Satanism and Other Religions

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Satanism admits always that there are other cults, until they escalate religion to an elitist enterprise bent on dominion.

Religions are what we call 'orthodoxy'. They prescribe the correct rules and doctrines either by fiat or fellowship, and to the extent that Satanists can be solitairies, we reserve the right to carry our Satanism into those religious domains who would have us, and rebel against some religions or their injustices. It is obvious that religion preserves society and moral values, it does not corrode, corrupt, or condemn the future through warfare, and though for instead turned to mockery, and suave persuasions through incorrigable logic and perfect decore.

Religions which are adversarial to Satanism are typically control-freaked, victims of heinous scare stories, and those who are convinced that the state knows better than the citizen and that supernatural phenomena are enough to convince authorities of the allegations and claims.