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Purpose and Preparations

The general approach to invitation or conscription of spirits to a given location follows certain conventional standards of method. These vary thereafter by culture and character of the spirit. In part the determination of relationship with the spirit will prefix the qualities of accommodation prepared, whether enjoyable or constraining to the spirit due to its relation to the summoner. Beyond this, ornamentation, symbolism, and attractive accoutrements will of necessity be brought to the location for purpose of lure or benefaction.

Certain acquisitions will likely be important, again dependent upon familiarity with and conviviality toward the spirit. At the least and most general will be their name and identifying symbol, seal, or pantacle. As specialists detail their contact with the spirits they may create directories of content perforce in quality and style indicative of the relationship and aim involved, and these may become known to demonologists as tools they may employ.

Specific skills and training are reputed to be important with certain demons and, particularly for coercive, dominating, and controlling purposes, specialists such exorcists receive education in the weapons and defenses they need in order to extort and damage the spirits under their malignant influence. Otherwise, when the spirit is unknown to the summoner or if a demon is completely unfamiliar with the individual who seeks an audience, then more formal ceremonials to draw their attention will be needed and training in magic, mediumship, evocation, invocation, ritualism, and the like will be essential for success.

Choosing the Spirit

Reputations and religions being what they are, selecting the focus of a summoning is of importance as part of the overall preparation, but needn't be resolved absolutely if one has in mind a broad netting or a passing consultation. Consulting with cultural reflectors, religious emmisaries, or dedicated archivists only goes so far toward getting to know the spirit in question. Cultivating instead an ability to meet them in their own dimension where they live, so to speak; or to use a tool to establish contact such a talking board, some divination device, or to develop the capacity as a medium to engage them directly in trance states; will enable one to choose through the course of interactive experience.

Negotiating a Relationship

Once some kind of contact is made, it should be repeated as often as both parties are amenable. In general, gods respond well to obsequeous devotion, demons to demonstrations of candour, forthrightness, and plain boldness. If the matching is suitable, then it should become obvious what kind of an ongoing connection may be made.

There are two primary reasons that summoning will be needed for a spirit:
1: The spirit is reluctant and the summoner is forcing himself on the spirit regardless;
2: the spirit wants a show of interest and effort, the human expending resources to catalyze the meeting(s).

Otherwise there is no reason that a spirit may not establish a permanent communication with the individual or foster some vessel (temple, church, etc.) whereby that connection may be engaged by either party at any moment.

Details of the Arte

Plan in advance for the date, key its numerological sum to the character of the spirit, anticipate with gravity and relish (or trepidation and foreboding as is appropriate) the arrival. Generally prefer a grotto, grove, or desert for the more wild spirits; a ceremonial chamber, ruined religious building, or dais for those of great aspiration.

For temporary and initial purposes, nothing permanent need be erected or installed. Ornamental draperies, banners made from as costly or as inexpensive a material as will please the intended spirit contact are likely to be sufficient. Colours and designs should, if known, be well-suited to the spirit's character. The timing should as well be attuned to the interests and symbolism known or stated as of particular favour. The factors primarily of influence will be sensory (sights, sounds, scents), but recitation of certain texts, blasphemous or exultatory, or mentally repeating special formulae in one's mind, may condition one properly for the visitation.

It is customary to esteem the spirit with an invitation at the event anticipatory of the meeting, such as by chanting or calling its name. Dramatic recitation of particular poetry or the performance of a piece of music on instruments enjoyed by the spirit, reaching a crescendo and interrupted by its arrival, will please it immensely.


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