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One of the processes of religion taking rapid turns toward the revolutionary are in response to subversion ideology rhetoric promoted by dualist religious such as Christians and Muslims, generating fear by spreading the news about nefarious child-killing cultists known to them as ' satanists' (previously ' witches' or 'Jews'). Modern religious in greater and greater numbers and with greater frequency are selecting as part of their self-description and activity the very terminology used to demonize, undermining its slanderous charge by 'legitimating' it, or applying it toward benevolent or conventional spiritual activities.

In some instances the ante has been increased through the fashioning of artificial histories to new religious groups, complaining about centuries of oppression and millions of dead (e.g. Gardner and his '9 million dead in "The Burning Times"' - an exaggerated figure probably in competition for the millions of Jews who actually died in WWII Germany; or some religious Satanist groups who portray themselves as somehow connected to the Knights Templar or the Bavarian Illuminati).