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Troll Towelhead, The Grand Mufti of Satanism and Creator of This Site

This is a page of videos which i am making for educational purposes and Satanic outreach, plus, as a bonus, some iconic images of trolls which I am using to engage the Satanist subculture online through a method of martyrdom and legitimizing (the mufti has assimilated Scandinavian folkloric qualities; my adoption of a Turkic turban gives me reason to sport the epithet as well as the fashion in solidarity with the Middle East, which is demonized currently by the Western Christian establishment).


Mufti's Corner FAQs on Satanism Episode 01

FAQs 1-2 Video Transcription

How to Sell Your Soul to Satan: Pact with the Devil

Thoughtful Dialectics: Satan, Satanism, and TaROuk's Sinister Questions


'Troll Towelhead', collaged photos of a troll doll and a gigantic sikh turban found online; a construction by Troll Towelhead
A Lego troll, improved to domesticated standards of attire and facial visage, with the addition of a supremely classic turban from a painting by Jan Van Eyck; a construction by Troll Towelhead
From an original painting by Rien Poortvliet, collaged using Photoshop with a towel and a Yin-Yang symbol.; a construction by Troll Towelhead
A Harry Potter troll from the films with a shower towel from some bath product advertizement; a construction by Troll Towelhead
A lego version of a troll from the Rowling Harry Potter films, collaged with a sort of turban-beret; a construction by Troll Towelhead
Troll from the film "Troll Hunters". The towel was from an online image of someone who was just out of the shower; a construction by Troll Towelhead
A collage of a djinn or swami of a type, a troll doll, a satanic Hello Kitty, and satanic Baphomet; a construction by Troll Towelhead
A Scandanavia garden troll collaged with a middle-eastern turban from found photographs online; a construction by Troll Towelhead
The troll is from the 1985 film "Troll" and the turban is from an advertizement by the fashion company Amir Adnan (a towel of festivity); a construction by Troll Towelhead
The troll is Edward from the film "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters." The turban seems to have been from a document created by The California Three Rs Project at (it can be found on many sites around the WWW).
A Troll Towelhead original, compositing a child in make-up playing the hippie character in the recent 'Trolls' film and a pile of actual towel.
Another Troll Towelhead original, featuring one of the more adorable stills of the Troll King in "The Hobbit" movie with a make-shift turban made for Shah Rukh that he outfitted on a baseball cap for his birthday.
Troll from "Ashlad and the Hall of the Mountain King" combined with a turkish turban from yours truly. Another Tr.To. triumph!
Another Troll Towelhead triumph! The troll from "Enchanted" plus Nathaniel's turban from the same movie!! Exquisite! Pip and Giselle would be proud.
Another Troll Towelhead triumph with a conventional towel headwrap atop "Internet Troll" by Britt Martin.
Another Troll Towelhead triumph! Troll from "Monkey King Hero is Back" and towel from fine arts america website photo by C Self ("Towelhead").
This troll is actually an image of Mara from a Life of the Buddha animation.

Gospel of Satan

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Troll Towelhead

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