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Wicca is a modern type of religious witchcraft created by Gerald Gardner in the 20th century. It features polytheism, duo-theism focussed on a God-Goddess consortium, and monotheism upon a singular Goddess. Its style integrates elements of Freemasonry, ceremonial magic, and nature romanticism stemming from the 1800s.

Wiccans are well-known for their iconography of the pentagram, their benefaction "Blessed Be", and in some cases for their ritual nudity (called "skyclad").

As An Aspect of the Great Martyrdom Cult

The notion within subversion ideologies supported and continued by Christian cultue through centuries has included witchcraft, which was associated with monsters, Jews, Gnostics, evil women, Muslims, and the diseased (e.g. lepers). After the repeal of the Anti-Witchcraft Laws a groundswell reactionary movement en par with early Christian resistance rose up and developed the religion of witchcraft and its softer component in Wicca. All of this was a prelude to the development of Satanism and constitutes the activities of the Great Martyrdom Cult.