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Generally and mythically represented as the future dwelling-place of our personal experience which some refer to as an object: a soul. Since people are by some conventions buried, it is conceived that they somehow live onward in another dimension from ours, and their notions of its content and authorities seems to vary by religion.

Satanic Underworld

In Satanism the notions of an afterlife are usually abandoned or downplayed, and the social 'underworld' is typically regarded as the real aspect of that term's meaning. Some maintain the superordinary cosmology complete with souls, a Satan Father God to ministrate and care for them, and an Underworld wherein they might dwell after they are deceased.

The Gospel of Satan

The fiction of the Gospel of Satan incorporates an Underworld for inverting the cosmology of Paradise Lost. It features Satan as the monitor and guardian of the Gate of Death through which all beings including gods must pass when they die.

The Gate of Death leads souls to the Underworld, and it is this Underworld that is conceived, in true inversion, as the originating source for all of the universe, emanating outward from it.