court she drifted into the "gothic" scene after the Devil contacted her when she was 14. ...

"In London she worked in a gothic club in Islington where she claims to have joined a group who attended "bite parties" and worshipped the Devil. 'We drank blood from living people,' she told police. 'We slept on graves. One time we dug a grave and I slept in it, just to see what it would feel like.' ...


"They claimed that because they were following the orders of the Devil, they could not be held responsible for murder. ...

"Passing sentence, Judge Arnjo Kerstingtombroke said: 'This case was not about satanism but about a crime committed by two people with severe disorders. Nothing mystical or cult-like happened here; just simple, base murder.'

"...The judge also said so much fan mail had been sent to the Rudas during the case that he was worried about the 'limitless stupidity' of many members of the public. ...

On Channel 4 News, Daniel Ruda's lawyer, Hans Reinhardt, said he believed the couple's claim of demonic possession was a cover. "I think he [Daniel] pretends to be an instrument of Satan because he is the sort of person who says, `I am the best, I am the greatest'," Mr Reinhardt said.

Daniel's motive may have been celebrity, his lawyer said. "He says, `I want to get on stage, I want that everybody knows me ... I want to be as famous as Charles Manson and so I have to kill someone'," Mr Reinhardt said."
(accessed 7/11/09)

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