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Successfully Concluding a Satanic Blood Pact


Having successfully concluded a blood pact with Satan on 960606 posterior to a dedicated study into the nature of such pacts and of the character and powers of the Devil, Satan, it is with absolute interest and consolidated purpose that I hereby explain and espouse for the use of the adept the mechanism and means by which such a pact might be negotiated with a desired outcome.


This is an essay which I have constructed as a charitable response for those who have expressed an interest in themselves forging such a pact with Satan, the Devil and God of This World. It is strictly preliminary, and does not go into extensive detail so much as it explains what the individual will need study, and acquire knowledge and skills in doing, or to contract for someone with that knowledge and those skills so as to effect the desired summoning and preparation for their pact-making endeavour.

Aims and Cosmology

Most who approach me with an interest in selling their soul to Satan explain that they believe in a literal immortal object called a 'soul' which somehow survives the demise of our animal bodies, and goes on to dwell in some afterlife realm such as a hell, or a heaven.

This is quite different than my understanding, but I may attempt to facilitate their aim nonetheless. Theirs often sounds like a very Christian cosmology, and so by their lights this pact would unlikely result in anything that could be considered sane on their part.

It is important to make clear that I am a Satanist. My pact is for mutual benefit and an ongoing, cautious but friendly relation with Satan whereby we both benefit. I am not, nor do I see myself as, pitted against this being or composite entity, or necessarily against its adversaries, and my admittedly fantastic cosmology as expressed in the scripture that I myself wrote the Gospel of Satan, is that the skygod Yahweh has attempted to infiltrate the domain of the God of This World (Terra), and that terran souls *all* proceed to the Underworld at their demise with exceptions only by negotiation (as with attempted submission to other gods).


There is no being of which I am aware that would be able to purchase an 'immortal soul' (because it doesn't exist and one's future terminates at the point of death), but there are Christian scare-stories about the Devil, Satan, in which such a contract is drawn up by magicians for the purpose of enjoying pleasure, or knowledge, or some other boon, for a period of time prior to death, in exchange for the future delegation of that soul to the Infernal Lord as dominator and master of a penalty Hereafter (Hell, as one may put it). Pursuing this contractual relationship with one's former God's foe necessitates maximum legal scrutiny, and therefore it becomes imperative both parties to it retain original copies.

What one may be able to get for this soul depends entirely upon your persuasiveness and interests. Your interests will direct what you attempt to negotiate as exchanged for this fictional aspect of your animal organism. One's persuasiveness will dictate with what agent of the cosmos one may conclude this deal and with what one may get them to agree. Thereafter one's personal power will enable one to bring to bear their compliance with whatever one has successfully negotiated in one's deal.


Typically this contract sequences the legal arrangement so that the deal-maker get their desires met prior to those promised to the Devil, and in some cases this is said to have led to a later attempt to appeal to intervention on the part of a supernal such as Yahweh or Jesus or Mary to save the soul involved, so it is not unexpected that the Infernal Lord might have suspicions about those who undertake to make this kind of contract (as for deception to get the rewards that Satan offers but without any intention of following through on their end of the bargain). Therefore, it would be best if one actually has an interest, and desire to abandon one's soul or self as part of one's feelings and intentions when arranging and concluding the entirety of the deal, lest the Devil see that this is a ruse and abstain from it as unworthy of Hir energies or negotiations.

Contractual Agent(s) and the Study Thereof

There are many Infernal Lords touted as such, sometimes by Christian demonologists such as King James and Johannes Weir, and at others by Satanists who regard it in a somewhat different light. Primarily there aren't many real-life stories of Satanic Deals which are promoted by Satanists of any calibre, since most of us are atheists/materialists and are not convinced of the reality or authority of either religious deities or religious devils.

As further preparation for the activity of fashioning such a pact, as one may be unsure of one's targetted contractual agent, one would do well to enter into the study of demons, properly called 'demonology', and to identify the spirit or devil that is the most appropriate and most likely to yield the result sought (by authority and relation to one's condition).

Secondarily, consulting with serious demonologists is a proper beginning to seeing it through and obtaining what is desired. There is a reason that the tales of Faust and its like involve those who are obsessed with knowledge and power. they will have sought out the skills and knowledge necessary to effect the negotiations important to the act of dealing away their soul, or self, and will either acquire these skills on their own, or negotiate for some trusted individual to intercede on their behalf, supplementing with their actions and produced tools where the soul-dealer and prospective Devil-slave cannot or does not wish to undertake to develop these skills themself.

Presuming that the reader is interested in constructing a pact such that it turns out favourably for you, and that your aim is to contract yourself with the being or composite known generally as 'Satan', the way to effect this begins with YOUR evaluation of what and who that being is, and what it is that you are seeking to obtain, as is the case with any negotiated contract or pact. This eases in its difficulty depending on your proximate relation to specific religious perspectives on the cosmos (some of which are antagonistic to this entity).

Anti-Christian or Anti-Muslim Pact

The most difficult type of pact which may be made, and the one from which the least may be expected, is that made with the cosmic adversary of the Christian or Muslim overlord deities. This adversary's role with respect to the presumed "created" universe is as an underling and fall guy to the cosmic architects and originators (sometimes Yahweh, sometimes Allah, it varies as most religious stories do). Hir job is to tantalize and tempt the straying members of the human species into disobedience and sinfulness so as not to qualify for (or at least severely challenge) their presumed afterlife reward.

The best that could be hoped for in such a circumstance is that the horrors and penalties associated with this type of anti-God are spared, and that the reason one is estranged from the god of the universe will either stop being applicable, or protection and hiding from it will be effected. Granted that the cosmic deity is omniscient, this will of course make most options outside of complete capitulation and repentance unworkable. those who oppose the cosmic god are in for a rough ride, and no Satan in such a cosmos will be of any real and lasting assistance.

That said, once such a pact-signing has been arranged by the most expedient methods in pursuit of the sale of one's soul to the anti-God, the two copies of this document will be retained by their respective parties, effecting the most stringent legal condition to the conclusion (the Devil's Mark provided by his agent to both documents. and he shall thereafter burn his copy as a means of its consignment to the spirit realm).

Sample satanic Christian Pact

Sample satanic Muslim Pact

Promethean and Gnostic Liberators

When the Satanic agent is a liberator and powerful releaser of the sincere adherent to its realm or to a new state of consciousness, being, or action, there is a greater hope that something fruitful will be gained by forging a pact with this entity.

By standard, the Gnostic or Promethean Satan is an underdog and an infiltrating subverter of what might be described as an unfair and coercive circumstance to which the person making the pact did not agree. A captive, or zoo specimen, experimental lab rat, or tested disloyalist, those who seek out the Gnostic Satan are convinced that this world is not the be-all and end-all of thrilling joy, and that somehow it must be transformed or escaped with the help of Lucifer.

Establishing a pact with this being includes communication, psychological, and ritual alignment with the actuality of the cosmos and its real authorities beyond the zoo. Education and ritual communion with this authority will thus be required in order to have the revelation of the truth of the cosmic order manifest before you in mind such that what ought be part of the pact will become obvious. Hamstringed by the inherited view of the universe, no successful pact will be possible.

There are established Gnostic churches, though few seem to understand their liberating deity as 'Satan' per se, some taking to call it "Lucifer", but most characterizing it in Christian or pagan terms, rather than something strictly Satanic. The bulk do not conceive of the necessity of forging a pact or contract with their salvific rescuer deity (e.g. Sophia, or Jesus), and may not understand the motivations or condition of any who do.

A successful pact with this entity will include a clear voucher of alliance and the rational expectations of all parties concerned. If one is sufficiently attuned to the deity with whom the pact is made, and diligent in concluding one's own end of the bargain, then the liberating ally has a good chance of being of longterm assistance.

Sample satanic Gnostic or Promethean Pact

Post-Christian Satan Deities

A number of those who seek to ally with Satan conceive of Hir as an entity outside the parameters of Christianity, in guises theriomorphic and inimical to the deitiforms typically associated with that religion. Some identify Satan *as* that other deity (e.g. Set, Azazel, Shiva, Saturn, Baphomet, and many more), and so for them their relationship twists and turns with the tides of this newly-discovered identity.

Those who understand that they seek to make a pact with a Satan who is outside the purview of convention must in some way conceive or discover the character of that entity or intelligence themself, and then set about rectifying one's relation to them, just as the aforementioned Gnostic would do, but with coordination to the actuality of that Satan so discovered.

The likelihood of concluding a successful contract with such an ambiguous ally is more difficult to predict, owing to the variable combination of dedicant/deity, and the ability of both parties to meet the stipulated arrangements. stepping up the contract in segments or portions, or simply allowing the pact to include very ambiguous aims and interests is one way to go about a more secure relationship, but may make far less plain what the outcome may be. Stringency of form will be more pertinent where the notion of Satan is an opponent.

Sample Post-Christian Deity Pact

Satanic Worshippers

One of the modern visages of Satan is as the beloved god or cosmic hierarch to whom one might dedicate one's energies or works. For such demonolaters the pact functions less like a deal or contract and more alike to a dedication. The content of this trusting dedication is far less harrowed and difficult than those attempting a negotiation with the cosmic anti-God or 'Father of Lies'. The important aspect of such a pact is its drama, its depth, and its heartfelt sincerety. what it includes would of necessity be of a personal and possibly sacrificing character.

The theistic Satanist, or demonolatric worshipper of Satan, has a completely inverse relationship with Satan as compared with the anti-Satanist worshipper of some usurping archon. she may regard Satan as a parental figure, a guardian, possibly a revealer of mysteries and laudible leader in the ways of the world of which He is Lord. in any case, she will take far fewer precautions and possibly consider hir approach as from an advantageous trajectory.

Sample Satan Worshipper Pact

Preparatory Research

The key terms for your research into this yourself (as via Google) will be:

Faust, Mephistopheles,
"Selling Your Soul to the Devil",
"Faustian Pact", "Faustian Compact",
Mephisto, "Contract With Satan"
"Blood Pact With Satan", etc.

and the usual contents of that contract, which require a certain ceremonial magic to effect, would be legalistic, and may even be steered toward trying to weasel out of the eventual arrangement by loopholes.

You will do best to research thoroughly the contents of contracts negotiated amongst those who are adversaries, particularly those which may be and have been used to successfully keep both sides to their agreed responsibilities (by the authorities you deem operating in the cosmos). In all cases with unfriendly or unknown agents it becomes imperative that two copies of the contract be constructed for legal stringency.

Secondarily, you will wish to research the character of these loopholes in the contract's language such that the deals with the Devil allowed an escape from the eternal demise and took advantage of some supposed weakness or oversight on the part of Satan such as within popular literate fictions including figures like the lawyer Daniel Webster, or the Goethean Faust, whose final conclusion glories in the power of redemption due to his eventual repentance after having enjoyed the initial benefits of Satan's power and knowledge.

The Objects of Art

For the contract itself to be official and traditional it should be written by your own hand, then signed in your own blood using a stylus of ceremonial design, optimally created by you, out of some infernal materials, and this signing of the document(s) should be within a ritual in which you summon Satan for that purpose at an appropriate time, asking him to accept the arrangement, complete in its terms, giving some omen, or allowing you to be possessed and so execute his Mark imbued with his intent.

A sample pact with Satanas Paternas, signed in blood.

Studying, and Making or Employing

Therefore, to begin your preparations you will need to:

a) Study ceremonial magic, the construction of magical objects, and the summoning of spirits, or make acquaintance with, or reliable friends with, someone who is very well skilled in these endeavours so as to do it expertly for you (as it is reputed that those such as Gilles de Rais or the [[Marquis de Sade]] did);

b) Construct and consecrate a proper stylus and paper/parchment for the event of the signing/contract, or have this done for you by someone of sufficient skill and authority; failing this, obtaining the objects and initializing them yourself may be sufficient.

Sample Pacts

Sample satanic Christian Pact

Sample satanic Muslim Pact

Sample satanic Gnostic or Promethean Pact

Sample Post-Christian Deity Pact

Sample Satan Worshipper Pact

c) Construct and consecrate any additional tools necessary to do the summoning of Satan for the event, or have this done for you by someone of sufficient skill and authority; failing this, obtaining them and initializing them yourself 'may' be sufficient;

d) Prepare yourself adequately for the ritual itself, which will probably require heretical or anti-Christian liturgies, symbols, actions on your part, or IMpurifications, sufficient so as to distance you from the protection of or influence by Christian deities;

e) Engage the actual summoning of Satan, the Devil, at the proper time, and with the proper intention so as to carry out the signing of the document(s), being sure to render two such documents in the event of an agreement with any uncertainty.