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In terms of the gematria aspect if one were to use Hebrew we would be looking at :




I worked from the basis that the name is spelled out as 600 & 60 & 6 which suggests three definite letters. However if one wishes not to use finals (600 being the beginning rather than the end) then one constructs it from 400 and 200.

Jon Sharp

If Revelation 13:18 says that 666 is the number of a MAN, how can barcodes or personal computers become the number of the beast? But watch this. The bishop of Rome, the pope has a title which exalts himself as God on earth like Jesus was. {BTW Immanuel, Jesus name means "God with us"}.The pope's title is "Vicar of the Son of God" which means representative of the Son of God. In Latin, this is "VICARIUS FILII DEI" take any numerical value for each letter that has one and add them and see what is the total.

V = 5
I = 1
C = 100
A = 0
R = 0
I = 1
S = 0

F = 0
I = 1
L = 50
I = 1
I = 1

D = 500
E = 0
I = 1
= 666

His title in greek "Lateinos"{Latin Man or Church} totals also to 666.

L = 30
A = 1
T = 300
E = 5
I = 10
N = 50
O = 70
S = 200
= 666

In Hebrew, we have the word ROMITH {Roman Kingdom} which was replaced by the Roman Papacy.

R = 200
O = 6
M = 40
I = 10
I = 10
TH= 400
= 666

In Latin the title "Head of Clergy" - DUX CLERI also total to 666.

D = 500
U = 5
X = 10

C = 100
L = 50
E = 0
R = 0
I = 1
= 666

This number is only given to us to identify the beast. Once identified, We should try to know what his mark is rather that worrying about the number 666.

It is stated in Revelation 14 that the faithful who will not receive the mark will be keepers of God's commandments and have the testimony of Jesus. See last verse. So this mesns that those who will receive the mark of the beast will NOT be keepers of God's commandments. Indeed the Papacy has changed the 10 commandments to suit them. The 2nd which says not to worship idols were removed. So you're left with 9. The nineth was divided by two, to make it ten again. See one of their catechism book. Most of all, they changed the 4th commandment which says that the day of rest is the 7th day of the week, Saturday. They made Sunday a day of rest. And yet Jesus said that not a jot or tittle should be removed from the Law. The 4th commandment being the only one concerning time, the prophet Daniel who helps understand Revelation, talks about this power which he identified as a terrible animal (beast) in chapter 7 of his book.

Daniel 7:7 introduces the terrible beast.

Daniel 7:24,25 talks about a little horn growing from that beast which will try to 'change time and law'. Now the only law which deals with time is that of the sabbath, the 4th commandment. Ask the Vatican about it and they will tell you as they always claimed, that their power lies in their having changed the law of God. They wrote that the MARK of their authority is to have changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday in the year 361 AD, under emperor Constantine.

Soon the Vatican will pass a compulsory National Sunday Law where nobody will be allowed to work on Sundays, Those who will give mental acceptance to it will (symbolically)receive the mark on their foreheads, and those who will cooperate with it will receive it (symbolically) on their right hand. This is what the mark of the beast is about. And I can see the whole christianity today ready to receive it, specially those protestant churches (the beast from the land) who supports indirectly the vatican, (the beast from the sea) by attacking God's 10 commandments, the only part of the bible written by God Himself, specially the sabbath. They confuse the ritual sabbath (ceremonial) which could fall on any day of the week, which was abolished at the cross with that of the 10 commandment's which is on Saturday only (Moral law), and abolishes the whole law altogether today.

When the National Sunday Law will be enforced, (by goverments as nobody will know that it comes from the vatican,except those who have insight on this matter)then will be determined those who will stand on the Lord's side. Persecution will be the reward of those who stand firm on God's word keeping His commandments.

Exod 32:26 "Who is on the LORD'S side? let him come unto me."

Josh 24:15 "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve;... but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

Jacques Gentil (

Yes, as has often appeared here, 666 has been applied using various numerology methods and alphabets to a number of people's names since ol' St John purportedly ate the hallucinogenic mushrooms on Patmos and whipped off the book of Revelations. The name of Nero can be used but apparently only in Hebrew characters when 'Nero' becomes 'Neron' (Nero apparently only makes it to 616 and for the Roman world, N=50). It has also been said 666 has stood for; Apostates, Diocletian, Julian The Apostate, Luther, Mohammed, Pope Paul V, Napoleon, William II of Germany and several other worthy contenders.

There is also the 'Mysterium' theory which suggests that 666 stood for the Bishop of Rome. The word 'mysterium' was engraved on the tiara of the Pope up until the time of The Reformation. This is supposedly supported by Revelations 17:5 which says of the Whore of Babylon* (in part) 'And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery' *(Isn't this just one of those wonderful biblical character titles?)

An explanation I prefer says that St John chose it because it fell one short of the holy number 7. Add to that the Christian fondness for the number 3, and you get three sixes (i.e one for each part of the Trinity) or one for the body, the mind and the soul or even Earth, Man (the collective noun)and heaven. (There are so many groups of three to choose from...). So, '666' strives for perfection (i.e. 'God' and 'Heaven') but falls just short in all regards...

dsbland (

[reformatted -- boboroshi]

> I was unwise in saying the number 666 refers to a year.
> It DOES, but I am unable to lay hands on the quote. Might
> be Taherzadeh, I dont remember. It was just such a relief
> to me that it stuck evenly and securely in my somewhat
> sticky mind. Can anyone help me out with this?
> I was brought up short by Earle who had every right to
> ask for the reference. Seeing that I am unable to give it,
> can anyone else?

No, but here is an interesting reference from the Book of Kings:

"And king Solomon gave unto the queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants. Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold, beside that he had of the merchantmen, and of the traffick of the spice merchants, and of all the kings of Arabia, and of the governors of the country."

1 Kings 10:13-15

It would seem that in this case the number refers to the wealth of Solomon (666 talents of gold). I find this reference particularly interesting because the "trading of spices" is also discussed at length in the Book of Revelations. Likewise there are sayings like "who is like the beast" that are suggestive of Solomon becuase of Solomon's unsurpassed wisdom.

As such, we might say the Beast may represent the reappearance of the relation between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, although 666 is clearly denoted to be "the number of a man".

As I understand it the Queen of Sheba was stunned by Solomon's wisdom and became an admirer, but later Solomon fell away from God for a time. Perhaps the Beast is a kind of modern Solomon?

Matthew P Menge (

It is my understanding that 666, in the Greek text (from whence came our King James) originally was written "the number of man," not "the number of A man." 666 was the number burned into the foreheads of slaves and thus denotes a state of slavery. The Beast refers to materialism and 666 our slavery to it.

LaAeterna (

I believe that you will find the reference you want in Some Answered Questions, where Abdu'l-Baha links the date 666 of the Christian Era with the establishment of the power of the Umayyad rulers {i.e, the rejection of the wishes of Muhammad over the succession.} From personal research into the matter I have discovered another couple of possible meanings, linking it with the Ottoman dynasty of caliphs. Measuring from the proclamation of the Mission of Muhammad {i.e, 10 years before Hejira}, the d.o.b of 'Osman, the first of the Ottoman Caliphs, is 666 {although historians are not unanimous about his d.o.b.} Also the duration of the ruling element of that dynasty is 666 years; I think this latter figure is in Gregorian years. In any case, I don't have the calculations handy, but there are some remarkable correlations between the number and the Ottoman dynasty. I believe this is consistent with 'Abdu'l-Baha's interpretation of the number as relating to the element in Islam which disregarded Muhammad's wishes over the succession.

D. Povey (

[reformatted -- boboroshi]

In Roman times people often refer to each other by the numerical value of their names. If you have visited Pompei you may have notice graffito of the type "736 loves 423" and the like. This is a numerological value, arrived at by assigning a value to each letter of a name. Anyway, John, the clever old hermit was making a thinly disquised jab at the Emperor of his day, Nero Augustus Ceasar.

Robert Moldenhauer (

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