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Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism, author of The Gospel of Satan

Troll is a Satanist.

Altar housing and protecting my pact
The Amulet of the AEon
What lies on the back of the Aeonic Amulet
The Grand Mufti wrote a commentary on The Gospel of Satan and included many fatwas
Troll has revealed the doctrine of Demonic Satanism to the world
The Grand Mufti creates instructional videos on Satanism and soulsale.

Contact Information

Troll Towelhead
On Pacts:
On Summoning Demons:
Consult via Facebook:
Consult via Email:

Personal Bio Data

Legal name: nagasiva yronwode Astrological Birth Date 9:30am San Jose, CA 10/25/61:
Language(s) spoken:English Home address: Phone number:
Fax number:
Email address:
Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course student #:0000
Year enrolled:2003
Year graduated:2007 (2009 Apprentice Grad)

Personal Contact Information

Professional names ever used: boboroshi, Troll Towelhead
Business names (if different / separate than the name on this application):
Business License # / Resale License # (if applicable in your state): None
Current employment additional to / other than reading and rootworking: Lucky Mojo
Do you have a dedicated business phone line?: No I don't take clients by phone
Does it have an answering machine or voicemail after business hours? N/A
Business phone number:N/A
Business fax number:N/A
Business email address:
Skype username:Troll Towelhead
URL(s) for your business website(s):
URL(s) for your personal website(s) or bio page(s):
Are you an Independent Contractor at ? No
If so:

  • For how long have you been with Hoodoo Psychics?
  • What is your Hoodoo Psychics bio page URL?

Do you have Facebook profile or page with your professional name on it? Yes.

  • If so, would you be willing to promote AIRR via your Facebook profile or page? Yes.

Other education, training, degrees held: Grand Mufti of Satanism, 9th Scholar of Scholomance
Memberships in other social, fraternal, and / or business organizations: Satanic Internatinal Network member

Personal References

Please provide two references who can affirm your reliability and ethical character. These should be business associates, vendors, other professionals, or clients with whom you have established an ongoing and satisfying business relationship, and who will attest to your ethical standards and the quality of your work:

Name: Venus Satanas (Melissa Hudson)
Profession:Author, DJ, artist
Their business relation to you:Former associate (Horde of Independent Satanists)
How long you have known them?:15 years
Their contact information:

Name:James Dotson
Relation to you:Comrade and friend
How long you have known them?:15 years

Their contact

Training, Personal, and Professional Experience

Training and Experience as a Reader

When did you become a professional reader?: During the summer of 2014

How did you learn to do readings for people? Please describe any formal education you received in this field, including any books or teachers who have influenced you, apprenticeships you have taken, instructors you have studied with, etc.: Studies with spiritualists and with catherine yronwode. Prior, studies with Neopagans. Tutelary spirits (Kali, Satan).

Why did you begin professionally doing readings for other people?: It was part of my alliance with Satan that i pursued varieties of support for his defense and enterprise. When an interview and coaching session seems to require such a reading it is integrated to that coaching.

Have you had personal experience as a reader's client?: Yes.

How has being a client influenced you as a professional reader?: I was more cooperative and interested in helping the reader rather than hindering or making them guess at things.

How often do you hire the services of other readers?: 1-2 yearly.

What are your strengths as a reader? I am able to concentrate on the circumstances and condition of the client and to determine with precision how what they want may be achieved.

What kinds of reading work do you most enjoy?: Psychic reading, spiritual and religious coaching pertaining to Satanism.

Are there any categories of reading cases (e.g. reading about the dead, reading about curses, reading about ex-lovers) that you refuse to take?: My requirement is that it pertains to demons or to Satan, all other types of magical or reading work i refer elsewhere.

Training and Experience as a Rootworker

When did you become a professional rootworker?: During the summer of 2014.

How did you learn to do rootwork for people? In addition to your study in the HRCC, please describe any additional education in this field, including any other books or teachers who have influenced you, apprenticeships you have taken, other instructors you have studied with, etc.: catherine yronwode's apprenticeship, workshops at the HHF

Why did you begin doing rootwork professionally for other people?: When they began to ask for spells to achieve their desires. My reputation with folk magic enticed them to request it.

Have you had personal experience as a rootworker's client?: No.

How has being a client influenced you as a professional rootworker?: N/A

How often do you hire the services of other rootworkers?: I do not.

What are your strengths as a rootworker? A firm knowledge of the rudiments of style.

What kinds of rootwork jobs do you most enjoy?: Spirit contact and pacts.

Are there any categories of rootwork cases (e.g. reconciliation cases, cursing cases, cases to assist people in illegal activities such as prostitution) that you refuse to take?: My rootwork is severely restricted to cases in which people need assistance spiritually and a reading (psychic, tarot) indicates that they would be best helped by me. I refuse to take most rootwork cases unless a reading indicates that this is my role with respect to them.

500 Word Biographical Description

The Grand Mufti of Satanism, i have been a friend to demons since my blood pact of alliance with Satan on 96/6/6. Interviewing and studying the adventures of public and dedicated Satanists for decades, i have a clear understanding as to the varieties of its manifestation, and have coached hundreds of the interested to establish and refine their devotional or dedicated connection to the Devil.

My background as a non-Christian gives me an unusual fluency with all religious interests, and so while i am able to relate easily to the path of Satanism which shakes its defiant fist in the face of Christian and Muslim oppression, i am ever counselling the value of working with others rather than against them, outfitted in the demonic style and character that suits the iconoclasm and transgressive modality keenly sought by demonolatrists, Luciferians, and the Satanic. With that said, my ecumenical and pacifistic outreach has me working with religious of all types, and primarily with Christians and post-Christians, since the Satanism i practice stems in its nascent character from early Christianity as i understand it.

The practical aspects to an introduction to and engagement of the Devil are the usual substance of my coaching service. Initiation and orientation to the Left-Hand Path are my focus in all of my consultations, and yet for the interested i am also a well-schooled student on the whole of the Black Arts, specializing in transgressive and demonic ritual and spellcraft from an ethical standpoint.

My social services extend from one-on-one counselling, media appearances, and video production, to panel participation, reference librarianship, and the the publishing of a compedium of essays on Satanism and the Left-Hand Path within "The Gospel of Satan: Commentary and Fatwas." I regularly examine and evaluate Satanic resources, online data as well as printed forms and social media expressions. I've helped many individuals to construct initiations of a variety of types, dedications, summonings, rituals of pact, and the occasional folk magic spell.

The primary means of consultation i enjoy is public address of anonymized inquiry within the context of platforms like Facebook, or bulletin board systems, or mediawiki sites. Brief essays and referential postings in public may be found at the Pact-Making and [1] Facebook pages.

If you are looking for a particular type of Satanism, attempting to explore the difference between the nightmare propaganda of Christians and the real spiritual and religious expressions of Satanists, struggling to negotiate a Christian culture from within a Satanic personal motive, trying to summon or invoke demons or the Devil and establishing a dedication or blood pact, delving into Dark Paganism or Demonolatry, or attempting to identify and apply Left-Hand Path philosophy for the purpose of self-development and personal success, these are avenues of engagement with which i am quite familiar.

I offer free consultation and inquiries on a preliminary basis (single questions), then possible arrangements for personal coaching. Public interviews and media appearances may be granted with advance notice.

300 Word Testimonial Section About Your Work

Please include testimonials from your clients and/or customers. Minimum allowable length is 275 words. Maximum allowable length is 300 words.

In our experience, a number of short, edited testimonials creates more impact than one or two lengthy testimonials.

In the event that you are accepted for AIRR membership, the AIRR Tech Team will edit this Testimonials section of your bio page to conform to AIRR site typographical standards.

(Insert bio text here.)

Professional Contact Methods

Booking Methods For Readings and Rootwork

How do clients contact you to book readings or rootwork services? (Please "X" all that apply):

_____ in person
_____ via telephone
_____ via text message
__X__ via email
__X__ via website form
_____ via Bookeo
_____ via Skype

__X__ other (please explain) FACEBOOK

Performance Methods For Readings and Rootwork

How do you perform your readings and rootwork? (Please "X" all that apply):

_____ in person
_____ via personal telephone
_____ via Hoodoo Psychics telephone; my extension number is _____
_____ via text message
_X__ via email
_____ via Youtube
_____ via Skype

_X__ other (please explain) Facebook

Note: We require that you post at least one contact method on your booking page that is a clickable link. If you read for Hoodoo Psychics, please list your extension number above and we will make that link for you. Our preference is that in addition to Hoodoo Psychics you also offer pre-scheduled readings and that your buttons be either (1) a Paypal button with pull-downs for every reading time-rate and/or rootwork service without pre-arrangement through consultation (e.g. mojo bags) that you offer and / or (2) a link to your Bookeo page, if you use Bookeo for scheduling. We highly recommend Bookeo over Paypal for the scheduling of readings because it is automatic and requires no call-backs on your part. In summation, on your booking page you may have a Hoodoo Psychics button, a Paypal button, and a Bookeo button, if you are available through Hoodoo Psychics, are using a Bookeo link for your reading schedule, and are using a Paypal button for non-consultive rootwork services such as mojo hands.

Rates and Payments

Rates and Payments for Readings and Rootwork

What is the average fee range you charge for reading sessions?:

_____ 10 minute
_____ 1/2 hour
_____ 1 hour
_____ Yes/No question

__X__ other (please describe) Consult $10

Note: We require that you post rates for readings.

What is the average time-length of your readings? _______

What is the average fee range you charge for rootwork:

_____ Setting lights
_____ Mojo Bags
_____ Doll Babies
_____ Bottle Spells
_____ Hands-On Cleansings
_____ Other Forms of Spell Casting

_____ May we post these rates?

Note: We need to know your rates in order to interview you, but you do not need to post public rates for rootwork if you choose not to. However, we strongly advise you to post rates for rootwork, at least in the form of a range of prices. The reason for this is that many potential clients do shop by price and will not approach a rootworker who does not post rates, for fear of being embarrassed when extremely high prices are quoted.

Payment Methods for Readings and Rootwork

What methods of pre-payment do you accept?:

_____ cash
_____ personal check
_____ credit cards
_____ money orders
__X__ Paypal
__X__ barter or trade-in-kind

__X__ pro bono

Note: We require that you receive PRE-payment from for readings and rootwork services. The reason for this is to facilitate Ombudsman mediation of disputes with clients. Furthermore, we require that if you use Paypal for pre-payment, you are responsible for the creation and installation of your own Paypal button(s). Please see already-extant AIRR booking pages for samples of how this is done.

Divination, Readings, and Spiritual Advice Offered

What types of readings do you offer? (Please "X" all that apply):

__X__ Card Readings

_____ using playing cards
__X__ using oracle cards (which decks?) Tantric Dakini

__X__ using Tarot cards (which decks?) Thoth, Plebeian

__X__ Psychic or Intuitive Readings

_____ Clairaudient Readings
__X__ Clairsentient Readings

_____ Clairvoyant Readings

_____ Palmistry (hand reading)

_____ Astrological Readings

_____ Horary Astrology
_____ Chinese Astrology
_____ Modern Astrology (horoscopes)
_____ Predictive Astrology
_____ Relocational Astrology
_____ Renaissance Astrology
_____ Vedic Astrology

_____ other Astrology (please explain)

__X__ Numerology

__X__ Bibliomancy (divination using the Bible)

_____ Dowsing, Doodlebugging, and Water Witching

_____ Body Readings

_____ Phrenology

_____ Face Reading

_____ Candle Readings

_____ Candle Glass Divination

_____ Candle Wax Divination

_____ Pyromancy (fire divination)

_____ Cup Readings

_____ Tea Leaf Reading

_____ Coffee Ground Readings

_____ Egg Divinations

__X__ I Ching consultations

_____ with yarrow stalks

__X__ with coins

_____ Mediumship (consulting the dead and spirits)

_____ Trance Mediumship

_____ Channeled Mediumship

__X__ Scrying

_____ using crystals
__X__ using crystal balls
__X__ using ink
_____ using a mirror
_____ using oil
_____ using smoke

_____ using water

_____ Obi

_____ using 4 cowrie shells

_____ using 4 pieces of coconut

_____ Diloggun

_____ Pendulum Readings

_____ Psychometry (reading an article)

_____ using objects

_____ using photographs

__X__ Interpreting Dreams, Signs, and Omens

_____ Bone Readings

_____ Runic Divination

_____ Graphology (handwriting analysis)

_____ Geomancy

__X__ Spiritual Consultations and Practical Advice

__X__ other (please explain): Dedicatory and initiation advice; Pact analysis

Hoodoo, Conjure, and Spiritual Rootwork

What types of rootwork do you offer? (Please "X" all that apply):

_____ Altar Work and Prayers (specialties?):

_____ Containers: Bottle, Jar, Box, and Potted Plant Spells (specialties?):

_____ Candle Spells (specialties?)

_____ Fixed Candle Spells
_____ Moving Candle Spells
_____ Lamp Spells

_____ Setting Lights

_____ Spiritual Cleansings

_____ Bathing

_____ in person (what methods?)

_____ at a distance (what methods?)

_____ Foot Washing

_____ in person (what methods?)

_____ at a distance (what method?)

_____ Cleansing with a Egg

_____ in person (what methods?)

_____ at a distance (what methods?)

_____ Smoking, Smudging, Censing

_____ in person (what methods?)

_____ at a distance (what methods?)

_____ Cleansing a location

_____ in person (what methods?)

_____ at a distance (what methods?)

_____ Doll Babies

__X__ Prescribing Spiritual Supplies

_____ Herbal Preparations
_____ Oil Preparations
_____ Incense Preparations
_____ Bath Crystal Preparations
__X__ Sachet Powder Preparations
_____ Washes and Waters Preparations

_____ Perfume and Cologne Preparations

__X__ Mojo Bags (specialties?)

_____ Spell Casting

__X__ Talismans and Amulets (specialties?)

_____ Working with Spirits (which spirits?)

_____ Graveyard Work
_____ Ancestor Work with Client's Ancestors
_____ Crossroads Work
_____ Petitioning Deities
_____ Archangels and Angels (which ones?)

_____ Petitioning Saints (which saints?)

__X__ Magical Coaching

_____ Exorcisms and Spirit Removal

_____ of a person

_____ of a location

_____ Other Forms of Rootwork (please explain):

Working Within the "X" Tradition

The following is a list of proposed and completed "Working Within the 'X' Traditions" pages that have been and will be added to the AIRR web site within the next few years.

If you are a pastor, initiate, medium, or folk-practitioner associated with one or more of these Traditions, maintain altars featuring the iconography of one or more of these religions, espouse the beliefs of one or more of these religions, AND are willing and able to serve devout or semi-devout clients from one or more of these religions, please let us know ....

Note: You may work in more than one Tradition, but please be respectful and do not "spam" Traditions with which you do not actually have a true spiritual link or whose adherents you cannot serve in a meaningful way. In particular, do not state that you work in any Tradition in which all workers must be initiated or ordained -- UNLESS you are properly initiated or ordained.

Also, you need not choose any of these Traditions at all. The list is purely for the use of clients who are interested in working with readers and rootworkers who are familiar with certain specific Traditions of spirituality.

I work within -- and serve clients within -- the

_____ Protestant Tradition
_____ Catholic Tradition
_____ Orthodox Tradition
_____ Jewish Tradition
_____ Islamic Tradition
_____ Spiritualist Tradition
_____ African and African Diasporic Tradition
_____ Buddhist Tradition
_____ Hindu Tradition
_____ Taoist Tradition
_____ Shamanic Tradition
_____ Neo-Pagan Tradition
_____ New Thought Tradition
_____ New Age Tradition
_____ Ceremonial Magic Tradition

__X__ Other (you may specify as many as you wish) Satanist

Client Condition and Situation Specialties

What types of situation or condition will you work on for clients (Please "X" all that apply):

_____ Love Drawing, Romance, Marriage, Fidelity, and Reconciliation
_____ Prosperity, Money Drawing, Business, and Gambling Luck
_____ Blessing, Cleansing, Healing, and Tranquility
__X__ Career Success, Personal Power, Mastery, and Wisdom
_____ Protection From Enemies, Warding Off Evil, and Safe Travel
_____ Jinx Breaking, Uncrossing, Reversing, and Road Opening
_____ Court Cases, Legal Matters, and Keeping Off the Law
_____ Spirituality, Psychism, Mental Influence, and Dreaming

_____ Crossing, Jinxing, Hot Footing, Revenge, and Break Ups

Seven Photos of You and Your Work

A) Please attach 1 portrait photo.

B) Please attach 6 captioned photos of rootwork, altar work, or divination work you have performed for clients. The captions should be explanatory; please see other bio pages at this site for the style of captions we desire to show.

HORIZONTAL FORMAT photos are strongly preferred; optimal size is 400px wide by 300px high. If photos are not horizontal in format they will almost certainly be cropped by the AIRR Tech Team to fit a horizontal or square format.

The 6 captioned photos must include images from at least 4 different categories within the following 9 categories of work. Some pictures may fit into more than one category.

  • 1) general altar images (e.g. "An altar to ..." / "My working candle altar")
  • 2) figural candle work (e.g. "Male and female figure candles for ..." / "Skull candle and ...")
  • 3) vigil or novena candle work (e.g. "Vigil candles for court case work" / "Novena to the Blessed Mother for")
  • 4) mojo bags or doll babies (e.g. "A mojo bag for ..." / "Cloth doll baby for ...")
  • 5) your personal tools of divination (e.g. "My tarot cards and pendulum" / "My divination tools, including ...")
  • 6) bathing or cleansing a client or premises (e.g. "Blessing a new business ..." / "Hands-on egg cleansing for a client...")
  • 7) ancestor, graveyard, or spirit work (e.g. "My ancestor altar..." / "Black Hawk bucket with offerings...")
  • 8) honey jar, sugar jar, vinegar jar, or mirror box spells (e.g. "A mirror box spell to ..." / "A sugar jar to sweeten ...")
  • 9) spiritual supplies you make (with no visible brand name) (e.g. "Hand-made condition oils" / "Hand-made herbal soaps")

The images may include pictures of you and a client, if you have the client's permission, but they may not include a recognizable shop name, business name, URL, or street address.

You agree that if you are accepted into AIRR, these photos of your work, plus the portrait photo of you, will be used on your personal Reader and Rootworker (R&R) page and that the photos of your work may be used elsewhere at the AIRR site, and any photos other than your portrait photo used at the AIRR site become the property of AIRR, although you may use them yourself as well at your own web site.

Insert captioned photos here

  • Portait: Caption: [Your Name]
  • Photo 1: Caption: ____
  • Photo 2: Caption: ____
  • Photo 3: Caption: ____
  • Photo 4: Caption: ____
  • Photo 5: Caption: ____
  • Photo 6: Caption: ____

Quality Assurance Agreements

Please follow the instructions and initial both agreements.

Test Reading

Please be prepared to offer one (1) FREE half-hour readings to the AIRR membership investigation committee so that we may evaluate you for membership.

Prior to beginning first reading, you will be informed that this will be a 1/2 hour reading with a member of the AIRR membership investigation committee. There will be no financial exchange for this reading.

If you have previously given one reading to catherine yronwode (a member of the Board of Bishops of MISC), resulting in your prior listing on her formerly active "Find a Reader" web page, you will be pre-approved as a reader and will not be asked to provide a test reading to the AIRR membership investigation committee.

If you have previously given one reading to Deacon Millett (a member of the Board of Bishops of MISC), resulting in your becoming an affiliate of Hoodoo Psychics, you will be pre-approved as a reader and will not be asked to provide a test reading to the AIRR membership investigation committee.

After the reading we may discuss with you further the techniques of divination, the demographic base of your current clientele, your reading location, and other matters.

Please initial here to indicate your agreement to deliver this reading in the manner described: ___NY______

Rootwork Interview

Every prospective member will be interviewed by AIRR personnel and MISC Board members for the purpose of membership evaluation. These interviews may be conducted by phone, by Skype, in person, or through some other method with which you are familiar and which is within your technical capacity.

Please initial here to indicate your agreement to engage in these interviews in the manner described: ___NY______

AIRR Terms of Service

Before submitting your application to AIRR, please familiarize yourself with the AIRR Terms of Service, as outlined on these web pages:

In addition, if you wish to leave AIRR at any point during a year for which you paid for membership, or if you intend to not renew your AIRR listing on June 6th of any year, you agree to participate in an exit interview with the AIRR Ombudsman, so that he or she can determine whether you have any pending, ongoing, or unclosed contracts or any paid-for-but-undelivered readings or rootwork, and that you agree to abide by the Ombudsman Terms of Service regarding all readings or rootwork undertaken while you were a member, even after you leave AIRR.

Please initial here to indicate your agreement to engage in practice under the terms described: ___NY_____

Restrictions on AIRR Bio Pages and the AIRR Facebook Page

  • Text and images that you upload must not violate copyright or trademark laws
  • You may not embed watermarks in the images you upload
  • No audible, visible, or readable URL for any commercial site may appear in any text, image, or video you upload
  • No nude images or video content
  • No language, images, or video content depicting animal slaughter or torture
  • No language, images, or video content depicting violence against humans
  • No language, images, or video content derogatory to any individual, nation, religious group, or sexual orientation
  • The text on your AIRR Bio page must not be a duplicate in verbal content of the text on your personal off-site landing page
  • All uploaded images become the property of AIRR, with joint use retained by you; they may be ported to other AIRR pages and re-captioned and they will remain the property of AIRR even if your AIRR membership lapses or is terminated for any reason

Restrictions on AIRR Members' Off-Site Landing Pages

ONE -- Landing page must exist

  • You must have a landing page; clicking the link must not result in "server not found" or a 404 error (page not found on server).

TWO -- Landing page must contain biographical material

  • The text on your landing page must not be a duplicate in verbal content of the text on your AIRR page; at AIRR, the link sates, "read MORE about me," so it must not be the same as that at AIRR; it has to literally be "more" or "different."
  • The landing page must contain actual text; the text must not merely consist of further links to a blog or to news articles or to a Facebook page or to an email address or phone number; the reader goes to your landing page in search of "more about" you, and you must give them "more about" you on the landing page itself.
  • Text and images on your landing page must not violate copyright or trademark laws.
  • No nude images on your landing page.
  • No images on your landing page depicting animal slaughter.
  • No images on your landing page of violence against humans.
  • No text on your landing page derogatory to any individual, nation, religious group, or sexual orientation

THREE -- Landing page must not contain shopping options

  • Your landing page may be located at a domain at which you sell items, but on the landing page itself, no for-sale goods, priced goods, or shopping cart items may appear.
  • Your landing page may include on or more links to further information about the services, products, and events you offer ("click here to read more about my books," "click here for a list of my reading services," etc.) but it must not include any buttons, images, or text which, when clicked, will directly set in motion a monetary transaction.
  • Your landing page may not offer any article for sale other than your services as a reader or rootworker (diviner or conjure practitioner); for instance, you may not offer links to your services as an architect or a hairdresser.

FOUR -- Landing page must contain 5 AIRR link-backs

  • Your landing page must contain 5 link-backs to the AIRR main page; these are a link-back image of the AIRR logo (the "AIRR bug) that links back to the AIRR main page and a block of link-back text that contains 4 text-links back to the AIRR main page, using code provided to you by AIRR.
  • You may not write your own code for the AIRR bug and AIRR text link backs.
  • You may not altar the code provided to you by AIRR for the 5 link-backs.
  • If you cannot locate the AIRR link-back code, please contact the Secretary of AIRR via Facebook.

FIVE -- If you are out of compliance

  • If you update or change either the URL (domain name and / or file name) or the contents of your landing page, please check to see that it remains in compliance with these Terms of Service. Quite often we find that people hire web designers who do not understand these Terms and will fail to copy the code for the AIRR bug and text, leaving it without link-backs. Alternatively, they may not understand that you are restricted from offering items for sale on your landing page and will install shopping options for you. We need to know when your landing page changes so that we can check it and suggest changes that might be necessary. If you wish, we can deal directly with any web designer you have hired. Please contact the Secretary of AIRR via Facebook for assistance.
  • If we find that your landing page is out of compliance, we will comment out (blank out) the link from AIRR to your site. People will still be able to book you through your AIRR booking page, but they will not be able to visit your site from the AIRR site. We will send you a notice that your link is no longer at the AIRR site; please rectify the problem and contact the Secretary of AIRR via Facebook with a notification that the problem has been resolved, and we will reinstate the link.
  • If one month passes and you do not rectify the problem, we will notify you a second time. While awaiting your response, we will blank out your entire AIRR bio page and state that you are "not available for bookings at this time." No one will be able to book your services through AIRR while your bio page is blanked out, because the links to your booking page will not be accessible; however, your name will still be listed in the directory until the end of your year's subscription to the service.
  • If you have not rectified the problem when your yearly fee is due, on June 6th of any given year, we may not accept your attempt to pay or remain on our directory.

Please initial here to indicate your agreement to the Restrictions on Bio Pages and Landing Pages outlined above: ____NY____