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The deity of Jewish tribes whose expression in their scripture, The Tanakh, was employed by Christians at least in part to create what they call their Old Testament. Yahweh is a skygod or composite (among El, Yah, and other deities) and arguably the first in a number of gods featured in Bibles.

In Satanism

Yahweh is typically accounted a foe amongst Satanists, many of whom were raised in Protestant Christian households and some good number amongst 'fire and brimstone' Evangelicals. At times his role as Father God is entirely usurped and inverted, with Satan as Father or Lord, by Satanists, and Yahweh is treated as a bully and a blowhard, convicted of myriad crimes attested to in Christian Bibles, and held up as a tyrant and infant murderer.

In The Gospel of Satan

Yahweh leads the fictional invasion of Earth with his sod and godson in tow. He and Michael are the blustery warriors who seek yet fail to trespass the Gate of Death, inspiring the godson Yeheshua to incarnate as a human being and then, as a god, die to try to break that gate and make the invasion possible. He fails, dies, utters the fateful "Why hast thou foresaken me?" line in the Bible, and becomes an Underworld hero.