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Interviews OF Satanists


Features Lilith and Michael Aquino
Documentary Interview


Features Blanche Barton
Interviewed by The Learning Channel (TLC)
Interviewed by The Sci-Fi Channel


Features Zach Black
Interviewed by Reverend Darrell Gene Motal
The Paranormal Preacher and Pastor of the Paranormal Church


Features Peter H. Gilmore
Interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos on 'The Hour'
Interviewed for 'Inside the Church of Satan with Joshua P. Warren' documentary
Interviewed by The History Channel


Features Anton LaVey (1960s)
Interviewed by Joe Pyne for the latter's television show
Presentation Interview
Satanis: The Devil's Mass


Features Szandora LaVey-Partridge


Features Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck
Interviewed by Bob Larson on his show


Features Corvis Nocturnum
Interviewed by Ryan Buell ("Paranormal State: Satanism Explained")


Features Boyd Rice
Interviewed for the documentary "In Satan's Name"
Interviewed by Cristina Saralegui for "Christina" talk-show


Features Oz Tech
Interviewed by the First Church of Satan

Channels BY Satanists, Videos on Satanism

- AIDAN A ("Aidan0128")
We Are God

- JOHN ALLEE ("RevJohn")
Beyond Atheism and Theism: the Shocking Truth
Beyond Good and Evil
Curses and Bindings: How and Why They Work


Future of Satanism
I am Satan
Jason King's Book "Postmodern Satanism"
Joy of Satan
Marilyn Manson is a Satanist
S.I.N. (Satanic International Network)
Satan vs. Jesus
Satan's 'Fall' From Grace?
Satanic Current
Satanism and Morality
Theistic Satanism?
What Do Satanists Really Believe?
What Happens When You Join the Church of Satan
What is Satanism?
What Kind of Satanist are You?
Why Am I a Satanist?
Why Anton LaVey is a Genius


Lady of the Left Hand Path Intro
LaVeyan Synthesizer Clock

Adversarial Christian
Women and Satanism

Joy of Satan
Satanic Amulet (Fifth Satanic Ritual)
Secondary Enhancer (Invocation Ritual Secret)

Daemonic Magick: Bloodletting
Demonolatry Prayer
Demonolatry Q & A
Dukante Enns Spoken
Enns: Chanting, Vibrating, and Spoken During Invocation
Interview with HP Aramon
Interview with HP Brad Morlan
Personal Experiences with Daemons
Proper Invocation


Hilarious Satanic Moment
Satanist Organization (Continuing with Jason King)
LHP Rising?
Satanic Abstinence
Re: Satanic State of the Union
Structure Within Satanism (Opposition)


Devil Costume
re Is Satanism Self-Destructive?
Rooster Devil
Why I Am a Satanist


- EGO DIABOLUS ("egodiabolus666")
Eros, Thanatos, Satan
Fraternal Order of Satanist Rednecks
Satanic Organization
Structure and Satanism
WTF? Pyramid Model


- EMIEL ("coolvibe1975")
Hierarchies in Satanism and Satanic Unification
How I Got Into Satanism
Metal and Satanism
Remarks About the S.I.N. Website
Wiccan and a Satanist


- MICHAEL W. FORD ("akhtya75")
Luciferianism and Satanism

- DAMON A. FOSTER ("DamonFoster")

#1 Satanic Sermon by Damon Foster @1:15-3:00
#1 Review of 'Satanis: the Devil's Mass' @3:00-4:10
#2 Pentagram History; Jason Posey Comment @3:00
#3 World Politics and Satanism; Damon Foster Comment @4:00
#7 Jason Posey Interview @4:00
#8 Adrian Interview @1:15
#8 Review by Sean Michael of 'Letters From the Earth' (Twain) @1:50
#9 Review by Sean Michael of 'Letters From the Earth' (Pt. 2) @1:40
#9 Sean Michael Interview @4:25
#10 Shadow Interview @1:00
#10 Rituals (Jason Posey Interview @3:10)
#11 Sonia Interview @7:00
#12 Satanic Communications (Damon Foster Comment @1:35)
#12 Rituals (Jason Posey Interview Pt 2 @4:25)
#12 Sacrificing Animals (Damon Foster Comment @6:25)
#13 Fear-Mongering Myths (Jason Posey Interview @4:45)
#13 Shadow Interview @7:25
#14 Review of 'Speak of the Devil' (Written and Directed by Nick Bougas) @4:40
#16 Satanic Culture: a History @5:10
#21 'Growing Up Damonic' Damon Foster Interview, '60s @4:40
#22 'Growing Up Damonic' Damon Foster Interview Pt 2, '70s @7:25
#23 'Growing Up Damonic' Damon Foster Interview Pt 3, '80s @9:10
#24 'Growing Up Damonic' Damon Foster Interview Pt 4, '90s @1:20
#24 Courtney Hate Interview @4:00


- JEFFREY FRYE ("thisoldhippy420")
Proactive Satanism
Questian About LaVey's Satanic Mass
Satanic Organization
What is Satanism?

- MICHAEL JOAQUIN ("michael616joaquin")
Born a Satanist?
Drug Use Within Satanism


- JASON KING ("jason666king")
Anton LaVey et al (Church of Satan, more)
Fascism and Satanism
On Satanism (Response to Brett Keane)
ONA, David Myatt, et al
Postmodern Satanism
Pwnership Tutorial: The Strongest Technique
Satan vs. Allah
Re: Satanic Organizations (With Darkf00l)
Satanic Theogony I: Dharmakaya
Satanic Theogony II: The Lord of Midnight
Satanic Theogony III: Deus Tyrannicus
Satanism: Modern vs. Postmodern
Satanism: State of the Union
Theistic Satanism and the Brotherhood of Satan

- MASSHU ("masshu666")
Satanism Documentary

- CORVUS NOCTURNUM ("CorvusNocturnum")
Warlock Corvis Nocturnum on The Lexi Show Church of Satan

- MATT G. PARADISE ("MagisterMGP")


- DRUWYDION PENDRAGON ("brotherhoodofsatan")
Real Satanism (BoS Perspective)
Satanic Unity (Workshop)

- RETSON RETAP ("ChurchOfKali66619")

Black Magic


Define Satanism from a Satanic Perspective
Demons, Spirits and Satan
Discard What You Don't Need
How I Got Into Satanism
Independent Satanism (H.I.S.S.)
Is Satanism Self-Destructive?
LaVeyan vs. Theistic Satanism
Lucifer and Satan
Luciferianism and Satanism
Pact with Satan
Paths of Satanism
Role of Angels in Satanism
Sacrifice in Satanism
Satanic Black Mass
Satanic Ego
The Satanic Statements
Satanism and Witchcraft
The Satanic Statements
Theistic Satanism
Theistic Satanism and Magick
Undefiled Wisdom


Christianity and Satanism
Is Satanism Dependent on Christianity?
Left Hand Path and Satanism
Left Hand Path Unification
LHP A Coordinated Effort
Liber A:0 Teaser Video
Lovecraftian Theocracy and One Step Beyond Satanism
Manifesting the Left Hand Path
What Satanism is All About



- SATANSFARM ("Ghengisfritzmeister")
Black House
Happiness is a Controlled Substance
On Revenge
Satansfarm Reveals Himself!


- JOSHUA SCHUSTER ("sniperofbuffalo")
Modern Atheistic Satanism
Satanic Shenanigans

re What is Satanism??

- SUZANNE ("devilgirl255")
Dukante Hierarchy
How to Depart an Invoked Demon
Invocation and How It Works


- JOSEPH SWIFT ("maximilianexplosion")
Former JoS HP Speaks About the Group
Satanic Bunco Sheet
The World's Intro to Paul Douglas Valentine
- DIOGO VILAÇA ("CircleOfCerberus")
On Satanism
- DONTE WESLEY ("Setaoshinjii")
Me Talking Satanism
Why I Avoid Satanic Websites and Conversation

- JACK WINTERS ("lucindio6669")
Oklahoma City Satanists Go Public
Rev. Jack Announces His Successor


All About the Ooze
The Ooze and Updates
Why I Bought Jason King's Postmodern Satanism


- NAGASIVA YRONWODE ("trolltowelhead")
How to Sell Your Soul to Satan, Pact with the Devil
Using the Scientific Method in Satanism, Proof in the Demonic Realm


Honourable Mention Interview Video
Laveyan vs. Theistic Satanist ("shawnmcghee1")

Honourable Mention News From Satan
Satanic State of the Union ("fknnewz")

Honourable Mention Response Video
Devil's Response to M. Night Shyamalan's "Devil"

Appearances by Satan on Broadcast Television

- "REAPER" (Ray Wise as The Devil) [@YouTube]
Interview with The Devil, by Jason C. Sting
Interview with Ray Wise on The Devil +, by Crystal


- "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE" (Jon Lovitz as Mephistopheles) [@HULU.COM]
'The People's Court': Braithwaite vs. Mephistopheles (Pact-Break)

Internet Television Series Featuring Demon Roles

Pancake Doomsday
Algebra Aversion
Sugar Trip
Trash Hazard
Battery Catastrophe
Leo Goes to School


Mr. Deity and Lucifer
Mr. Deity and the Tour de Hell
Mr. Deity and the Seed
Mr. Deity and the Magic
Mr. Deity and the Really Unique Gift

The God and Devil Show

Slideshows or Special Effects with Audio Narratives

- JOHN ALLEE ("RevJohn")
Church of Satan Thirteen Step Program
Modern Satanism: the Failed Religion

- CARE ("satanicwitch969")
Invocation to Satan
My Kind of Satanism

- NARGARGOLE "Satanic Unity" "Satanism Versus Religion"
(2) "The Three Aspects of God(s)" "The Three Aspects of Satan"

- SOAD444
A True Satanist

- SUZANNE ("devilgirl255")
Casting a Circle in Demonolatry
Demonolatry Books
Get Connected: Creating a Bond with Demons
In Honor of the Nine
Introduction Into Demonolatry
My Patron Demon
Unsere — Demoness of Life

Non-Satanist Videos on Satanic Subjects

"Atheistic Satanism", by Felice Fawn

"Devil to the Metal — What is SATANISM?", by VerosaShadows ('annonymous' Interview with Josh Hegard)

"NIGHTLINE Face Off: Does Satan Exist?" (Debate Format)

"SATANIC PRAYER for Christians", by MisterMorgueOfficial


Interviews on Broadcast Radio with Satanists

Featuring Diabolus Rex Church
Interviewed by Freeman, Oracle Broadcasting Network 11/1/08 YouTube Rebroadcast:

Featuring Peter H. Gilmore
Interviewed by John Conner (aka Mark Dice)
Interviewed by Joshua P. Warren (on "Speaking of Strange")

Featuring Boyd Rice
Interviewed by Bob Larson

BlogTalkRadio Interviews

ZACH BLACK (/S.I.N., SatanicInternationalNetwork)
"Devil's Night"
"Chariots of the Gods"
"Occultism in Music"

"The Autodiabolic Method"
"Cool Vibe"
"An Adversary Without Bias?"
"Postmodern Satanism"
"Satanic Witchery"
(1) "Character and History of Satanism"
(2) "Character and History of Satanism" Part 2
Cult of Cthulhu ("Cult of Who?")
"Innerworkings of the Cthulhu Cult"
"The Devil and Miss Indulgence"

Rev. Jack Winters and Debbie Dark Church of Satan (Rev. Alixandrue Lucifer RavensLoft LeGivorden, Rev. Ariana Jade RavensLoft LeGivorden)

TheOoze (BTR; Beast Xeno, Ego Diabolus, Jason King, Darkf00l, more)

Boyd Rice, CoS High Priest?
Left Hand Path ("More Than Diabolical Infestation")
Lucifer: the Light Bearer
Satanic Rites and Results ("Satanic Celebration!")
Satanism and Christianity ("Victim of Dichotomy?")
Satanism and the Evolution of the Left-Hand Path ("Does the Devil Evolve?")
Christian-Islam Conflict and What It Means to Satanism
Left Hand Path and Martyrdom ("Nailed to a Cross")
Heavy Metal and the Devil

Project Support Brainstorming (/TheOoze)

Satanic Social Goals
Satanism: Symbolic vs. Spiritual or Something Else?
Satanist Community

Satanist Imbeciles ("Dumbing Down the Devil")

Satanist/Occult Questions ("Tattoo Stories/Satanist-Occult Questions")

Rev. Eric T. Sheutz (, Miscellaneous Shows

Twizded-Radio (BTR) 6/2008 — 1/2009 (Manic, Beast)
Beast (Xeno) Bio ("Twizded Origins Part 2") Cults ("Children's Show")

Vampirism ("Reality Bites")

Radio Shows on Satanism or by Satanists or Those Allied



World-Wide Web


Facebook Pages for Satanists and Others of Interest

Adam Parfrey
Aidan O'ryan-kelly
Al Cabal
Al Jigen Billings
Allen Greenfield, T?
Amina Lap
Amy Zerner
Angel Cartwright
Annie Sprinkle
Anodea Judith
Antero Alli
Bill Griffith
Bishop T Allen Greenfield
Blanche Barton
Bob Dobbs
Born Satanist
Brian Hodges
Brian Warner
Caitlin Matthews
Carol P. Christ
Carol Queen
Caroline Tully
Carroll Runyon
Charles Cosimano
Chris English
Christian Day
Christine Wicker
Clifford Hartleigh Low
Constance Demby
Content Love Knowles
D.J. Conway
Darcy Kuntz --=-
David Cherubim
David Rankine
David Tibet
Diana Paxson
Diane Vera
DoctorSnake HoodooDoc (Jimmy Lee Shreve)
Dolores Ashcrof Nowicki
Dominic Elemirion
Donald Correll
Donte Wesley
Dutch Satanist
Ed Fitch
Eric A. Meece
Fakir Musafar
Frey Aswynn
Gavin Baddeley
Gavin Yvonne Frost
Genesis P-Orridge
Ghostinthedark Satania Blaze
Giddle Partridge
Giddle Partridge Boyd Rice
Graeme Wilson
Ian Sturrock
Janet Farrar Gavin-Bone
Jason Sorrell
Jesper Aagaard Petersen
Jim Eschelman
Jimmy Page
Jinx Dawson
Joan Halifax
Jody Griggs
John Allee
John Smulo
Judika Illes
Karma Zain
Kennet Granholm
Konstantinos Author
Laurie Cabot
Lillee Allee
Linda Falorio
Liz Martin
Lon Milo DuQuette
Lori Bruno
Magister Frost (Magister Ventrue)
Magistra Blanche Barton
Mambo Racine
Marco Dimitri
Margot Adler
Mark Luskin
Mary K. Greer
Marie RavenSoul
Michael Bell
Michael W. Ford
Michael Joaquin
Michelle Belanger
Migene Wippler --=-
Mike Noxaura
Mona Magick
nagasiva yronwode
Nathaniel Harris
Nick Farrell
Oberon Zell
Ole Wolf
Orion Foxwood
Paul Beyerl
Phaedra Bonewits
Phil Farber
Rachel Pollack
Randall Pike
Raymond Buckland
Robert Place
Rodney Orpheus
Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Selena Fox
Silver RavenWolf
Stanley Krippner
Stanton LaVey
Stephanie Connolly Reisner
Stephanie Taylor
Stephen W. Abbott
Stephen Skinner
Szandora LaVey
T.C. Downey
Thomas Blackthorn (Tommy Seamus Blackthorn)
Thomas Karlsson
Tom Erik Raspotnik
Valentina Burton
Valerie Voigt
Valeska Scholl
Venger Satanis
Venus Satanas
Vexen Crabtree
Vivian Crowley
Whitley Strieber
William Bainbridge
Yvonne Chireau
Zach Black
Zsuzsanna Budapest

Other Religious Trying to Reflect Religious Satanism or Related Subjects

"Atheism — Satanism, Pagan, Deists, & Agnostics"
"Origin of the Middle Finger", by Brett Keane
"Satanism & Paganism" by Brett Keane ("MrEvilution777")


Individual Chat Zones