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This thread was started on 6/21/12 in Facebook group: Satanity by a post from Lilandra inquiring about Alison 'Sin' Jones and Gino Vaglivielo' videos at Temples of Satan New Aeon. I revised that, taking my original contribution to the thread so as to remove focus on that video and instead put it squarely on an evaluation of what the feuding and squabbling includes. That initial post here starts off the thread asking for substance and an explanation as to what is perpetuating it.

To find the group from which this was extracted, find us at Facebook.


Troll Towelhead:
Since you all appreciated it so much I'm replacing the video link (maybe replacing that to a comment with the original text and deleting the vid as leader due to Fb's manner of presentation.

- Alison 'SIN' Jones, a.k.a. Priestess of R'lyeh CoraSahn of the Cult of Cthulhu; Gino Vaglivielo (does he have any other a.k.a.'s?) and also apparently Reverend Ronald French of the Axis Sanctuary.

They are all struggling with Grand Master Blackwood, a.k.a. Tom Erik Raspotnik of the Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism.

Imagine if attention were money. Fabricating struggles like this in the public eye gets you paid. They take their reputations and images seriously, but not seriously enough to care with whom they are associated.

The value of the whole will be demonstrated by the content level and enduring utility of their output. If it is all about how horrible 'the other guy is', expect it to last a month and little more. Where there is artistic contribution to the project, it may endure for 2-3 months.

Ignore it and it will evaporate like a foetid gas. Pay it attention, share it with friends, and you become their tool.

Please use this opportunity to provide as much REAL information about these Satanists as you can (not just negative feeling-based commentary). "Smear campaign" is how they are referring to one another while they launch their own. Let's not join in as part of Satanity, else the posts will likely be deleted as they arise. Save that for the effervescent and unmoderatable chatstream. :D

To my knowledge (and I expect that she will show up and explain differently if this is in error), PR CoraSahn and GM Blackwood became entangled when he began making overtures to the Neopagan community online which he'd previously been berating or slamming (an intermittent activity of his, slamming and then reconciling). PR CoraSahn was making an excellent, if occasionally hostile, outreach to Neopagans (esp. through the Paganspace.net website, where she had a longstanding presence and solid reputation as a source for information about Satanism amongst their regular contributors - this appears to have recently changed).

She had GM Blackwood on her Blogtalkradio show and he issued some olive branch document like Rodney King about why can't we all just get along. Shortly after he began slamming PR CoraSahn and Neopagans again in his public expressions, and she then took to struggling with him by constructing the 'Blobtard' propaganda wave, site, et al.

Individually, GM Blackwood started out attempting to secure solitary identification on a branding created by Diane Vera ('Theistic Satanism' see her excellent website). His 'Temples of Satan' mimics by acronym that relating to the earliest splinter of religious Satanism, the Temple of Set (ToS; see xeper.org). Revgino and his friends are now struggling to displace GM Blackwood from these online and conceptual categories or at least making a show of so doing. Diane Vera is only occasionally online and not about to bother trying to defend or retain that keyterm/image association. GM Blackwood has already so seriously sullied his own reputation by his acid rhetoric as to need no further action to consign him to ignominy.

Gino 'Revgino' Vaglivielo, like James 'Jake' Nicholson, Rev. Keona, and a number of others, has been the underling of GM Blackwood, used and then cast aside or alienated by GM Blackwood's mannerisms and associations (these vary, those who assist him are usually young folks who become disillusioned then sometimes become rabid public enemies). He appears to find the ignorant, convince them of his importance and authority, and then mistreat them to his volatile and abrasive ways. What's interesting is that in many case they then begin replicating GM Blackwood's behaviours, as if they acknowledge that he has found an effective formula to generate the type of public drama or interest that they can enjoy or from which they feel that they can benefit.

PR CoraSahn has been an online-debater from her earliest engagements in online Satanist expressions within the Cult of Cthulhu. She seems to derive pleasure from such activities, and typically flies by forums of interaction with initial interest, quickly turning to feigned insociance and disgusted departure. Even of late she has departed from her successful promotions in Paganspace.net (probably due to the fact that the site was sold to contributor-voters in a social experiment). She is experimental, inspired, and enthusiastic, and has learned through time many of the subtleties of negotiation and artful boundary-setting. Why she finds it valuable to do what she is doing now with Revgino and Reverend French is not immediately apparent to me (only she could address that and I have not yet bothered to ask).

Reverend Ronald French is someone whom I first met online in the international Satanist wackwall run by Zach 'Black' Shroeder. He and a crew of bullies inclusive of other Youtube Satanists such as Jason King (unknown streetname), Born Satanist (unknown streetname), and FemaleSatan (unknown streetname) have constructed and demoralized that internet sandbox with their interest in refining by ridicule and acid rhetoric ("Fire") what they hope will be something of substance. Reverend French was involved in dramatic social conflicts there and in Youtube for some time. His blunt insults and abrasive manner are probably a perfect match for the character of GM Blackwood. He says he is interested in inter-faith networking, and his Axis Sanctuary seems to give this impression to anyone who may examine it. How far along he has got in his plans to construct something offline using donations isn't immediately apparent to me, but his manner isn't conducive to inspiring trust.

As I said above (and I would prefer that we keep these threads on internet Satanist feuding to a couple or three at most please!), these kinds of online feuds aren't at all new. First Church of Satan founder 'Lord Egan' (now John Allee) was wrangling with Temple of Set founder Michael Aquino, Magistra Peggy Nadramia, and Kevin (now Kenaz) Filan in the alt.satanism newsgroup in the 1990s. The personal antics, and soap opera offendedness and rejoinders, were quite similar, and tedious to me. I couldn't see what they got out of it, but I chalked it up to a facet or dimension of 'adversarialism' which is at times part of religion and apparently makes a repeated appearance amongst Satanists.

Say more! Detail the real information about everybody you're discussing if possible (credit card data is less important than general age, birthdate, streetname, general locale, organizational affiliations, etc.).

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti (and documentor) of Satanism
Yesterday at 07:59 near Forestville

replies follow:

SIN JONES: It is a rather skewed view of the situation, but I can attempt to clear up any confusion you may have. I will offer you some references, and you may ask questions as needed.
Yesterday at 10:11

SIN JONES: ‎1. Tom Raspotnik (aka Blackwood): I have been privy to both his reputation and Internet activities prior to discussing his 'Open Letter to Pagans and Wiccans' on Paganspace. In fact, I created my own topic about his letter, and invited him to my show to discuss it further to have an audio file for the public record.
Yesterday at 10:13

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/fopb

Poison Apple radio - August 26, 2011 - Open Letter to pagans: Tom Erik Raspotnik
Tindeck is a free MP3 upload site that helps you share your original music and audio with people around the world.
Yesterday at 10:14

SIN JONES: This show aired in August 2011. I was well aware that Tom Erik Raspotnik was also harassing 'pagans and Wiccans' as he puts it, in social media on various platforms. I state, on air, that I would continue to keep an eye on him and his activities.
Yesterday at 10:15

SIN JONES: Between August 2011 - December 2011, Tom continued to harass, troll, smear and fabricate content about any person who spoke openly about their beliefs/practices in paganism, the Occult, Satanism, etc. To include volumes of content produced about the Cult of Cthulhu, myself and Venger Satanis. This content was often forwarded to my attention for review on various platforms.
Yesterday at 10:17

SIN JONES: During that time, I was a member of Tom's 'Temples of Satan' facebook group, as an 'Ambassador' of Cult of Cthulhu. As per his radio interview, he purported to seek to build bridges between Satanists, pagans and other groups. In truth, he shared various blogs there, written against all of these groups with a special focus on Satanism, and pagans. I was banned for questioning this material, as well as offering conflicting information to what he was sharing about Mesopotamian culture. He also shared several blogs written about myself and Venger Satanis.
Yesterday at 10:21

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/ppmc
Yesterday at 10:21

SIN JONES: This aired in January 2012. It was update to my investigation into Tom Blackwood, the 'alleged' Satanic Troll of Social Media. All evidence suggest that not only is this allegation founded, but held up by proofs daily; shared in social media.
Yesterday at 10:22

SIN JONES: Tom stepped up his trolling campaign a notch by fabricating claims against me, to include but not limited to: Phishing credit cards, stealing money, scamming customers, being a 'pagan poser', having Hepatitis, being a stripper/escort, etc. A long laundry list of content he produced for the sole purpose of getting me off his back, with my questions and showing of said proofs. This did not have the desired effect he was after, instead I continued to report on his activities.
Yesterday at 10:24

SIN JONES: www.blobtard.com
Yesterday at 10:24 · Unlike · 2

SIN JONES: I began this Wordpress in April 2012. This site serves as a counter feature to Tom's own Wordpress which serves as a conduit to push out content by the use of blogs with specific tags/metatags attached to the names of well-knowns in the Occult/Satanism/paganism/etc. It serves as a conduit to counter his smear, fabrication and 'attacks' on groups/individuals. Many of them present in this group.
Yesterday at 10:25

SIN JONES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgrENboZQcM
Yesterday at 10:26

SIN JONES: Gino S. Vaglivelo was encouraged to make a video directed to me, in which I spoofed. Gino watched the video, was initially upset, but then began to realize that my text left many questions in his own mind. So, he began questioning Tom's claims, tactics and inability to supply the needed proofs to back up his claims. This also sparked dialogue between Gino and myself, there were no hard feelings about the video, we had a good laugh about it and proceeded to discuss the issue with Tom Blackwood in 'Satanism' and Social Media.
Yesterday at 10:27

SIN JONES: This was also the catalyst for Gino to apply for the EIN# for Temples of Satan, as Tom had already announced on a blogpost/voice blog that he was leaving the ToS to Gino and was retiring (a claim he had made for the better part of 3 years). In the meantime, Gino continued to keep an eye on Tom and grew more and more disgusted with his activities. Gino made a bold move by producing a video, and announcing he had acquired 'legal tax status' of the Temples of Satan.
Yesterday at 10:29 · Unlike · 3

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/05/14/blog-alert-viewer-hits-4000/

Blog Alert: Viewer Hits 4000+
‎”Tom Erik Raspotnik From the desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder of the Original Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism 2000. For several years I have engaged in combat, ...
Yesterday at 10:30 ·

SIN JONES: Tom published a new blog, announcing Gino to be his new 'enemy'.
Yesterday at 10:30

SIN JONES: In addition, he would launch a character attack/smear campaign against Gino. Gino knew Tom was a dirty player, so to be more proactive he sought to make Temples of Satan something more than a trolling site. I offered to assist.
Yesterday at 10:31

SIN JONES: www.templesofsatan.net <- He acquired this domain name
Yesterday at 10:31

SIN JONES: I have built the site and social networking platform, as well as culminated the documents required to file for non-profit status to later fund activities the participants would like to see made manifest. There is a clear and concise list of goals outlined for the organization. I act as merely administrator/Director until such time I am no longer needed. It will be run by the participants as a 'council' body, which includes Ambassadors from each organization to make group decisions. Membership will remain free to members. The participants seek to find a way to create more productive Social Networking and support groups.
Yesterday at 10:34 · Unlike · 3

SIN JONES: All participants thus far, have an earnest interest in this vision. There is no hidden agenda; thus all information is made readily available to the public for review and critique. Members apply and are screened for earnest participation, and to weed out possible trolling/disruption of the project's productivity.
Yesterday at 10:35

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/index.aspx?pageid=688830
Yesterday at 10:36

SIN JONES: The site is promoted on my own website FREE of charge.
Yesterday at 10:36 · Edited

SIN JONES: I act as mediator, and administrator for the sole purpose of solidifying this project.
Yesterday at 10:37

SIN JONES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2CDBD234F3C04430&feature=plcp
Yesterday at 10:38

SIN JONES: updates can be found on this player.
Yesterday at 10:38

SIN JONES: As to the involvement of Ronald French/Axis Sanctuaries & Chapels, he voluntarily sought to participate because he believes it is similar to his own vision. Whether he's considered a 'bully' himself, is up for personal perspective and interpretation. I have known Ronnie since 2006, and find him to be a regular guy with an idea, he make some personal errs along the way, but he's willing to learn from them and press on. I don't find my 'reputation' tarnished by affiliating with this man. Nor, am I concerned with my reputation regarding my personal work. It will speak for itself, and interpret to the individual. I am always available for questions and/or criticisms.
Yesterday at 10:40

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/index.aspx?pageid=678568
Yesterday at 10:41

SIN JONES: My radio show, which also airs on SEPIA Radio Network, has been focusing on discourse, conflict and Theistic Satanism this year. I have interviewed a number of people on my show to allow them the platform to discuss their thoughts, ideas and conflicts they face in sharing them.
Yesterday at 10:41

SIN JONES: http://www.templesofsatan.net/affiliates--supporters.html
Yesterday at 10:42

SIN JONES: I update the site as time permits. This page of affiliates will be updated over the next several weeks (and constantly) as people choose to affiliate.
Yesterday at 10:43

SIN JONES: As to my persona, sure I can come off a bit rough and tumble, and I do enjoy a good debate but my personal key aims are discussed quite openly on various platforms, radio, my writing, etc. Visiting my main website should provide insight into those key aims, as well as my involvement in the Cult of Cthulhu.
Yesterday at 10:44

SIN JONES: As to 'money makers', I detest making religion into a 'business for profit', in fact it goes against my own personal principles. My website does include my artwork which I have sold to the public for many years, and believe me...Sales aren't gang-buster. It's a hobby. My website includes over 80% of free content, to include my writing which I have always offered for free to the public. In fact, people often contact me for my expressed permission to include some of my work in their own magical books (grimoires, book of shadows, etc) which I always grant.
Yesterday at 10:47 · Unlike · 3

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/index.aspx?pageid=1093211
Yesterday at 10:47

SIN JONES: I have also written for a number of publications, Free of charge. My own Magazine project 'Grotto Magazine' is still free, but my business plan is to eventually go to print, and make it a paid publication to offer contributors incentive to contribute by being paid for their work. I am 2 issues in, and I continue to receive contributions and feedback about this project.
Yesterday at 10:48

SIN JONES: As for 'personal' gain, engaging in this 'Soap Opera' with Tom Blackwood, I assure you it is part of my personal work. Whether I have supporters or not, is irrelevant to me. I will not tolerate such detestable behavior, and so I am active in countering it. It's just that simple. I will support others that also choose to put up the blocking hand. By ignoring it, it does not stop. It also does not make YOU immune, should Tom Blackwood set his sites on you. It can be in-part, considered a public service, even if some find my methods distasteful. It is with reasoning that I conduct my intolerance in the manner I do. Should you have questions about any specific content, feel free to ask. I am always reachable. sales@the-poison-apple.com or 757-412-5656.
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SIN JONES: Alison L. Jones aka SIN Jones aka Cultist Cora'Sahn
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GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: Gino S. Vaglivielo aka Rev Gino
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GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: I knew Tom since early 2001 and back then all of us were Laveyian satanists none of us became theistic until 2003. Me and a good friend of mine created the reformed church of satan, it was theistic in nature then Tom followed our lead. which me and my good friend Mike Noxura found odd. I did work for Tom for over ten years but with other groups as well some not even satanic in nature. But he began threatening peoples lives and picking on those that have mental and physical disabilities. which i would not stand for, he has no valid teachings just read a shit load of books. and you tell me what you learned from it. He began detaching himself from me, when I was a guest on my first radio show on November 11, 2011 on para x radio the show was called The Reign with host Kimmi Jae. Now she has a rock radio show. Because I was getting radio spots and hardly anyone wanted to have him on their show.
23 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/ucrw<- Proof update
20 hours ago

SIN JONES: This is an example of Tom's tactics. All fabrications and 'theater' for what he believes to be a captivated audience.
20 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/22/fallen-clergy/
18 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/fheg
17 hours ago

SIN JONES: In this clip, Tom drops his 'buying an ad in Bradenton, FL' he has threatened to publish an ad in the local paper where Ronald French lives to attack him locally in his hometown. Tom's 'theater' here, is to portray that 'others' took the opportunity to use this funeral as a way to perpetuate 'attacks' against him. It's quite the opposite. Tom's early morning cinch, seized opportunity to peck at Jack Nicholson II. The blog post I created revealed this, and these newer broadcasts are 'damage control', and reactionary to having been revealed for what he's been doing.
16 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://cinch.fm/voiceofsatanism/504694
16 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://cinch.fm/voicefromtheabyss/504644
16 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: i personally don't involve myself much in the "smears" and so on. I'd rather focus on finding the old videos i made for basic magic, make some chants, meditations and music to praise Him, and live my life. granted, if he slinks low enough, i WILL say something, but usually in the spirit of compassion.
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MIKE NOXAURA: we're starting to get more productive, but we need left the hell alone to do so. Not have a lunatic raving about how bad we are. But, it's what is, so we are going to make more videos on education and information and move on.
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCbTsPSfgLE
16 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Glorious, thank you Priestess of R'lyeh CoraSahn!!!!! Thank you for so thoroughly addressing all of these points and keeping it within this single thread, you are an asset and a worthy ally. Based on your input I'll re-assess my opinion of Reverend Ronald French (whom I hope shows up here also should he desire). I have invited Mike Noxaura here based on Revgino's account, and will be asking James 'Jake' Nicholson) to post to it as well. Having all of the links and data in one spot is a real boon. Eventually I'll ask GM Blackwood also to contribute here, should that be possible. ;)
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: that ones a "response" video, Sin. How about some of the more bloggy ones or educational?
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxfW8nnZppg&feature=plcp
16 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-6Tsto_i00&feature=plcp

RCOS Basics Of Magick Series (1 of 38)
http://templesofsatan.wall.fm/ Thanks to retired Magus Mike Noxaura for giving us a boatload of great videos to share! We're showing you (unlike other frauds)...
15 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: As for your personal opinions about Ronald French; I believe that in-part this is due to the way you two communicate. Ronald often gets frustrated with your 'word soup' as it's been dubbed by many of the S.I.N. users. I'm accustomed to your archetypal role as Grand Mufti, so it doesn't bother me a bit. That's just me :)
15 hours ago · Unlike · 3

MIKE NOXAURA: i get accused of being an overblown puffbag and using 10 penny words, so this sounds quite familiar
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: James Nicholson II, you can invite him by way of a FB search. Jake has taken a step back from much activity here on FB due to the cannibalistic nature of these alleged 'communities'.
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- I had no idea that Reverend French was already a member (7 hours ago! Welcome! I have issued an invite to James (II, btw).
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: yes. it appears to be mildly interrogative. I believe someone is trying to get to the bottom of the bs from what i saw. So, i thought seeing the side other than the conflict might show that there is less truth to the assumptions.
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Mike, it says 'retired Magus'; is this a reference to your former position in the Temples of Satan? How did you arrive at that role?
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: retired from RCOS. No longer in charge nor looking to be.
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎'Mildly interrogative': a fair characterization. I welcomed refutation and correction and am pleased to receive it. It's all about Satanism(s), and so properly situated in this group.
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Mike, I am sorry but I don't recall what RCoS refers to, though I saw it mentioned above. Could you expand that for us? (Presuming that most will not click the links or won't have time, will benefit from expansion of acronyms, etc.)

Sin, that's quite alright, this is the longest thread this group has ever had and a boatload of fun.
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: reformed church of satan. along with Diane, we were amongst the first Theistic i have heard of. 2002
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Anyone know what Reverend Keona is calling herself these days? I'll invite her also.
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: Yes, I speak with her on the regular. She is using 'Michelle Lawson' these days. You can give it a shot. She has also become disenchanted with 'Satanic' groups.
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: were you aware Satanist Grand Mufti, that Gino was the High Priest of TOS in 2002? Or that i took his place? I personally don't feel used or bitter. I have bigger fish to fry.
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: ‎Mike Noxaura, perhaps you could explain to Satanist Grand Mufti how you came to be in your position. The alleged 'infastructure' of rising the ranks within the Temples of Satan. How did it function as a religious organization? How did you receive teachings from the Grand Magister Blackwood?
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: To my knowledge, there was a 'face time' meeting where he traveled to her hometown.
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎1, there were no ranks other than high priest and priestess at the time, i should know as i was the membership director for a year.
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎2 i was placed in that position because i was a real estate sales pro and had the basic skills. ALL of the positions were basically "fuck to get it" or "getting it" no tests, no anything.
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Mike, I was generally aware, yes, because I have attempted to engage the Temples of Satan at various points and encountered at least staff descriptions or admin people informing me why I was not wanted (ejected by James Nicholson early on after Rev Keona informed me I was now 'forgiven' then we were both repulsed; them's the breaks, that's when I first became aware of those two, as I intermittently challenge and attempted to engage GM Blackwood).
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: there were no teachings at all at the time. in fact, tom would ask me to let him in on some of what i new. I am the one who convinced him to look into agrippa, although i recall Robert trying to as well.
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: I was the membership director at one time and the adviser of High Priest Kane before I took his position.
15 hours ago

15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: the group was basically an anti-lavey club more than a temple or church.
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: Yes we were all modern at the time
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: to be blunt, the whole reason Gino and i formed the reformed church of satan is we were theistic and they laveyan. Also we were sick of no structure and no teachings.
15 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: Side note : Satanist Grand Mufti: "
"Reverend Ronald French is someone whom I first met online in the international Satanist wackwall run by Zach 'Black' Shroeder."

You need to be corrected.
In 2009 I started my online fellowship on NING I invited Venus Satanas to represent her spiritual satanism. She announced you will be there to represent her and H.I.S.S.
You approached every belief system with your 5 paragraph dissertation. In which I deleted your account. One year later I discovered you and Venus on Zach's site ... In which those who shared mutual intolerances united and campaigned against VS and you (for the very same reason) Zach held on as much as he could while trying to member whore his site with VS subscribers.

I think we are about caught up ...
How have you been ?
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: No hard feelings tho right Ronald French? I was also deleted because you believed my 'socks' were actually sock accounts when they were photos of my sock puppets from my mock Lupercalia Ritual I published on youtube.
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: Gads, i almost forgot about Kane, ewww, don't remind me!
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skoXbtVcopk

Lupercalia 2010 - Puppet Show
Lupercalia is a Roman Festival of spiritual purging, sacrifice, and purification...
See more
15 hours ago ·

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Yow! I did need to be caught up! I didn't remember the Ning at all. I do remember our consideration of and possible initialization of a HISS activity there and then you switched platforms as I recall. Yes, thanks for the reminder!
15 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: This is true .... Sin Jones
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: we all make mistakes, don't we?
15 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: I will dance this dance with arms extended ...
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Been fine, thanks for asking. :D I hope your Axis Sanctuary is prospering. If you'd like to provide an update in this thread, that'd be great, I'd not heard anything recently about it.
15 hours ago · Edited

MIKE NOXAURA: hard to be angry at a big ole teddy bear Ronald
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: no offense, 'course
15 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: ‎90% complete Satanist Grand Mufti feel free to explore :http://www.axissanctuaryandchapels.com/index.html

Axis Sanctuary and Chapels
Axis Sanctuary and Chapels a Universal Coexist Church for uncommon belief systems
15 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: Indeed Mike Noxaura, and I learned this myself because Ronald French told me as much. Otherwise I would have been oblivious to this information. And the idea they he also warned Zach Black about me as a possible sock account. We had a good laugh about it. People *do* make mistakes, it is my hope that they learn from them and not repeat the offense ;)
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: I got high hopes :)
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- What other participants in Fb might have insights into this issue and the history of Temples of Satan or Church of Theistic Satanism from an interesting perspective? I invited Sam Yaotzin and know he has friends of common interest.

Wait! Was that about *me* warning Zach about you as a possible sock account? Or someone else? A sieve I tell you.
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: It depends on what you want to know ?
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: because most of the original TOS blackwood group are not on the net anymore, or at least not in satanic groups and no longer use their real names .
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: very hard to find
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Gino, anything significant, boon and glory or dirt and imbecilic. I challenged GM Blackwood on the issue of his 501(c)3 in one of his boards and was ejected. I had had no idea that would be the response. It was interesting, puzzled it together with what I saw of GM Blackwood in usenet (which was acid and savagely biting at participants there - that is, the ordinary fare).
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: He never filed for a ein until apil of this year
15 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: I am learning to be more tolerant and forgiving (usually over miscommunication) My Short fuse on the other hand . . . . :)
15 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: Me and Mike could right a book on the history we know what others don"t
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: shit, i don't know how much he told us that was true... makes me sick thinking on it
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎Gino got a smoke, must be the feeling of being fucked for so long
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: I was referring to Ronald French, Satanist Grand Mufti.
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: most of the shit we know came from tom over the phone. if i could get half of it proven, he'd be locked away for life times
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Aha! Whew, thought my mind was slipping. Thank you for your forgiving example, then. A beacon of high hopes for us all, indeed. :D
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Locked away (in prison?), for saying things on the phone?
15 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: Repeat them here!!!!
15 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: if what he said he did was true...\
15 hours ago

SIN JONES: ‎Satanist Grand Mufti, you must understand. Since GM Blackwood is the charismatic 'cult' leader archetype, most of what he perpetuated to his 'members' was online, on the phone, and part of the 'theater'. Our private telephone conversations were most compelling to letting his guard down and filling me in on the dirty. I did not feel it was necessary to record those conversations, but I assure you many people have felt completely foolish for having been duped by this man and taken for a ride.
15 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: Here is my First Run in with Tom :

About Paris Hilton: Dumb & Dumber: "Rev." Ronald French
Who is this guy anyways? Do I know him? Did I appoint him? Guess somebody forgot to tell him Satan made me the Leader of all of Satanism.
15 hours ago ·

MIKE NOXAURA: oing to mexico to have sex with teen girls, bouncing fake travelers checks to escorts and strippers, bouncing checks to antique dealers, pot purchases
14 hours ago

SIN JONES: Tom advised me of an incident which banned him from travel to Canada for writing bad checks (purposefully).
14 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: for one, he DID use sex to determine leadership. for 2, he never, in 15 years, ahd one relationship he did NOT cheat on within 90 days
14 hours ago

SIN JONES: I have also been shared some compelling evidence to other money making scams which Tom has been running since at least 2008. I hesitate to publish, because I am uncertain how this information came into the hands of the informant. I suspect he was part of said scam, thus it would incriminate the informant. I maintain this information in private record until such time I see its usefulness.
14 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎Gino needed to get away. you have to understand, this is beating the SHIT out of his conscience...mine too
14 hours ago

SIN JONES: Tom seemed to take cues from 'Satanism' to perpetuate a 'religious' agenda, but it has always been a money maker for him.
14 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: Tom did not file his EIN until after Gino did making any and all donations going to his pocket
14 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: Axis has its own bank account , EIN , and non profit corp with the state of Florida
14 hours ago

SIN JONES: As Ronald French stated, there is a cinchcast in which Tom boasts and brags about this money collected as 'Personal Income'. He claims to have filed it as a personal income on his private income taxes. When members questioned where their money was going to build this alleged 'church' he would state that it went into 'marketing'.
14 hours ago

SIN JONES: As Mike Noxaura stated. When any member was being coerced into performing acts against their own moral conscience; Tom would then rant on his cinchcast about their weaknesses, then badger them on social networking platforms.
14 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Mike, you wrote: "you have to understand, this is beating the SHIT out of his conscience...mine too"

I'm very sorry to hear that. Please understand that the interests here are not recriminations or blame, so much as a clarified view of what has taken place. Where misstatements are made, we'll try to correct them. If there are pointed sleights we'll try to delete them without damaging content. Clearly understanding Satanisms of all types is the focus within this group, and that includes things that might be embarrassing or revealing. A good number of examples have already been contributed to this thread, admirably.
14 hours ago · Edited

MIKE NOXAURA: i shall speak more, when i am able. for now, i need to get home from the lounge and spend time with my family...that is the center of my universe.
14 hours ago

SIN JONES: Thanks for your time Mike Noxaura. Take care of the family.
14 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I know little about any of you, but have been reading and listening to all the voice casts.. I will spend more time pondering all this, but I must say at this time, I find you all to be more up front and honest about your time spent in your endeavors, well spoken, learned and carefully written. I look forward to reading more about your new course with the rebuilding of this temple.
14 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I have heard the mudslinging from the other two, that seemed mortal enemies and are now best friends. The side I see portrayed here in this chat is mature, calm, and balanced.
14 hours ago

GINO S. VAGLIVIELO: Well Kat Aeshma Tudor it is best to be mature and share information that is valuable t the satanic community.
13 hours ago · Unlike · 3

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I totally agree. Being mature, and clear spoken without ranting, and saying your words with care, is easier to take seriously and lasts longer, to me anyway :)
13 hours ago · Unlike · 3

SIN JONES: ‎Kat Aeshma Tudor, it is part of the 'theater' and training GM Blackwood provides to his 'allies'. In exchange for his 'marketing training', he promises those who assist him, there will be a pay-off. Sometimes it's monetary gain, and at other times it is promise of getting rid of their 'enemies'. Tom advised me that the reason he was on the Venger Satanis kick was because he and Zach Black had an arrangement. Zach would rid his network of ONA and in exchange Tom would troll Venger. Later, he enlisted Dark Fool as a 'buddy' and he would give Dark Fool props for trolling me, if he continued to do so, and Tom would have his back as well. It's an odd sort of thing here in Social Media. 'Enemy' is strong language and used purposefully. Personally, I have no enemies. Tom uses NLP techniques, even if he is widely unaware of the actual training one would need to use it effectively. Many self-help books/websites utilize this technique to reach personal goals.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.scribd.com/doc/94990592/Grotto-Magazine-Summer-Issue

Grotto Magazine - Summer Issue
Summer edition of Grotto Magazine Guidelines for FALL can be found at www.the-p...
See more
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: Church of Ahriman has been added to the 'target' list. Adam Daniels more specifically, but members by proxy as well. Adam's wife included. Kelsey Daniels submitted an article to my publication that I believe is quite relevant to this discussion called 'Tools of the Bullshit Artist'.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/eckj

Poison Apple Radio - Interview with Adam Daniels, Church of Ahriman
Tindeck is a free MP3 upload site that helps you share your original music and audio with people around the world.
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: I did interview Adam to give him the platform to clear his name and speak earnestly about his pursuits and his church. Adam is being targeted in a more aggressive manner than most, because he has actually certified a church in the states of Oklahoma and Texas. This is a 'competitor' that Tom seeks to eliminate. Robert Fraize has been sucked into Tom's 'techniques'. I did try to reason with him, and he did issue a public apology, but it seems he has abandoned this olive branch for a sword; and speaks in split tongues.
5 hours ago · Unlike · 2

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/09/official-statement-apology-by-robert-fraize/

Official statement & apology by Robert Fraize
See more
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: The Robert Fraize issue is odd, in that when I was sharing content, Robert seemed to support the intolerance of Tom's tactics. He created his own content, such as spoof photos, music, cartoon movies, posts on his various groups, etc. He was messaging me almost daily for updates, which I provided. I met Robert through a mutual acquaintance, I mentored her on a more personal level. She advised me that Robert was projecting his issues on her Facebook page, and asked me to observe and assist to resolve the conflict. It appeared to me, that she had posted a provocative subject that triggered some memory from Robert's childhood. I joined the conversation, and asked Robert directly if he was sexually abused as a child. He advised that he was. I resolved the conflict, by explaining to Robert what psychological projection was, and how internal triggers could be set off during conversations with others. He apologized, and went off to contemplate his actions. I did not hear back from Robert for quite sometime. It wasn't until I began posting about Tom Blackwood that he 'friended' me here on FB and began 'buddying-up' with me. I understood he was a troubled man, as he explained to me he was on medications for his condition. I explained some of the avenues by which Tom selected his targets, Tom had a special interest in people with mental disabilities, and emotional instability. I advised him to be careful when speaking with him on any platform. Tom preys on people who are easily malleable, and looking for a quick fix to their problems. He also takes a special interest in lonely women, people with depression or that are poor. You may (or may not) have seen comments I have made, which allude to making a blood pact with the devil, and selling your soul for perks. It is with this in mind, that I make such statements. Robert pursued advising everyone about Tom on his own, to include his group on Facebook 'Church of Leviathan'. Later, I was asked to join his group to share what he deemed 'valuable' information about this predator. When I joined this group, I was entered as 'Clergy'. CoL has sub-groups with special interests. I was added to the Main group, Clergy group, and Artists group. I shared links and updates on the Main/Clergy groups, but reserved them for the Artist group. There I posted content about my artwork and audio/visual media.
5 hours ago · Unlike · 2

SIN JONES: Immediately I inquired about this 'Clergy' status, as I had not applied for membership in their 'church' and had no desire to. I was there as a favor to Robert. I was told in no uncertain terms, that this status would allow me to pull rank with other members. I found that sort of power play odd, but chalked it up to the wierdness of Facebook groups. Later, there was a fire-bombing plot being orchestrated by select members against the Brotherhood of Satan, which I spoke out against. I was called a hypocrite, and members involved called for me to be removed. I spoke with Robert privately, warning him of blantant terrorist attacks being organized on his group. To include following a man home from the post office to obtain his home address to set it ablaze. I posted a discussion to reason with members. Priest Anathama, and a user named Dementia were the most vocal on that thread claiming that this plot was supported and would be carried out with or without support. I removed myself from the group and advised Robert as to the reasons why. He issued a public statement on his group, in support of my statements, and to get his members to 'calm down'. I'm not sure what conversations transpired after my leaving, as it was a private and secret group.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: I did contact a leader in the Brotherhood of Satan, to advise them of said plot, and to watch their backs. They hold public off-line meetings. I was assured they had security on site, and was thanked for the warning. I have had no further contact with the BOS since that time.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/?s=brotherhood+of+satan

BLOBTARD on WordPress.com
The Cancer of Social Networking (by BLOBTARD)
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: Along with the BOS, Michael Ford was then added as an object target for GM Blackwood.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: Tom advised that he would 'get to me' through my peers. This was in response to Gino's video 'All around you'. This video was meant to convey that many watching were tired of Tom's tactics, and would be joining forces to put a stop to it.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/03/the-devil-in-miss-jones/

The Devil in Miss Jones
See more
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: This link demonstrates that Ben was sucked in, and wrote this blog. Ben and I have known each other for years through the Cult of Cthulhu. I arranged for Ben and I to speak by phone. Ben was brought up to speed, and admitted he was out of the loop on a lot of things, and has since apologized to me for writing this blog. I have no hard feelings towards Ben, for having written it. Ben was warned about Tom's tactics to infiltrate groups, be made admin, and taking them over. Tom seeks to destroy from within. He 'seemingly' supports the group to gain intel about it, then will add it to the target list. I believe this is forth coming in the not too distant future. Robert was offered a spot on Tom's show, and has been getting support by Tom. This occurred during a single phone conversation during a cease-fire arrangement I made with Tom, to give him time to follow through with this promises. I gave him 30 days to take down his content, which he promised to do. Though, he portrayed it as a 'truce' to the public, and in his 'theater' he went on and on about our 'resolve' (which were all fabrications). This led Robert to believe there was a 'truce', I advised Robert that Tom was lying. He spoke with Tom by phone. I don't know what that conversation entailed but Robert did a 180 and joined forces with Tom. Robert was part of the TOSNA development in the beginning but we had to remove him, because he was 'spying' for Tom, sending him screen captures of our private planning conversations.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://whispersoftheblackflame.blogspot.com/2012/06/power-of-word.html

Whispers of the Black Flame: The Power of the Word
The Black Flame brings true illumination that casts now shadows. These are the w...
See more
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: This blog was written by Ben to make up for the original which has since been deleted called 'The Devil in Miss Jones'. To my knowledge Ben and I are still cool.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/11/blobtard-moar-smear-and-harassment/

Blobtard! MOAR Smear and Harassment!
http://youtu.be/HlsA5ZlMkxw Flag this video for removal. More of Tom's antics. ZERO TOLERANCE For BLOBTARD.
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: Robert created a mirror of my Poison Apple video hosting page on VIMEO called 'The Poisonous Apple', there he reposted videos from youtube, but with social commentary calling each person out as either a rapist, person on welfare, etc. I was able to speak with him to have him remove the videos, he did so and later removed the channel all together.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/09/moar-fail-7-2/

http://youtu.be/639HX4D-gC0 Does this sound like a religious leader to you? Sou...
See more
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: Robert was passive/aggressive during this time. He continued to post content about all of Tom's targets. Some speculate that there is some arrangement between he and Tom, in which Robert is rewarded for 'attacks' upon members of Tom's target list.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/09/tom-raspotnik-responds-to-the-temples-of-satan-new-aeon-project/

Tom Raspotnik Responds to the Temples of Satan: New Aeon Project
“The Real Temples of Satan grows….The paperhouse of TOSNA being built…the fake T...
See more
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: We continued on with the planning of our project and launched it the week of June 10th. This was Tom's response.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: After the launch, Tom got more aggressive with his attacks, smear, fabrication, etc. As suspected.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: He opened sinjones.com, he had purchased the domain in my name but did not load content until after the launch. As suspected.
5 hours ago

MICHELLE LAWSON: Hello! Late to the party, as usual! So sorry; I was mourning the death of a long-time friend but I can add what I have been observing from all of this. I have largely stepped out and been silent in the pagan and occult community, partly from disenchantment but mostly from family obligations and past health issues.

Although I usually steer clear of smear campaigns when I'm not involved, SIN have informed me about the controversy with her and Tom. After thoroughly reading her blog posts, watching her videos, and observing his activities on social media platforms and listening to his podcasts, I came to the conclusion that either this guy is using drama and theatrics to garner sympathy for his money cause (oops, I mean religion) or he's just off his rocker and is on straight Power Trip 2.0.

I do not deal with many people but talk to SIN mostly, and she has always been upfront with me and everything she has done, which I appreciate immensely. Although I am not a very active member in the online pagan community, I do watch and observe and like to know who to look out for if approached by those who are up to no good. Anyone who has questions about Tom, SIN, and TOSNA I gladly refer them to the references given by SIN and on Tom's website so they can come to their own conclusions.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/index.aspx?pageid=1296329

SIN JONES: - Haters Club
Been PWND on the Internet? Need a butthurt report? Well this page is for you! SIN JONES haters club!
5 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: I believe Satanist Grand Mufti wanted you here for input, to lend some insight into your involvement with the Temples of Satan as 'Rev Keona'. As many have observed, in this role you were seeking information about Satanism, and was an avid blogger for a time on various networks.
5 hours ago

SIN JONES: To continue...The Hater's Club page represents a link to my website, should on-lookers seek answers about online content published about me, which is 'reactionary' to my own activity online.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Tom is apparently under the impression that he can 'intimidate' me from reporting on this issue. In addition to the online content, he has offered money to any person living in my local area to take action against me physically in the past. To include but not limited to setting fire to my home, rape, murder, etc. The usual stuff ;)
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: and yet Tom is taking the moral high role on other Satanists . . .
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: This is all part of the 'theater' Ronald French.
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: Are we ready to bring James L Nicholson II over or is he here already ?
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: The link is working, so I suspect he is a member now Ronald French but I don't believe he has posted as of yet.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.scribd.com/doc/85396528/Blobtard

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.
4 hours ago ·

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I appologise but holy shite.. this theatre group of tom/rob has gotten way out of hand. And like I said, I like the openness that you all have giving your say and your time with all of this. I appreciate hearing your side to all of this.. those other two need to stop the shite and move on I mean really.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: I published this document in April 2012, and have published 4 updates since that time. It does include an interview with Jake Nicholson II.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Indeed Kat Aeshma Tudor, I don't people will ever truly understand the magnitude of this issue.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Even if people abandon this and move on to other things, I will continue reporting on it. I do this not just for myself, but any person who would be an object target.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/01/1505/

The Madness of Gino & Sin Jones
Reblogged from mrgoodnkinky: In the world of Reverse Christian Satanism it is cl...
See more
4 hours ago ·

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: Everyone has their own opinion and right to give it, I like to say, look, whatever choices we/you all made in the past, we are evolved persons because of it and now can we all move on? I do believe in letting the past go and letting a person/people have the right to press forward and have a life regardless of passed choices, I really do.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Tom does enlist 'help'
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: ‎Kat Aeshma Tudor, I understand your point of view but I will not allow a social predator to be successful in harming others. I will be a dam in its path. This is my personal choice. No one need join me in this endeavor.
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I should have clarified, my appologise, what I mean is, all the allegations tom and rob have made towards you all, the church of arhiman, jake, sin, gino, I just met all of you in the last short time, all these allegations made towards you all, is what I meant.
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: Since Sin Jones and myself seem to be the dynamic duo I do what I can
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I dont care what tom has said about any of you. I personally like those whom I have been reading their words here, and I like Rons videos, I find Ron, real, honest and easy going, dont let your head swell Ron lol jk
4 hours ago

4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I find that the ones sharing within this group, well spoken, clearly spoken, honest and to the point. I dont know how any of you can make yourselves any clearer.
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: hahaha Ronald French
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/hawy
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: MOAR theater! Tom has also perpetuating the idea that his 'church' is under attack. This is the furthest thing from the truth. This issue remains, to be about these tactics in use in Social Media to disrupt progress and destroy productive individuals.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: This was recorded 15 mins ago.
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: lol MOAR I love how you use that hahaha
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: You have to maintain your sense of humor here Kat Aeshma Tudor, believe me when I say, many people have become emotionally distraught over being targeted by Tom. I try to keep it all very light hearted.
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I totally agree Sin Jones
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: Humor is good for the soul and mind
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Tom has never encountered a person like me. He seems to be accustomed to 'new comers' to the Occult and Satanism.
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: ‎^^ hey puppet master ^^
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I am pleased to know you puppet master (shakes your hand)
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: I find this label amusing. Tom uses it because of an offhand comment I made a while back directed at him. I'll wear it like a mink coat :)
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: hahaha good of you Sin!
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: You have a marvelous humor having all this thrown your way, you are a strong person. Many would attack back with colorful words (swearin) back at tom. You handle yourself very well, calmly and skillfully.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Indeed. I do my best to offer counsel to others who find themselves his target. I maintain my empathy.
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: I have that latest blobcast running while we speak here, shite he really rambles doesnt he...........
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: on and on and on and on
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Indeed, he is difficult to listen to. I do this with my key aims in mind. A necessary self-immolation, haha
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: I liked it better when he ranted in 3 minute increments. ha
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: ‎32 in this one
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: ahhh now he is on to brain surgery!
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: ‎32!!!!!.........
4 hours ago

RONALD FRENCH: http://cinch.fm/voiceofsatanism

Tom Erik Raspotnik's Album
4 hours ago ·

MICHELLE LAWSON: LOL listening to him is a test of the spirit. Honestly, he's probably one of the few people I have ever listened to that gave me the sudden desire to punch my own face just to stop his chatter XD
4 hours ago

KAT AESHMA TUDOR: geeze no kidding Michelle.........
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: This man reads blurbs on the web, he is not very well read on mythology, anthropology/archaeology or history. He uses it as a way to get on his stage and dance for the small audience he has. Unfortunately, I am responsible for this audience growing. His cinchcast used to have only 2 followers by the time I discovered it.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Most tune in, for the necessary 'proofs' they require to see what he 's up to - in truth.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: He now has 34.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Imagine the following he would have, if he was channeling all this energy towards something more productive and positive.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: This is the negative effect of aesthetic terrorism Uncondemning Monk.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: As discussed with Steven Leyba, while I can certainly agree with artistic use of such trickster methods (utilizing them myself) there is always the other edge of the sword.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/pudw
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/index.aspx?pageid=686516

The Art War with Steven Johnson Leyba
The musings of SIN JONES and Steven Johnson Leyba
4 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: Steven Leyba is one of my (3) Muses.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: Ahh, I conjoin animal/man/nature artwork in my masks.
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/The_Dagon_Mask/p40222_5576523.aspx
4 hours ago

Uncondemning Monk I read the guy that hates on Temples of Satan's rant, and did that go no where... it was almost painful... now if he meant to go nowhere in his writing, like I do on purpose, then it would be one thing, but this was just kinda sad... it was one of the Brotherhood of Satan relies
4 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://www.the-poison-apple.com/Shrine_to_the_Dark_Feminine/p40222_7063256.aspx
3 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://blobtard.com/2012/06/23/tummy-tom-seems-to-believe-that-mr-leroy-is-on-his-side/
3 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize: "Thanks for letting me join I got something to contribute later {presumably regarding this thread, about which I invited him here,} I'm working on right now ."
2 hours ago

SIN JONES: Good show Satanist Grand Mufti :)
2 hours ago

SIN JONES: I look forward to what Pope Robert Fraize has to say.
2 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Thank you kindly, SIN. I have also approved GM Blackwood's membership here just now.

Some elaborating information on what has previously been posted here follows. Remember that this group prefers to identify all relevant AKA's at least at first usage, prefers formal title address, and respectful characterizations, even if being critical and differing in opinion.

Venger Satanis, a.k.a. Darrik Dishaw, and he is the Ipsissimus of the Cult of Cthulhu.

Dark Fool: a.k.a. (legal name unknown; first name 'Matt'?).

Adam Daniels' pseudonyms?

church in the states of OK and TX: 'Church of Ahriman Syndicate'? other name? Church of the IV Majesties?

Priest Anathema, a.k.a. (legal name unknown) - this individual is or was a friend of Pope Robert Fraize, and has been somewhat volatile in struggle with the Brotherhood of Satan and Druwydion Pendragon (a.k.a. David Depaul??), esp. attempting to broadcast HP Gwydion's brushes with the law - a common focus of those who are critical of or attempting to smear the reputations of their adversaries, I find).

Grand Abbess Dementia Armand is a.k.a. Rebekah Lynn Johnston (see our Files where we have a fairly extensive 'Cheat Sheet' on the Church of Leviathan, here:


to which members including Bishop Dementia has contributed in a very friendly way).

And in case anyone didn't know, 'Satanist Grand Mufti' is the same as 'Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism', a.k.a. nagasiva bryan w yronwode, a Keeper of the Green Flame of the Cult of Cthulhu (honorific). ;) born 10/25/1961

Birthdates for all Satanists strongly encouraged!!
2 hours ago

SIN JONES: I understand Satanist Grand Mufti. Since many of these names have been previously established in the thread, I felt it redundant to repeat them. As for some of the others (i.e. Dementia, Anathama, etc.) if I am unaware of their legal name, I maintain the name they use for themselves.
2 hours ago

SIN JONES: <- 1/3/74, for your information. I have nothing to hide, so should one need to conduct a background check - feel free.
2 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Sounds great, Sin. I was merely encouraging chiming in like I was doing with additional information supplemental where names come up which may be pseudonyms or where pseudonyms, titles, and birthdates may be known but are not yet recorded in a coverage of a particular issue or topic. :) Thanks for the additional data!
2 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: Additional data on names mentioned in the above:

Michael W. Ford, unknown if this is his legal name, though I presume it is - does he have pseudonyms? He is the High Priest (and founder?) of the Order of Phosphorus and an author of several books on occult topics, Luciferian and demonic subjects. He was the student of Nathaniel Harris, draws on sources such as Crowley, Chumbley, and Grant to construct his data, and is a well-known individual in Satanity due to some persons who have been members of his order who have posted here.


The Order of Phosphorus
‎"The light of Lucifer is the highest aspirations of mankind. It is the drivi...
See more
2 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: This will not work for me, for I will not expose my friend's list to the likes of GM Blackwood.
2 hours ago

SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/krjt

Poison Apple Radio - Interview with Michael W. Ford
Tindeck is a free MP3 upload site that helps you share your original music and audio with people around the world.
2 hours ago ·

SIN JONES: According to Michael's own testimony, it is his legal name.
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SIN JONES: I have invited 'Ace-of-spades' aka Heather Humbersome, aka Belthauzer Ramoolez, to the discussion as she has had dealings with Tom Blackwood, and is privy to the conflict (although she did take a sabbatical) perhaps she might offer her own insights to her dealings with Tom Erik Raspotnik and Robert Fraize.
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SIN JONES: http://tindeck.com/listen/dedb
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SIN JONES: I am scheduled to remove myself from Facebook in December. My public pages will be maintained by my administrators.
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- I am very slowly reading through the numerous posts to this thread (one of the reasons that I wanted to keep it to 2-3 threads at most; I'll be removing those which vary too much from the threadstarter topic such as those pertaining to moderation or disputing about motives for participating in Satanity; discussion about the group itself should be taken private).

Sin Jones: "Unfortunately, I am responsible for this audience growing."

It is my understanding that continuing to struggle with it in public allows it to grow further, serves its purpose, and generally encourages it to continue. I hope your tactics work for you, long term.
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- Thanks for inviting Ace-of Spades, I hope she will contribute to this thread reflecting on its focus. :)
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Ace-of Spades Okay, Grand Magister GM Blackwood. When i was first starting out in trying to create my own groups, and even had a website up and running, I have had direct dealings with Mr. Blackwood, he promised to help me get my own Church set up, then he told me his wife was a model and was demonically possessed and was going to give me some money. As far as I am concerned he also wanted to challenge me to sacrifice an animal (I am an animal lover) etc. So anyway when I spoke with him on the phone, he made some statements of sleeping with Venus Satanas and Sin Jones and made some pretty nasty statements about them both, and then i asked him about Venger Satanis whom I admire, well he said he wasnt sure because Venger wasnt going to follow Mr. Blackwood. During that time I use to be in the Brotherhood of Satan, they all had a flippin cow that i was talking with Blackwood and im like okay but I had no previous knowledge of Blackwood and the Order of the Nine Angles. My personal experiences with Sin Jones from Blackwood's perspective seemed like he was saying that she was controlling and manipulating me. I was on his website for some time, and when I presented to talk about certain topics they would just all jump at me because it was different from what Blackwood was teaching, I guess in their mind because i wasnt a High Priest or something. It seems clearly Mr. Blackwood is trying to unite with popular so called Satanic orignizations and unite with their leaders so he can filter the way and become what he dreams about "Leader of the Satanic Movement" or whatever he has up his sleeve now days. His attacks on Sin Jones, Venger, and the CoC as far as I am concerned were certainly uncalled for, and I did not approve it at all, because none of them has EVER said anything about that nasty bastard. I have to say they are some of the most enlightening people I ever spoken with.
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- Michelle, if you could elaborate on your pseudonyms and what your experiences and problems and joys with other Satanists such as GM Blackwood within this thread that would be welcomed. Do you recall your inviting me (I think that I was using the pseudonym 'Troll' or 'nocTifer' at the time) to the Church of Theistic Satanism web board and informing me that you had pull or leverage with GM Blackwood? I later learned that you'd been removed for some reason unexpectedly and that Jake Nicholson had been asked to execute the exclusions. Do you know why you were so expelled or was it a surprise to you?

Troll Towelhead: ‎- It does appear that this site:


is a simple slam-site created by Tom Erik Raspotnik. His writing style and allegations (as from the 'Satanic security agency' Fb group, which see, and postings to it and the Church of Leviathan which have become a controversy) are identical. I hope that he will add to this thread cogently while he is here as a participant.

From what Sin Jones has said, this appears to have been a precursor to the acquisition of templesofsatan.net by Revgino and their rivalry with the creation of Temples of Satan New AEon.
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TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Smells like bs because the claims are false....and the site is a counter site i own it
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- I'm not sure I understand, GM Blackwood, are you referring to the immediate post before yours (where I am referring to 'sinjones.com' or something earlier in the thread. Which claims are false? Please elaborate, thanks.
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JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: As I am predisposed at the moment, I will at least input my legal name for reference in this group as per the Grand Mufti's request..

I am James L. Nicholson II and I have and do at times go by Jake. I have no title, as I am dependant on the Order to bestow such and the Temple to do so as well. I could come up with a couple, but I don't believe in self labeling. I was titled Commandant of the Satanic Security Agency when I founded it by the Council.. but this title is no longer in effect since the agency was dissolved and the name moth balled by myself.

I have much to add to this discussion and will when I am able to as soon as time allows today.

Looking forward to this setup, and to see all of the information presented... civilly of course.
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JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: And my birthday is 1-10-87... Forgot to put that in there.

I also founded the Order of The Dragon and Temple of Theistic Satanism. I will add more pertinent information soon.

Glad to be here
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- What you missed, Tom, is the moderated-out bits inclusive of the origination of this thread as a focus on a particular Temples of Satan New AEon video (the one at Youtube which Sin Jones made with the bull moving this way and that, as far as I recall; she reposted it to this thread once I restarted it with my post that had incited the larger participation.

I have also combed through this thread to remove all nonessential comments, meta-discussion (about the 'censorship' exercised which was my moderation), and side-quips no longer of value except as initial banter of those involved. They served their purpose and now what should remain are the relevant contentions by those who claim to have been involved with the events or spoken with you or others.

As I have said, I'm inviting you to contrast your contentions here, about why people are struggling with you, whether any of the characterizations of you are misinformed or inaccurate, etc. Thanks for your consideration.
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- Sin Jones wrote:
"Imagine the following he would have, if he was channeling all this energy towards something more productive and positive."

This is precisely what I have said about all of them, and particularly Grand Master Blackwood, Sin Jones, and Reverend French, for years. This is why I begun speculation on the *positive* things that they may or must get from that type of (public) struggle, etc.
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TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Claims of saying i slept with certain names and i do own the sin jones site but like i said in a recent blog i have zero interest any longer in circling jerking with people not of theistic satanism
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POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Hello reader my name is Pope Robert Fraize Leader and founder for the church of leviathan Http://www.churchofleviathan.org
This Letter has been written to inform You the Reader about the inner workings of The Puppet master Sin Jones and Her Game .

Last winter I had seen somethings going on regarding Sin Jones and Tom Erik Raspotnike aka G.M Blackwood from the Temples of Satan .
Tom called sin some Names she called him some names .
Then I Heard Him say what I thought was a threat , I reacted and steeped into the shit that was The puppet master . This resulted In tom and I going back and forth saying what ever mean things we could say about the other person .

I want to remind People I did not know Tom at this time just what I heard about him from other “people” .

Later on during this Little battle Sin Jones had decided she would call a sort of truce with Tom where she would not talk about him he would not talk about her she suggested that we all spoke on the phone .
I arranged a phone call with Tom .
We talked for about 2 hours that night it was a very good talk and I had began learning that It was not just tom tossing Mud around as people are calling it .

One storie I had heard was about Tom attacking Jake a former clergy of his .
Tom did this because Jake did not do his job as a clergy person and perform a funeral for a member of the Temples of satan .

I had actually asked Jake a few weeks prior to me talking to tom and asked Him about this issue .
Jake told me he did not do the funeral because he just did not want to .
And that would be fine if he would had been honest with everyone and said his heart was not in it .

I also began hearing more and more about some others who had been attacking tom some of his former clergy .
I asked tom about this also and I then had chats arranged for me to speak of the ex Gf and mother of the child of one of his ex clergy .

During my own investigation on all issues I found that These people attacking tom are actually far worse then what People make Tom out to be .

And Now Let me talk about Adam Daniels and Kelsey Daniels from the Church Of Ahriman .
Last year I was looking to get My church Legally recognized so We could do real religious ceremony that would be recognized legally .
This was all going on during the time I stepped In the shit of sin Jones and was fighting with tom

Kelsey asked me if I would not mind them Helping attack tom even tho she said they did not even know who he was or the situation and that she noticed this was all getting allot of promotion for myself and those involved .
The church of Ahriman Produced a Video which featured Jeremy Head in a skull mask playing pastor Iblis . He went on some rant imitating Violant J from icp .
The video got no attention and Kelsey sort of got mad about that .
Then she mentioned some guy named mike Not Adam who would Help me legalize my church with the gov and state of Massachusetts .
They wanted two things from me 200$ and for the church Of Leviathan to be an afiliate for the church of Leviathan I had a strange feeling about all of this and decided I did not want to do this .

A few people from the church Of Ahriman began harassing myself my g.f and people from the church of leviathan . Months later I learn of this Adam Daniels being a sex offender because his friend Jeremy told me through some strange f.b chat that they did not want to fight with me because Adam was a sex offender and they did not need that coming out again .
The Church of Ahriman hid the fact from me that they where led by a man named Adam Daniels a convicted sex offender .

It seems to me these people want attention and will do anything to get it .
So now they attack me because My church is generating lots of Good attention
and the Church Of Ahriman thrives off bad press .

Another Person who had steped In the shit is Rev gino former Rev for the temples of satan and good friend of Tom Erik Raspotnik for more then ten years .
Sin Knew this man was not mentally stable and I say this because its obvious In his actions .
She began playing the “mindfuck” game with Rev Gino and wanted Gino to take over the temples of satan just to Mess with Tom and piss him off .

Rev Gino did take over the F.b Group and He obtained an ein# for the temples of satan something I also did . IS Rev Gino the sole owner of the T.O.S ? oR Does the gov allow Him myself and tom as owners ?
All an ein number is is just an id number to do taxes as a business it does not give you legal rights to own a name .
SIN JONES: found this out and had Rev Gino change the name from temples of satan to temples of satan new aeon .

Gino began talking smack about myself and the church of Leviathan and I had not yet said a word about him . I was then put in contact with the mother of His alleged child .
The things she told me about Rev Gino made me sick .
Under Florida law Gino is not required to pay child support because he is mentally disabled and on s.s.i
he has uses this excuse not to pay child support and the result is his daughter being placed in foster care .

The Puppet master Sin Jones has also got a Few more people into the mix now getting them mad at me or what ever with out them knowing all the facts they attack me .

These People can say what ever they want about Tom and myself and our organizations but they can not ever deny the fact their actions in their own lives are far more sinister then any lie or satire they make up about us .

And I leave you with this Question why is an Atheist Sin Jones working with spiritual People ?
And why is it that everything she involves her self in always results to a fight amongst a religious group ?
28 minutes ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Gallagher Timoth posted to another thread in response to this one:

"my concern, is for those that 'avail' themselves... for instance, getting 'administration' status, and having to witness folks getting socked / canned / raked through the coals for some kind of HIDDEN GEM of value... such as perhaps a gold tooth on the loose --- does anyone really know who'se keeping score ?!?
33 minutes ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize: Please refrain from using diminuitive and insulting references to those whom you are describing in your posts. I will leave this lengthy explanation for now but want you to drop the 'Puppet Master' reference, if you don't mind. That was mentioned by Sin Jones and Reverend French previously, but as an insult term used by Tom. Thank you.
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- Additional people mentioned in Pope Robert Fraize's post:

Kelsey Daniels (is this person a Satanist? I assume this is their legal name)

Jeremy Head - Same as fellow named 'Hale' who wrested control of the Church of IV Majesties from Adam Daniels? How did they move from IV Majesties to Church of Ahriman, anyway? Is Jeremy Head part of the Church of Ahriman? Is Hale? We may wish to create a new thread on the Church of Ahriman.
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize writes:
"One {story} I had heard was about Tom attacking Jake a former clergy of his."

I gather that by "attacking" you don't mean anything physical, but are merely speaking of what I have been seeing characterized as 'smear campaigns' (negative postings, allegations with little substance, mean-spirited character assassination, and the like). I can agree that smear campaigns is a proper characterization and have seen it on all sides of this squabble.

He also wrote:
"...These people attacking tom are actually far worse then what People make Tom out to be."

In what manner are they far worse? If you could explain, that would be helpful. When they were posting previously they were very particular about who was saying what about whom.

He also wrote about Revgino:
"...this man was not mentally stable and I say this because its obvious In his actions."

Please explain what actions you mean. I have no interaction with him offline and haven't observed his irrational behaviour to which you refer. I hope he addresses your evaluations here.

He also wrote:
"Rev Gino did take over the F.b Group...."

Are you referring to the *Temples of Satan* Fb group?

He also wrote:
"Gino began talking smack about myself and the church of Leviathan...."

What does "talking smack about" include? Was anything he said accurate?

He also wrote:
"The things {Revgino's child's mother} told me about Rev Gino made me sick."

What were these things? Should they be reported to the authorities rather than just being bandied about on the internet?
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POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I will refrain from using satirical names I'm just so used to it being done to myself they call me fish boy and tom blobtard . Jeremy is in the church of ahriman . Adam had been kicked out of their previous church because he is a convicted sexoffender . Jeremy goes by the screen name cakehead. Kelsey is the wife of adam .
17 minutes ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Sin jones has said many times this is all a game this wholething is mindfuckery I will provide a screen shot when she was in one of my groups and said gino is wraped around her finger and will do anything she wants
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Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize,you ask several questions and, even if they were intended rhetorically, I would like to respond to them here:
"IS Rev Gino the sole owner of the T.O.S ? oR Does the gov allow Him myself and tom as owners?"

It's quite interesting that Gino Vaglivielo (now also departed from this group; perhaps telling how long and why people remain to contribute) and Sin Jones selected 'New Aeon' after their church name. I find it intriguing that people were all speaking about 'EINs' too (Employer Identification Numbers issued by the US govt. at the initiation of a corporation; any). To my knowledge there's no restriction of uniqueness there, but there might be and this may be why they had to tack on this additional part to their name? Strange. From what Sin Jones was saying, she was doing all the administration of the group/organization and Revgino just acquired the domain (.net).

I imagine that the US govt. would tell you on the phone what the regulations are, and that you could research all the details about what they've registered, in what state, and by what name, since generally public corporations are registered and publically-accessible as to their data for doing business.

You also ask:
"why is an Atheist Sin Jones working with spiritual People?
And why is it that everything she involves her self in always results to a fight amongst a religious group?"

As I have said, she's in no way alone. Perhaps you aren't familiar with the innumerable Satanist/Darkside feuds through the years which have appeared online, some of these involving GM Blackwood (and in part why I mentioned in repeatedly because of the number of people coming to me having been part of his organization(s) who have felt betrayed or were expelled).

To my way of thinking, we're talking about very strong-willed people exercising in some cases very EMPOWERED egos stridently in competition with one another in a post-Protestant mould. You could compare the religious witches (Neopagans) and Protestants and their feuding very easily (also Thelemics). This just appears to be an escalation of the problem due to 'adversarial' characters running up against one another for attention and credit/authority.

See my previous commentary in this thread about how common this is and who was involved sniping at whom in what context previously. Also examine Michael Aquino's "Church of Satan" to learn about the various factions facing off against the early Church of Satan for issues of religious Satanism's feuds in particular.

I have a longstanding engagement of variable quality with Sister Sin and have not found the same level of animosity generated toward me as toward GM Blackwood or, perhaps, you. I'd directly compare in this regard Tani Jantsang, who was often battling in usenet with any number of others , accused of using sock accounts, you name it. She was strong-headed and refused to back down in response to being slammed in public. Sin Jones seems of similar character (but far more coherent in posting style!!! what substance and volume in quick series I have often seen her contribute!).

I don't think it matters if she is an atheist or a theist, though I know it matters to a bunch of Satanists. We can discuss that in another thread (the dynamics between theist and atheist Satanists - LaVeyans, for example, are often more allied with atheists). I am myself sometimes called an atheist, and am not a theistic Satanist, so I can certainly understand the characterization. It is simply not demonstrated that atheists aren't spiritual, though I gather there is an interest in portraying 'spirituality' as necessarily involving gods.

To properly evaluate Sister Sin we would need to have the input from her Ipsissimus, since she is a longstanding member of the Cult of Cthulhu and as I understand it a very substantive contributor to that religious group, highly placed therein. Naturally there are those who evaluate the whole as not religious or spiritual, but that's the case for the entirety of Satanism. ;)
A few seconds ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: On the subject of rev gino I will only say that his ex has contacted the proper agency on these issues .
And I have no legal permision to speak about what is going on it is also comfidential .

As for people being worse then what they have claimed tom is .
They sin jones rev gino adam and kelsey daniels constantly. Stalk tom and myself online any post we make is placed on blobtard.com
They say tom is scaming people
This is a lie he has not made one scam to one person all people who buy membership know what they are buying or donating to and what they will get .
they claim tom is a physicaly violant man and make constant references to him driving a rape van .
Tom has no criminal record but adam daniels and rev gino both have records . Adam daniels was convicted of sexual batery on a person over the age of 16 look up the definition .

SIN JONES: wants to call tom a bully . Is she not one of the biggest bullys on the net ? Those who do not agree with her are looked at as fake or she makes fun of them .
Sin also claims tom brings people into fights I have not seen this done by him. But many of her friends have attacked me online .
8 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Hello reader, my name is Pope Robert Fraize and I am the leader and founder of the Church of Leviathan, which can be located on the web at www.churchofleviathan.org

This letter has been written to inform you, the reader, about the inner workings of Sin Jones and her “mindfuck” 'Game', as a public service to the internet occult community at large.

Last winter I saw some online disputes going on regarding Sin Jones and Tom Erik Raspotnik aka G.M Blackwood from the Temples of Satan. Tom called Sin some names, she called him some names. Then I heard him say what I thought was a threat. I reacted and stepped into the shit that was the puppet master's 'Game'. This resulted in Tom and I going back and forth saying what ever mean things we could say about the other person.

I want to remind people I did not know Tom at this time, just what I heard about him from other “people” and for that I have to acknowledge my own culpability in not confirming allegations before reacting to them publicly.

Later on during this little battle Sin Jones had decided she would call a sort of truce with Tom where she would not talk about him, he would not talk about her and she suggested that we all spoke on the phone. I arranged a phone call with Tom. We talked for about 2 hours that night; it was a very good talk and I had began learning that it was not just tom tossing mud around, as people are calling it.

One story I had heard was about Tom attacking Jake, a former clergy member of his temple. Tom did this because Jake did not do his job as a clergy person and perform a funeral for a member of the Temples of Satan which was one of his duties as clergy.

I asked Jake a few weeks prior to me talking to tom and asked him about this issue and Jake told me he did not do the funeral because he just 'did not want to'.... and that would be fine, if he had been honest with everyone and said his heart was not in it.

I also began hearing more and more about some others who had been attacking Tom, more of his former clergy. I asked Tom about this also and I then had chats arranged for me to speak of the ex-GF and mother of the child of one of his ex-clergy.

During my own investigation on all issues I found that these people attacking Tom are actually far worse than what People make Tom out to be.

And now onto another issue: Let me talk about Adam Daniels and Kelsey Daniels from the Church Of Ahriman. Last year I was looking to get my church properly registered with the state of Massachusetts as a religious organization so we could do real religious ceremony that would be recognized legally. This was all going on during the time I stepped in the shit of Sin Jones and was fighting with Tom.

Kelsey asked me if I would not mind them helping attack Tom (even though she said they did not even know who he was or the situation but that she noticed this was all getting a lot of promotion for myself and those involved). The Church of Ahriman produced a video which featured Jeremy Head in a skull mask playing Pastor Iblis. He went on some rant in the video imitating Violent J from ICP. The video got no attention and Kelsey sort of got mad about that. Then she mentioned some guy named Mike (not Adam) who would help me legalize my church with the government and commonwealth of Massachusetts.

They wanted two things from me - $200 and for the Church Of Leviathan to be an affiliate for the Church of Ahriman; I had a strange feeling about all of this and decided I did not want to do this.

A few people from the church Of Ahriman began harassing myself, my GF and people from the church of Leviathan. Months later I learn of this Adam Daniels being a sex offender because his friend Jeremy told me through some strange Facebook chat that they did not want to fight with me because Adam was a sex offender and they did not need that coming out 'again'. The Church of Ahriman hid the fact from me that they where led by a man named Adam Daniels, a convicted sex offender .

It seems to me these people want attention and will do anything to get it so now they attack me because my church is generating lots of good attention and the Church Of Ahriman thrives off bad press .

Another person who had stepped in the shit is Rev. Gino, formerly a Reverend for the Temples of Satan and good friend of Tom Erik Raspotnik for more then ten years. Sin knew this man was not mentally stable and I say this because its obvious in his actions. She began playing the “mindfuck” game with Rev. Gino (something she has admitted to others that she does intentionally) and wanted Gino to take over the Temples of Satan just to mess with Tom and piss him off.

Rev, Gino did take over the Facebook Group and he obtained an EIN# for the Temples of Satan something I also did. IS Rev, Gino the sole owner of the T.O.S ? or does the government allow him, myself and Tom as owners? All an EIN (employer identification number) is is just an id number to do taxes as a business; it does not give you legal rights to own a name or establish an organization. Sin Jones found this out and had Rev. Gino change the name from Temples of Satan to Temples of Satan New Aeon.

Gino began talking smack about myself and the Church of Leviathan and I had not yet said a word about him. I was then put in contact with the mother of his alleged child . The things she told me about Rev. Gino made me sick . Under Florida law Gino is not required to pay child support because he is mentally disabled and on S.S.I. He has uses this excuse not to pay child support and the result is his daughter being placed in foster care because he refuses to pay child support at all.

SIN JONES: has also got a few more people into the mix now, getting them mad at me or whatever and without them knowing all the facts, they attack me. These people can say what ever they want about Tom and myself and our organizations but they can not ever deny the fact their actions in their own lives are far more sinister then any lie or satire they make up about us.

And I leave you with this question: why is an atheist Sin Jones working with spiritual people? And why is it that everything she involves her self in always results to a fight amongst a religious group? Anyone else notice a pattern there?

Thank you for reading my letter. I hope that I have clarified for you where I stand in regards to the slanderous attacks and accusations that have been flung by those who are covered in it.

Church of Leviathan - Welcome to the only official Church of Leviathan website
The Church of Leviathan is the first legal LHP occult church on the east coast. ...
See more
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JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: My apologies to the group, as I have been terribly busy today and unable to post anything of substance till now.

I had been involved with Grand Magister Tom Blackwood since very early in my Satanic journey, and when I was rather disenchanted with Satanism due to finding Joy of Satan a few months prior.

Upon becoming friends with Tom, I found that at the time we agreed on much, and very rarely disagreed. Was this the case on his end? I cannot say. He was anxious to have me in his temple as a reverend due to having several years of ministerial experience I had before becoming a Satanist.

I, being eager to start my own temple project, (I won't release the name at this time due to the risk involved in it being aired before it is set up) was interested in the prospect of being within an already established temple. As I began to enter the temple, Tom stated I was second only to him within the group, and so on. I actually was excited at this, and enjoyed my role vehemotely.

As time wore on things went up and down. Clergy came and went, and "battles" between GM Blackwood and the Brotherhood of Satan himself and the Order of Nine Angles, I also became involved. I started using what he had taught me, as well as my own abilities to "attack" those who did not recognise GM Blackwood as legitimate. This went on for a while and then, as it grew I founded the Satanic Security Agency which Tom was immediately receptive to. It became a fairly good growing group with aims to do more than defend or secure one temple, but that is neither here nor there.

As time wore on, the agency took up more of my time as well as family health problems. I lost a son in November of 2010, and this set me back emotionally for quite a while.

In early 2011, I don't remember the exact month, a member of the SSA and good true d passed away in a tragic accident. His family made it out safely, thank Satan.

Tom called me the morning of his passing and informed me of the accident, and had me call the widow. I talked with her at length about her and the kids and how they sere handling the loss. The day of his passing as hectic for her, so we agreed to talk another day about funeral arrangements.

After a few days, we discussed me coming to their town to perform the funeral. I agreed to it, and she was going to pay for the gas there and back. Despite efforts to state otherwise, no amount was offered at that time, nor requested.

A week or so before the funeral (which I announced on my blog) a couple of clergy ended up having to be removed from the temple at GM Blackwood's request. They were removed and nothing happened right away. Soon after their removal however! They began viciously slandering me online about being abusive and harming my wife, along with supposedly having a large criminal past. Around this time I was unable to reach the widow by phone and the funeral was up in the air. They were also friends with the widow, and GM Blackwood claimed that they might have gotten to the widow with their slander as he called it..

As the day came and went, Tom blew of the funeral incident and life moved on.

In April of 2011, the then membership director, decided to leave the temple politely for her own group she was involved with. This set GM Blackwood into a frenzy and he verbally attacked her and her kids for months. I left GM Blackwood, deslectfully , due to his speech against someone who left his temple a d threats against children.

Upon my leaving, he was cordial at first, until I confronted him about this sort of activity. He then proceeded to lash out against myself, including my wife and children in his campaigns.

Although I have responded on an occasion or two in public, I settled to debate him in public Facebook groups and etc, which he started pulling out of every time I would. He upped his campaign to include fabricated backgrounds and crimes in my background and for his ammunition.

I have tried to remain out of this drama, but end up in it anyway. I have been working on my own projects, and also with others were possible.

I am not a fraudulent person, and nor am I running away with my wife's underage sister. I am just trying to do what I can for a fragmented community.

Respectfully in Satan's Honor..

James L. Nicholson II
11 minutes ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Fraize, if you have no legal permission to speak about what is going on, then why did you post:
"I was then put in contact with the mother of {Gino Vaglivielo's} alleged child .
The things she told me about Rev Gino made me sick .
Under Florida law Gino is not required to pay child support because he is mentally disabled and on s.s.i he has uses this excuse not to pay child support and the result is his daughter being placed in foster care."??

Just which is it? Are you attempting to tell us about a problem, or breaking the law, or what? Since you don't know about US IRS and business law, why do you know about Florida law when you talk about their situation? Since you don't know about US IRS and business law, why do you know about what permission you have to speak about what is going on with them? Just what actual information do you have and why are you recording it here (and then erasing it?) in the manner that you are?
Saturday at 22:47

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I won't talk about people and their lawsuits . I can talk about other stuff . This child support law has been talked about manytimes on blobtard.com so that's where I get that from and also by talking to ginos ex that is not the current legal issue .
Yesterday at 03:32

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: http://www.newson6.com/global/story.asp?s=13167040
Yesterday at 04:31

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: http://docapp8.doc.state.ok.us/servlet/page?_pageid=229&_dad=portal30&_schema=PORTAL30&offender_id=34439&city=Warr+Acres&stateid=30658&county=oklahoma#begin
Yesterday at 04:40

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: All of Roberts statements have been verified and are accurate ...
Yesterday at 04:59 via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize: I never hear any more data from you or others who post this about Daniels regarding the case which is important information some, such as Sin Jones, try to fill in. Partial data slams are suspect, to say the least, and I have never seen your response to my very sincere questions in this case. I had to learn from others (Sin, for example) what the details were in this instance (women's detention facility, a girl over the age of 16, no recall of the attestation about what occurred).

Hale and Daniels were co-founders of Church of IV Majesties. Who founded the Church of Ahriman? When did Hale learn about the fact that Daniels had a record and for what conviction? Was his expulsion of Daniels timed around his learning of it or something else?

Are you aware, also, that this kind of thing is not unique in the course of religions or, in fact, in modern religions such as Satanism?

In the 1960s(?), the Council of Themis, featuring people like Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (when he was Tim Zell I think), Carroll Poke Runyon and others, contained a sex offender who was shielded or concealed to an extent (Jefferson Poland). The council was remiss in its role of protecting children

In the 1980s, the Church of Satan turned on their own when the husband of Elaine Gidney (both were members of the CoS as I understand it) was convicted of child molestation (as I recall) and I think she testified against him. I.e. the Church of Satan was pro-active and ejected the perpetrator. I think that they may have a more friendly relationship with him now that he has served his time, however - something to learn more about if you are alleging that once-convicted-always-a-danger.

In the 1990s, there was a general outrage in usenet when an allegation began to float around (I never found out its basis) that Lord Egan of the First Church of Satan (a.k.a. John Allee) was a member in good standing in NAMBLA. I think he has since explained it as a joke, but the furor was marked.

Also in the 1990s in my local vicinity there was a Neopagan named Dave Levison who was turned in by another Neopagan (veteran) for child molestation (teen girls as I recall) and convicted, went to prison for years. He's out now. There was a great deal of controversy about the case because it polarized those who were outraged by his actions and those who defended him as innocent of the precise charges.

The controversy about this is widespread, and particularly in the non-puritanical, experimental modern religions of religious witchcraft and religious Satanism this is leading to controversy. Daniels' case seems a little cut and dry, but for what people are suited *after* they've served time for such charges is not at all agreed. Certainly Daniels is not suitable for continuing as a prison guard in a women's detention facility. Were there any children in the Church of IV Majesties? In the Church of Ahriman? What was the precise issue raised by Hale? By you? Were they operating a Sunday school? Are churches required to maintain lists of participants who are sex offenders? Schools are protected from such individuals, I know.

What do you think should have been done by Daniels, by Hale, and how do you think that this squares with the law and with Satanic principles? What children (young girls) were involved and in what way, precisely? Who failed to register with whom?
Yesterday at 08:55

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: We should have zero tolerance
Yesterday at 09:08 via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- GM Blackwood, should that zero tolerance also extend to those who use their position in religious organizations to gain sexual favours, leverage intimacy, or generally to exchange sex for participation in that religion with respect to role?
Yesterday at 10:14

DEMENTIA ARMAND: Nice query there!
Yesterday at 11:39

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Adam claims he got arrested for sexual battery because he had a relationship with a female prisoner who he was gaurding at a female prison . That's not a sex crime look up the definition of sexual battery and it will explain what it is
Yesterday at 12:34

Troll Towelhead: ‎- So do you think his claim is false?
Yesterday at 12:35

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Adam did not to my knowladge touch any child he commited sexual battery . Like I said look up the definition. . In my opinion a person like that should not be in a leader position . It is an abuse of power and just like people have the right to think its ok for him to have done what he did I have the right to think that its wrong .
Yesterday at 12:39

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: And your question to tom I can answer and I'm shure he will also it is wrong to require people to sleep with you and or make it mandatory to practice sex magic . But also their is a diference from free will and forcing your willon others . If a magician wants to require sex from members they can say no . If your being sexualy assaulted you have no choice
Yesterday at 12:42

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Yes I would agree that is something I have never (force) participated in or coerced any situation involving Theistic members.
Yesterday at 12:43

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: agreeing that is unacceptable, people will say i did such when i was younger i engaged enough sex not because i was Brad Pitt but made hundreds of thousands a dollars a year and was rather active both with members and non members but never in trade or promise of some spiritual exchange
Yesterday at 12:46

DEMENTIA ARMAND: ‎Pope Robert Fraize, might I suggest you forward whatever screenshots or other information you might have on the cases in question to his email or private message so as not to reveal potentially legally protected information in a public forum? The Troll can decide for himself if the documentation is sufficient to satisfy your claims? I, personally, have not seen these so I cannot do this, but I do believe that Pope has done his research. Hearsay claims vs legal documentation are two totally different things. Just an idea/suggestion from your PR person.
Yesterday at 13:18

DEMENTIA ARMAND: Or if Tom Erik Raspotnik has this documentation?
Yesterday at 13:19

DEMENTIA ARMAND: Oh for the record, I was born October 7 of 1977. My legal name is Rebekah Lynn Johnston. I have nothing to hide.
Yesterday at 13:20

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I will put him in contact with the ex of rev gino
Yesterday at 13:22

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I don't want to speak for her
Yesterday at 13:22

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Go to his offender profile read the definition it is what it is . If that is not enough for you a legal court document with definition of the crime I can't help you understand the issue .
Yesterday at 13:24

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Thanks very much. I'll prefer email and will post whatever I can to this thread.
Yesterday at 16:05

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Tom Erik Raspotnik posted this link:
Yesterday at 18:34

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Remember it's not just for me that I want this information, but to archive and have it in this thread. I'm not interested in some private conversation whereby I learn secret or private details. That's why I have so far primarily focussed on public postings and public records. Thanks for your time.
Yesterday at 18:38

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎"Rev, Gino did take over the Facebook Group and he obtained an EIN# for the Temples of Satan something I also did. IS Rev, Gino the sole owner of the T.O.S ? or does the government allow him, myself and Tom as owners? All an EIN (employer identification number) is is just an id number to do taxes as a business; it does not give you legal rights to own a name or establish an organization. Sin Jones found this out and had Rev. Gino change the name from Temples of Satan to Temples of Satan New Aeon. "
Yesterday at 19:03 · Unlike · 1

MIKE NOXAURA: umm first, i helped you get the EIN, and you got your own churches, not TOS.
Yesterday at 19:03 · Unlike · 2

MIKE NOXAURA: Second, Only on e person as far as eins may have the name in and of itself, which is why tom had to add flagship media to the name
Yesterday at 19:04 · Unlike · 2

MIKE NOXAURA: third, the government DOES determine who is an owner, that IS the point of an EIN and yes, it is soley for tax and business credit purposes. NO ONE may decide who may establish what other than eins and copyright and incorporation, which are regulated and designed to be fair with peoples use of intellectual property.
Yesterday at 19:06 · Unlike · 2

MIKE NOXAURA: Fourth, the legal name of the temples is "temples of satan," the new aeon part was added merely for discernment on facebooks and it was MY idea, thank you.
Yesterday at 19:07

MIKE NOXAURA: side note/ what about your 4-5 meds robert? Have you mentioned that Ginos ex has dis-associative personality disorder with somewhere around 6-12 personalities? I'm not sure how many. Perhaps you ought to consider supporting someone who mocks and attacks the mentally ill and disabled, which would include you my dear boy.All anyone with half a brain has to do is go look through toms blog and cinch.fms to hear his attacks on gays and the disabled. Proof is in the pudding, as gino would say.
Yesterday at 19:12

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: It is no secret that I take Prozac 30 mgs of it a day . I have anxiety disorder . this does not effect How I deal with the public because i can do rock n roll shows infront of 1000 people and I can also do Pro wrestling . for the record My cousin eric is the one and only person who did all the legal work for me to get My church Up and going . Do not take credit for what someone else did . stop lying mike . I have not heard tom bash gay people he says hes not gay . he has talked about gay people but never said it was wrong or they disgusted Him .
Yesterday at 19:27

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: its three pilles a day mike for the record its 10 mgs each
Yesterday at 19:27

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: I do not hate gay people have many members and one clergy i am hetero
Yesterday at 19:31 via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: my medication has nothing to do with the fact gino did not want to step up and be a man to his alleged child . and My medication has nothing to do with the fact Gino's temples of satan new aeon has a convicted sex offender in it . You guys can never change that I got a very clean record . tom's record does not have any sex offenses on it . now if you want to talk about people who are against those with mental issues talk to sin jones . she is all for killing the fetus if it is defected shes also into culling shes talked about this many times . I have not heard tom ever say that he thinks people need to be killed because of mental disorders . keep turning it around Mike everyone is learning the truth about all of this and now you want to get involved . i guess everyone wants their 15 minutes
Yesterday at 19:33

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: proof is all in the pudding Mike if people wish to look in the past
Yesterday at 19:37

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Mike also prove what you said about ginos ex as truth at this point your just making acusations . But we expect that from the temples of satan new aeon I backed up everything I said with facts and evidence
Yesterday at 20:36

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Mike Noxaura: "... Ginos ex has dis-associative personality disorder with somewhere around 6-12 personalities?"

May we presume that you know this and you got the information from somewhere reliable? Did you know that Multiple Personality Disorder, like Recovered Memory Syndrome, is a discredited condition, based on faulting findings? The whole Sybil fiasco was alike to that surrounding Michelle.

I don't really understand the move to 'new aeon' if you had the EIN for the business name. It sounds weak when you have the upper hand legally. I suppose it would then require a lawyer to actually engage the struggle, and cost real money.

What I'm not hearing really is how any of this relates to Satanism or why. Apparently you all are setting restrictions on what should be part of a Satanic church, but I see nobody else doing so, just you. Why NOT have convicted and served their time folks in churches, leading them? They've been rehabilitated, it is said, so no problem.

Does it say this in some Bible you can quote?
20 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize posted this in another thread (please keep it to a single thread, thanks):

20 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- About the above Pope Robert Fraize wrote: "this screen shot was taken right after sin jones began messing with ginos head she admits most things about gino and his past are true" and " i should had listened to my clergy people at that time . they saw right through the issue . thats the thing when you have real witches and occultists working together you have real results."
20 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize posted the following in another thread:

20 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize wrote about the above:
"this is my proof about knowing the church of ahriman was going to attack me and why" and "i want to make a little note here . this was during the time i was being coned by a very good talker sin jones who belongs in sales not in religion . she had me as one of her game pieces . i gained a good friend out of all this and i am grateful for that and got a little learning experience."
20 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- I tried to shift them over, but failed. Please repost the pics to the thread here, thanks.
20 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I can not post photos on this thread fb won't let you do that
17 hours ago

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: Post em in the group?
17 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: i did but he wants it on this post which i cant do i can start a thread with them but thats all
16 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: ‎5 Steps to Registering Your Business

Five Steps to Registering Your Business
Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, these basic steps will help ensure that you have all the necessary licenses, permits and registrations to legally operate.

1. Determine and Register the Legal Structure of Your Business

First, you need to organize your business as a legal entity. There are several options to consider, including a limited liability company, a sole proprietor or a partnership, each of which have different legal, financial and tax considerations. As you review your legal structure options, you’ll need to consider a number of factors, including the level of control you want to have, your business' vulnerability to lawsuits and financing needs. Visit the Incorporating Your Business page to learn more.

Once you have determined a structure, read more about how to register and file paperwork your business with state agencies.

2. Register Your Business Name

If you choose to name your business with a fictitious name or name other than your full name, then you will need to register it with the appropriate state government authorities as a “Doing Business As” name.

Visit the Registering Your Doing Business As Name guide to learn about the requirements in your state.

3. Obtain Your Federal Tax ID

If you have employees or are structured as a business partnership or corporation (and other types of organizations), you’ll need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Employer Tax ID from the IRS for tax reporting purposes. Visit the IRS website to find out if you need an EIN.
16 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: For some reason, people really like my business name. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone and they’ve said “Great name!” followed by “How did you come up with that?”
I wish I could say I came up with it the right way. That I first came up with a naming brief, and then a list of potential names, and then I held focus groups to see how they were perceived, and then, when I finally narrowed it down to a few, I checked to make sure they weren’t yet trademarked.
The truth is I didn’t do any of that. I didn’t exactly pull the name out of thin air, either, but I sure learned a lot about the process through trial and error. Here are my Do’s and Don’ts for naming your business and making sure you own that name.
Don’t think typing random names into your URL bar counts as research for which names are available. I’ll admit I did this, when what I should have been doing was checking the USPTO’s database to make sure the name wasn’t already trademarked. I’ve heard horror stories of people who used a URL and company name for years…only to have someone else send them a cease and desist because they, in fact, owned the trademark.
Do give a lot of thought to who your target audience is and how you want to be perceived. When coming up with my name, I knew I wanted something fun and quirky, because I wanted to work with clients who were looking for that kind of writing style.
Don’t just leave it as a thought: write it down. Come up with a naming brief that takes into account your market, your company’s history and future goals, your competition and how you’d like to stand out from them, and what story you want your name to tell.
Do consider how the name will look in all its forms. Keep in mind that there’s no room for spaces in URLs, or when you scrunch the letters together for a Twitter handle. Sometimes those spaces make all the difference between a great name and an unfortunate one. (For example, I still cringe when I see links to Who Represents: Whorepresents.com.)
Don’t purposely misspell names or get clever with numbers without giving it a lot of thought first. When done wrong, this can cause a lot of miscommunication and confusion. If the name is misspelled in a way that doesn’t stick in a person’s mind, they may have trouble finding your company online or contacting you. And until your brand is established, you might find yourself spelling the name out a lot (“that’s P as in penny, H as in hat, I as is…eye.”).
Do think about how the name will sound out loud. Place yourself in the future, on a very busy day because business is booming. The phone rings and you say “Thank you for calling so-and-so Coffee, how can I help you?” Except you’re kind of in a hurry and it sounds more like “so-so Coffee” so now your clients are thinking of “so-so” as in quality. What if the name ends up sounding more like a tongue-twister? Might not be so good for word of mouth.
Don’t ask friends and family if they like your new business name. Instead, ask them questions that will actually help you, like what the name conveys to them. Not every business has a budget for a focus group, and that’s okay. Instead, check out these tips for DIY-ers from naming expert Nancy Friedman on how to get real, useful feedback on potential names.
16 hours ago

CINCINNATI OH 45999-0023
Date of this notice: 06-25-2012
Employer Identification Number:
Form: SS-4
Number of this notice: CP 575 E
39 FREEMAN ST 2 FLR For assistance you may call us at:
HAVERHILL, MA 01832 1-800-829-4933
Thank you for applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). We assigned you
EIN 45-5554769. This EIN will identify you, your business accounts, tax returns, and
documents, even if you have no employees. Please keep this notice in your permanent
When filing tax documents, payments, and related correspondence, it is very important
that you use your EIN and complete name and address exactly as shown above. Any variation
may cause a delay in processing, result in incorrect information in your account, or even
cause you to be assigned more than one EIN. If the information is not correct as shown
above, please make the correction using the attached tear off stub and return it to us.
Assigning an EIN does not grant tax-exempt status to non-profit organizations.
Publication 557, Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization, has details on the
application process, as well as information on returns you may need to file. To apply
for formal recognition of tax-exempt status, most organizations will need to complete
either Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of
the Internal Revenue Code, or Form 1024, Application for Recognition of Exemption
Under Section 501(a). Submit the completed form, all applicable attachments, and the
required user fee to:
Internal Revenue Service
PO Box 12192
Covington, KY 41012-0192
The Pension Protection Act of 2006 contains numerous changes to the tax law
provisions affecting tax-exempt organizations, including an annual electronic
notification requirement (Form 990-N) for organizations not required to file an annual
information return (Form 990 or Form 990-EZ). Additionally, if you are required to
file an annual information return, you may be required to file it electronically.
Please refer to the Charities & Non-Profits page at www.irs.gov for the most current
information on your filing requirements and on provisions of the Pension Protection
Act of 2006 that may affect you.
To obtain tax forms and publications, including those referenced in this notice,
visit our Web site at www.irs.gov. If you do not have access to the Internet, call
1-800-829-3676 (TTY/TDD 1-800-829-4059) or visit your local IRS office.
16 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: so i got an ein for temples of satan new aeon . alright what does this prove ?
16 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: proof is in the pudding .
16 hours ago

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: It really proves nothing... you now own the name Temples of Satan New Aeon. So, legally no one else can use it as their legal name.

This was all started because GM Blackwood claimed for years his temple was federally registered and etc. This was found false, and the name was made legal by someone else.

The whole issue was brought up to expose the issue with donating to a temple that did not federally exist.

Filing these things is not a way to get an upper hand but to legitimize something the way it should be.

Just my thought on the subject... why not take the time to work on growing and nurturing our own Temples and groups... rather than trying to pull everyone else's down? If someone is doing something illegal or extremely wrong, expose it and make a stand against it... then move on.

The effort, or struggle as The Grand Mufti called it, against Tom Blackwood seems to be a way to expose the issues that make his work unreliable or a problem. For Yeats, people have offered criticism, and he has lashed out against them in personal attacks and smear campaigns. Has some of them had truth within them? I would suppose so, as evident in the Adam Daniels issue... however, his slanderous remarks against "hillbillies" and other slurs when referencing people like the ICP church, or even the Brotherhood of Satan are well documented. His slurs against those with mental disabilities are well documented in his attacks on my own wife and children.

The point is, and Pope Fraize seems to be forgetting this, is that GM Blackwood does not debate issues or beliefs, nor does he discuss groups and their ideology. He finds or fabricates personal issues that make a person seem retarded or unfit, and then bashes them with it.

Since i left his group, I spent my time trying to debate issues with him, or theology. This never worked and he would resort to name calling and insulting my family.

Perhaps Pope Fraize has forgotten the smears used on him before he joined forces with GM Blackwood.

This however is a non-issue. What Tom believes and wishes to accomplish by way of his temple and etc is personally not a concern of mine. He is free to do as he wishes.. however the only time I will personally have an issue with it is when he practices fraudulent advertising, false rankings, slander and libel, and totalitarianism.

Other than that, he is just another Satanic leader of another Satanic group.

Technically, by giving him negative press, all it does is give him "free" advertisement. Personally I believe in exposing the truth, factually of course.

So, in regards to the fact that GM Blackwood is not doing much by way of discussing these issues, I would guess that Pope Fraize is now Tom's mouthpiece, much like I was at one point.

This topic has gone far beyond what the Grand Mufti seemed to be implying, unless I misunderstood his original post.
15 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: ir proves allot of things . so your saying gino does not own the temples of satan like he said in that video when he got the ein for it ? mike was talking about eins and all that so i thought I would get the ein .he just said they would not issue it to more then one person well i got owner ship of this then right by his definition ? or is he wrong ?
15 hours ago

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: Pope Fraize.. Mike stated that the name Temples of Satan is the legal name of the temple that Rev. Gino owns, the name you registered was merely the pseudonym they were using to distinguish it from GM Black woods unregistered name. You misunderstood the point that was made. Mike was saying one cannot register an side tidal name. You registered a different name than Rev. Gino.. so it proves nothing.

You are upset about being bashed by one or two people for a couple months? Try being targeted and slandered for years by someone... That is what Tom has been doing and remains active doing. I mentioned the mouthpiece issue, because you are making all of the statements and GM Blackwood is just agreeing with you when necessary. He did his with me as well.

From my understanding, people are only using the actions you perpetrated by joining up with Tom and then joining in on his smear campaign.

I personally have no problem with you, save for the statements you have made to echo Tom or slander myself. Your groups, and your beliefs are yours and you have the right to them.. that is not the issue, although it seems that such things are mentioned as a way to attack both the individual and their efforts.
15 hours ago via Mobile

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: Shod have said one could not register an identical name.. auto correct sucks.
15 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I will have that ein for temples of Satan tomorrow i am allowed one a day . and when i do file it and have it what will that prove ? . so right now i can ask gino not to use temples of satan new aeon ? is this what your saying ?
15 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: i can employ him if i want . hey does anyone want a job ?
15 hours ago

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: The name" New Aeon" is being used as a descriptive... the name "Temples of Satan" is the legal name. Technically Tom cannot use it as a legal name anymore.

Jessica - Tom has thrown more people under the bus than anyone else in this group. His actions far predate any against myself, and anything Pope Fraize has ever sent with. It is a historical fact. The action of teaming up with Tom is the only Contention that others have with Pope Fraize, I only have issue with his actions regarding myself. Personal attacks without any shred of evidence is wrong, and something that people have been pointing out about Blackwood for years.. so, what has been being said about Pope Fraize is merely in regards to his own actions.
14 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Jake I dont care about these people . I only care about facts . and like i said when i get the ein for temples of satan and i think i will then everyone can stop with this ownership of the name . ein and trade mark is not the same thing .
14 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: i already talked on the phone to the irs and they said i will have this tomorrow legally . and what does it prove ? that people have been lying about being the owner
14 hours ago

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: Its basically a shit throwing party??!!...i tend to try to stay out of things but alot of bull shit is being said about my husband!..so I had it... I think people forget I live with him I mean I seen everything from the "kill tom" crusade from the truce and even up until now...so yea its get a headache on my end because its pointless people need to put their big adult pants on and shut up!...you dont like someone...then ignore them...you have nothing nice to say dont say it at all..right?
14 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: As always Jake Nicholson enters his no logic try to appeal to people to rebel against friendships "typical Jake" and Jessica Carotenuti has a point here... I provided evidence to the EIN I own which has always been the Temples of Satan like I say I own the D.B.A. on it as well so I guess I could bitch too, maybe we should make sure we show you some more arrows Jake that way we can prove the throne of Sin is corrupted with misinformation and misdirection both logic that people are seeing straight through and we got more arrows lets examine another example of misdirection with the following posting with a URL unless Ron French removed it he claims he is 501 3 C yet asks for donations to do such where I assumed my Clergy did such papers then retracted the statement and apologized for the error, misdirection Jake the weapons that are used when you make attempts to ride coattails.
14 hours ago

DEMENTIA ARMAND: On this one I agree with Pope. Sign it over to Tom. Temples of Satan is his deal, we should have nothing to do with it. We must withdraw from this debate, sooner, rather than later, if we are not be dragged down into the muck. Please? Just sign that part over to Tom and get out of it. We have our own church to look after and care for and grow. That has nothing to do with ToS.
13 hours ago · Edited

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I am giving this to tom that was the plan . I am proving a point with the eins I have no plans to use them but I can sign them to someone else and tom will be the official holder of this
13 hours ago

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: I am not using any misdirected logic, nor anything of the sort Tom... I am not involved with the TOSNA nor anything else of such. I was just offering an opinion.

I have stated that I am not concerned with Tom's work, or anyone else for that matter. I work on my own projects.

I have stated the only issues I have, and that should be remembered as such. I only have issue with actions and issues.
13 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Jessica Carotenuti: I think you have it precisely right: a shit-throwing public bid for attention. I said as much at the outset, and the measure of its value is how much it produces that is of interest long term or to those not involved in it.

- Let me see if I can reconstruct what is being described as the facts in this chronology:

1) GM Blackwood now claims that some underlings of his told him that they were filing for and had received the 501(c)3 status with the US govt(IRS) and that once this became apparent to him, he publically apologized.

Allow me to respond by stating that I *NEVER* received an apology for bringing it to your attention. You directed Jake Nicholson, who was your underling at the time, to eject Michelle Lawson/RevKeona (apparently now departed from this forum in the wake of Sin Jones' departure, they've had their say; but Rev Keona said little about her involvement - she told me that she was tight with GM Blackwood, had him wrapped around her little finger, probably blustering without substance, no idea why she was ejected) and me (no explanation). I don't know where you apologized for your error or when you discovered the problem, but I know that I was one of those who brought it to your attention, for which I was displaced out of your world. It was quite suspicious at the time - I'd taken the time to go look at the govt. records to see what your religious org was called and how it was characterized and discovered it wasn't there.

2) I gather that Revgino has registered "Temples of Satan" and did this because, like me, he had the impression that what GM Blackwood is now calling a mistaken impression by him was a deception ploy, effectively beating GM Blackwood to the registration in the same way that John Allee beat the Church of Satan to the registration of the domain "churchofsatan.org" such that the CoS used "churchofsatan.com". For some odd reason, Revgino and Sin Jones decided to use "New Aeon" after "Temples of Satan" in their expressions in public rather than to struggle directly, which is my recall of what others (Jake Nicholson?) did previously.

3) I gather that Pope Robert Fraize has now registered "Temples of Satan New Aeon" in retaliation, hoping that this will be a proper 'tit for tat' response.

Why any of these will matter when, to my knowledge, you can vary your presentation as long as you have people writing checks to the registered business name, is beyond me.

In no case are any EINs being related to a 501(c)3 status, which is a much longer process to endure and what it appears that GM Blackwood still has not achieved (nor have any others - meaning that these aren't churches by the sights of the IRS).
13 hours ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: IRS does nit require a 501 to be a church it relates only to non profits icome can be 1099
13 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Tom Erik Raspotnik, understood. My comment was only about what the IRS regards as a church in terms of the 501(c)3. Could you address the issue of why it was that I was removed from your forum after pointing out that your 501(c)3 didn't exist, and why you never explained to me in any case about the incident any time thereafter that I contacted you? I've been curious, since I've made several friendly gestures even while we've been arguing different positions in public. :)
13 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize wrote:
"i already talked on the phone to the irs and they said i will {own "Temples of Satan New Aeon" as an EIN} tomorrow legally . and what does it prove ? that people have been lying about being the owner"

Jake Nicholson already explained that it merely meant that for legal purposes there were restrictions because the EIN territory (not the 501(c)3), which was the original contention) had been secured by Revgino for "Temples of Satan" and then by you for "Temples of Satan New Aeon". As far as I know there's little to now restriction that will be exercised (you'd have to take it to court) about discerning between the two in public discourse, you can call yourself whatever you want and this was the interest by Temples of Satan New Aeon, playfully separating themselves from you in the public inind while being able to claim that you had no EIN with the name (legal standing).

You also wrote:
"I am giving this to tom that was the plan . I am proving a point with the eins I have no plans to use them but I can sign them to someone else and tom will be the official holder of this"

So the US Govt has made a few bucks and you have assisted Tom in his tit for tat game with Revgino (a former subordinate) and Sin Jones (an adversary in Satanic struggling) and Reverend French (a competitor, apparently).
12 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Now that I have provided all factual evidence and legal documents I leave this debate I will be updating every one with the temples of satan ein then I'm done with this topic
12 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I am glad to have helped entertain people . But I got to focus my time to personal projects church of leviathan . Flagship radio . And music projects .
12 hours ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Thanks i am far too busy myself to keep teaching business to jake sin or gino thanks for the fun
12 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I did not have to pay anything for this service .
As for the tit and tat game rev gino began all this when he got an ein for the temples of satan and sin jones along with mike got him to do it . So are they tit taging also ¿

Like I have said they began the game I chose to play it .
12 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- To be fair, I think the struggle (to characterize it as a game is to attempt to distance it from its origins) began with the fight that occurred between Tom and Reverend Gino. This was explained in the above. Thanks for your mention of a lack of monetary outlay. I'd forgotten that with all the other bureaucratic stuff that was part of setting up church/nonprofit which I've done long before you.

Thank you for your posting here. I understand you wanted to represent your side of the contentions and feel that you have done that, so will terminate your visit to Satanity in many cases, just as Sin Jones and her friends did previous.

My understanding is that this is all part of the online struggle display, that you follow one another around online where you do not control the venues and issue your mutually-sniping opinions as part of your struggle for attention. I am not yet seeing what it does for anyone, but will continue to watch for substance and long-term value.
12 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I did not say I wanted to leave just not keep posting about this
11 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: The orions started with sin jones and tom . Not tom and gino gino got put into the game by sin .
11 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Oh, well yes, that's pushing it back before the acquisition of the EIN, and insultingly attributing a lack of motivating initiative by Revgino (i.e. that he was a 'puppet' of Sin, which is one of Tom's (and yours?) contentions about her).

What neither you nor GM Blackwood/Tom are in any way addressing within this thread is the track record that GM Blackwood has in repeatedly engaging these kinds of struggles with people in public. I've been tracking it for years through usenet (like with Kori, or Venus), in various media, and it didn't start with Sin Jones, trust me. She just responded to Tom's barbed and smearing assertions.

GM Blackwood has contended with various portions of the Satanist milieu and with Neopagans and many other religious targets for years. Why he does this is not accounted for by you or him, and you are identifying those with whom GM Blackwood struggles as for some reason responsible for the ongoing manifestation of it. That's not just inaccurate, it fits you as a dupe of his - something you may wish to become aware of, as a leader in Satanism. You've been embroiled in controversies before, such as by your association with whoever PriestAnathema is (we have not been provided with his streetname to my knowledge though he is a friend of yours). Dementia Armand extracted the remnants of that struggle you surreptitiously engaged from your Facebook participation, but it does disclose your history of doing similar things to GM Blackwood or being the dupe of others who do.

People are now even beginning to complain to you more vociferously that your involvement with GM Blackwood is complicating to your projects with them. It serves some Satanic purpose, for drama, and fighting or something, I gather. Why did GM Blackwood put up (very silly!) 'hit videos' on Sin Jones and Venus Satanas (A.K.A. Melissa Hudson), for example? Do you know about these childish 'fart and self-mocking' productions? Are you familiar with the complete spectrum of juvenile smear that GM Blackwood is putting out into the public? Are you sure you want to be associated with that, and as Pope of the CoL, have that church associated withi t? I gather from your Grand Abbess and Public Relations Officer that it is NOT desired, and you are being asked to drop it, but I'll watch and see.

Your restrictive and myopic focus ignores that there have been a successive number of people in your position as subordinate or ally with Grand Master Blackwood, and that he is engaged in a long-term struggling trajectory of which you are only a late-comer. I've been documenting this for years, inclusive his posting to usenet and his various sonic output where he slams people, calls them names, and generally marrs his own image without intending to do so. Sin Jones and others are attempting to draw attention to this for their own reasons (maybe, like I said, because they think it serves them well - expect them to stop any time soon).

Thanks for your time here. I hope it produces something you find valuable long-term.
10 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I have the ein number for temples of satan I'm on my phone so I can post just the number right now . Proof anyone can file for an ein under any name .455559906
10 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I seen all videos tom has made . I also do not care what people think of my friendship with tom he's myfriend and if that is wrong then. Why is it not wrong for people to be friends with sexoffenders ? Some people might like the fact I'm friends with tom some don't . I don't care I did not become a leader for popularity for the 25 people if its that many who don't like me or the col I got hundereds more who do and I focus on them .
10 hours ago

GORDON CAIRNS: Keep your head up Pope!
10 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Pope Robert Fraize: I think you're shifting the standards a bit there. First you (and GM Blackwood) talked about not having sex offenders (and there was discussino about the details of law there too) as leaders or part of a Satanist group, at which point it would be pertinent to have a description of what you think are the standards for Satanists, religious groups, or whatever, that fits with your morals. Now you're talking about *being friends* with sex offenders. Also, I'm not sure how that relates to your relationship to GM Blackwood and how you may be duped into thinking that what is recent is somehow unique and started by others with whom GM Blackwood has become a contender as part of a very long series of combatants/targets.

If you've seen all the videos that he has made, then you can address what you thought of his childish targetting of Sin Jones and Venus Satanas. You're avoiding a great many of my questions here, from what I can see, and not addressing my pertinent points. It's a tactic which GM Blackwood engages also, and was pointed out by Sin Jones previously.
10 hours ago · Edited

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: Again not like others havent done this either? Have you seen the infamous "blobtard" site? .....Hmm?
10 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Jessica Carotenuti: I think I've commented extensively on the issue of 'what has gone before' in this thread, yes. I have mostly ignored the site you are talking about, and I don't think it is "infamous", I think it is juvenile and a waste of everybody's time and energies. Pretending like that was the beginning of Satanic struggles, smear campaigns by Satanists, or, more pertinently for this thread, the public character assassinations involving GM Blackwood would be a severe perturbation of the facts.
10 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I said I saw the videos what do you want me to do give you a review on all them what what I rate them as ? It is your own personal perception that sees them as childish . I see them as entertainment if your talking about the sin jones venus videos . He's made other videos edjucational ones that are very serious . He's got his own sense of humor you may not like it and you don't need to .
10 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I am saying people want to be friends with sexoffenders jake gino sin and ron french are friends with adam . People feel that's ok .
10 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Thank you for that reflection on them. Since you regard them as humour and think that they're funny, you will of course not be concerned about being associated with them. Much obliged for your response.
10 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Now the issue is whether to be *friends* with sex offenders. Ok. What's wrong with that and why shouldn't Satanists be friends with them?
10 hours ago

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: Its also a facebook page? Look it up...its been pin pointing everyone involved in this conflict...and her commentary on the subject which is usually demeaning to the people she spot lights on it ...and as well as videos and pictures as well...again no one is no better!...
10 hours ago via Mobile

GORDON CAIRNS: Whats wrong with Satanists being friends with sex offenders? Its against most of the laws we have as Satanists, not only that but what makes us decent human beings!
10 hours ago via Mobile

{NOTE: subsequent discussion about the motivations and ethics for Satanists shifted to another thread. - Troll}

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Jessica, No thanks. I'll just pay attention to this thread if I want to see more. I don't find it valuable and think it is a waste of everyone's time, including yours. Why you bother to take it at all seriously, why you think it worthy of defense that your husband and Pope wants to associate with what appears to have been initiated by GM Blackwood in a series of public juvenile antics is not something that I understand. I haven't heard from you or from Pope Robert Fraize a coherent explanation about why it isn't deliterious for all concerned except those who seek to derive attention from the morass.
10 hours ago · Edited

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Gordon, what laws are those? I didn't know we had laws as Satanists. Please elaborate. Where are these laws specified, who enforces them, and who instituted them for all Satanists? Thanks.
10 hours ago

GORDON CAIRNS: Ok, you might not live by any laws, I do, Laws or commandments, for example the laws in LaVeys Satanic Bible, and ive structured laws similar to the laws in the ten commandments. I also live by
9 hours ago via Mobile

GORDON CAIRNS: The book of the law and Liber Oz.
9 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Do all the Satanists in your church and your Pope also believe in these things? Are you explaining their positions (about having friends who are sex offenders) by this contention? Seems strange. I'd say that a reference to the Thelemic scriptures is even more weird for Satanists.
9 hours ago · Edited

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: I could give two shits my self but just saying ...this is how they are playing the game so to speak.... So no one is any better and thats the only thing iam pointing out...o and that fact that pope had written out an apology letter ..and basically was leaving things alone!..but they wouldnt leave him alone....but thats ok right?. After awhile it gets annoying?!
9 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Videos i have posted are responses for ad hominum attacks and while crying wolf i exposed the fakes as a great satanist would i am not about opinions of mass because atheists are not satanists ....
9 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: I am not crying
9 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Circle jerking topics on different sects is not working
9 hours ago via Mobile

GORDON CAIRNS: Im a Luciferian Thelemite, but I live by the Satanist laws written by LeVay, if you choose to see this as strange that's your choice, I only speak for myself not the Church of Leviathan.
9 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Re laws of satanism applied by leaders i do not feel Crowley applies to Satanism at least our sect
9 hours ago via Mobile

GORDON CAIRNS: I was talking from a thelemite point of veiw!
9 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Jessica, re: "fact that pope had written out an apology letter ..and basically was leaving things alone!..but they wouldnt leave him alone....but thats ok right?. After awhile it gets annoying?!"

I think you don't understand the dynamics if you think that someone who is part of these public displays issuing an apology is going to for some reason cause it to stop. That's incredibly unrealistic. It's just another dramatic episode from which to launch on still more character smears. The argument "They did that! I *had* to respond!" perpetuates exactly the kinds of idiocy we are seeing, and by such standards as are exercised by GM Blackwood, justifies all manner of incivility in tit-for-tat responses.

I *can* say it does appear to be justified by "Lex Talionis" as Anton LaVey seems to have wanted it. I don't know if his 11 Rules of the Earth applies here to remedy the feuds.
9 hours ago

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: People need to get along or leave each other alone!...plain and simple!
9 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I am a theistic satanist . The church of leviathan is theistic in nature although we are not all satanists we provide a service for everyone on various theistic religions . The satanic laws I live by where not writen by lavey .
Satan is a deity who wishes us to have individual freedom . When a person attacks another person sexualy they take away that persons freedom so they had broke a law of satan . This whole pile of crap people saying don't fallow laws and man made reality are only making their own cult structure to fit their needs and leavs anything open . This is unaceptable
8 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Again on the topic of toms videos where he exposes people I want to add while they are entertaining allot of them do have facts in them and it seems to me sin jones has been imitating his style of video making and calling it satire . She often says comedy is the best way to deal with some people. So why is it ok for her to do it and not tom ? Why call him childish and not her? Is it because tom is not playing victim ?
8 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎Satanist Grand Mufti, i merely echoed, as Pope has been doing, for which i apologize. My irritation with the situation is that this interesting young ladies hearsay is exactly what's being used and inflated to attack gino. As far as i'm concerned, the whole matter has absolutely nothing to do with Satanism.
6 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎"What I'm not hearing really is how any of this relates to Satanism or why." it relates only to particular egos and a bitter, grade school like feud. It's only an example of people allowing themselves to be distracted from what they should be doing. "Apparently you all are setting restrictions on what should be part of a Satanic church, but I see nobody else doing so, just you." Actually, we only have the restriction of disclosing the truth about yourself. Last i looked, we have no limits. Your life, as long as your honest if asked, is your business. "Why NOT have convicted and served their time folks in churches, leading them? They've been rehabilitated, it is said, so no problem." I have no problem with anyone's past, as long as they are obeying the law.
6 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: ‎Satanist Grand Mufti. to be blunt, most of the supposed attacks on our end did not occur. they are figments, whereas you can listen to the other sides blogs and see for yourself. Now that i've been forced up into part of the leadership here, i've counseled everyone to do the wise thing and just ignore the crap, or gather what there is for a slander court case. If you want to judge this ends credibility, go look at out youtube channel under http://www.youtube.com/user/TOSNewAeon
6 hours ago

MIKE NOXAURA: Better yet,check here for these "atatcks. Show me one that is anything like we have endured. www.lifeofgino.wordpress.com/
6 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: I'd rather you didn't continue to provide 'knock this off my shoulder' challenges for someone to show that it is incendiary. I think nobody is going to do it and I'll wind up erasing it from the thread like I did to a number of Sin Jones' links which just advertized her stuff. I don't mind if you want to advertize, just let's do it in a thread dedicated to your projects please. ;)
5 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: I do have an ein for temples of satan now .
4 hours ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: As does me and Gino proof its only a number not a church permit lol
4 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: That's right that's the point I was making
4 hours ago

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: The issue seems to be being skirted totally.

It is not an issue of E.I.N numbers or who can one up another, the issue has been the claims that have been made for years and the slanderous attacks perpetrated by GM Blackwood.

Perhaps that will always be his style, and he will never restrain himself from personal attacks or such actions. That is of course his choice, albeit an incendiary one at least.

Does this give the rest of the community license to commit the same offenses? No - however we do have a right to expose the truth. I always attempt to not be guilty of childish idiocy, although I do end up in it on occasion.

The statement about sex offenders is a little irksome... I am not personally friends with nor involved in anything with any registered sex offenders. Adam Daniels is not someone I work with or have communicated with in any fashion. I don't know any off hand and don't believe in hearsay either. There is only one person Tom has labeled as such that turned out to be one... and that is Daniels.

If an offender (any criminal act will do for this example) can serve their time and then follow the law, they should be allowed within any temple they choose, as that is what a temple is there for. To help others achieve their spiritual or personal path. Should a sex offender that raped a 3 year old child be allowed to function within temple leadership? I would personally say no - however Daniels case information that Pope Fraize posted listed his crime as with an adult, and he is level one, non habitual. This is an example of someone who can be rehabilitated.. there are those who cannot be, and those who's crimes were much more heinous... these people should be kept out of leadership, and away from children ... but not barred from learning the path. That is unethical - much like Tom or any other ordained minister releasing any personal information.. People wish to discuss legality, it is illegal for a priest to break confidentiality...

The issue is not the tit for tat .
2 hours ago via Mobile

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: But rather the shear amount of negativity that is permeating our community. So.e is expected of course, but most from people like GM Blackwood is out right false.

As I said though, it is not to say he has not been wrongly attacked, however when people attempt to debate him and he changes it into a giant pissing contest, people tend to lose their cool... not everyone can stay as calm as me (well, most of the time).
2 hours ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=468210463206824
37 minutes ago

Troll Towelhead: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=468210549873482
23 minutes ago · Edited

Troll Towelhead: Re these two photos (now in our photos cache), Mike Noxaura has said:
"hmmm all i see here is someone being paranoid, personally. All it proves is what Robert said, not why he said it or whether it's true.

"listen, let me be abundantly clear. Proof means something from cops, an actual email to robert being mean, a licensed pyschiatrists correspondence that can be corroborated, a lawyers sealed writ or court documents. Anything else is just junk."
33 minutes ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- And
Mike Noxaura:
"this is about as much proof as me trying to claim tom is a megalomaniac or robert gay. I couldn't prove those as i am no psychiatrist and certainly have no interest in someones sex life. Assumption, hearsay, and psychic "visions" are not concrete proof. they are at best questionable and more likely delusional. I personally have no qualm with robert, i thought he was a decent guy, i have never slammed him and never will. I have no beef with tom other than lying like a rug."
31 minutes ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- And here's another screenshot that Jake Nicholson contributed, about which he can comment:
27 minutes ago

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: This was a screen shot of a comment Tom had made on a picture of my youngest son..
24 minutes ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: Now, Jessica, what was the point of contributing these screenshots, and was the one I thought was private from a zone that most people cannot reach? If so, should it be erased? Please explain yourself. I have only just read them. What do you think that they show, other than contributing more fuel to feud? Thanks.
16 minutes ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: I could personally care less i provided enough evidence to any claims but no one here can try me...most of my claims are verified via sources close to the exposed...this is not a forum of court and I could care less about Jakes whinning he did a great disservice to a fallen Satanist lies about such and stalks the widow he is no better than Gino or Adam ...
8 minutes ago via Mobile

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Trying? I think nobody is doing that. What was just posted to which you were responding somewhat defensively was just a sample of how you belittle and badger people, and I'd think you'd either state that you do that and own up to it or state that someone forged that image that Jake has provided.

I've asked you to explain yourself and your behaviours through the years several times in this thread and you repeatedly fail to respond. I have no idea why you persist with your choices, and in part I'm trying to learn what you get out of it. Is feuding and struggling with people, calling them names, smearing their reputations and lying or exposing truths about them somehow enjoyable to you? Do you get pleasure from engaging it? Else why do you keep it up? You're the longstanding promoter of it.
4 minutes ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Elaboration on my 501 3 c was not filed correctly by clergy or board so understanding it was not required i abandoned it but made the anoouncement already assumption that it was complete after submission of by laws...
12 minutes ago via Mobile

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: I am not whining, merely presenting evidence Tom.

You know I did not stalk the widow, and tried to merely talk with her. She stated she wanted to meet with me, but the reversed herself after taking to you. The evidence was her telling me to send items I had made for Matt sent to your house, which I would not do due to my no longer trusting you.

I am not a sex offender and Pope Fraize blatantly lied about me regarding the full real as I said nothing as his claims to him.

You forget Tom, I do not whine nor do I resort to name calling and threats. I debate issues with available information and as much evidence I can use on hand to back it up. I have not changed that throughout our falling out...

Your cinch contains slurs against my wife and children, whom are inconsequential to anything you may or may not do within Satanism.

Gino, for example, has had no evidence presented against him, and none has ever been presented against myself. Yet you claimed in voice blogs as recent as 15 hours ago or so that you have backed everything you have said about people with evidence. I would love to see the evidence you have against me, and anyone else for that matter, lest it be labeled as hearsay.

Remember Grand Magister, I debate issues and items, not personal attacks. Do I mess up from time to time, of course.. I am only human.
10 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: And her word is you stalked her end of story...and Gino stalked a 14 year old and you whine you fail debates...
10 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: you can cover your ass all you wish we already exposed you
10 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: and Mufi i posted a comment in response to kind this propogation that i slander people is false i expose then for what they are i have fabricated nothing to my knowledge end of story ..
10 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Jake I did not lie unless your calling your wife who is my source a liar
6 hours ago

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: Now I can't speak for mike but I'm not a homosexual and if I where id be open about it . This thing about guys calling me gay is just them having sexual thoughts about me . Mike you would not be my type
5 hours ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: But Mike Grace admitted to me he is bi sexual so perhaps he wishes you were Robert
2 hours ago via Mobile

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: Pope - my wife was honest with you, however you were the one who spun what happened. I know what she told you, and to be honest, as a priest you should have not said anything. This is not a fabrication but the truth. Your statements were false, and when she heard about them she said that it was funny that I had said you were a good guy who could be trusted.

Tom - I have all of the messages between myself and the widow, and they show no effort to stalk but rather atone. She said to basically "kiss off" after saying the exact opposite, and I did.

So to Pope Fraize and GM Blackwood, I say, there is no evidence to back up what you are implying, and yet I have evidence as to mine.

I have not lost a debate to you Tom, as I recall you leaving every group that I have debated you in. You do not stay attuned to the issues or subject, and run to personal attacks which bear no proof.

I am not trying to pick a fight, and just explaining what has happened.
2 hours ago via Mobile

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: prove what i had said was false
2 hours ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- Below please find the graphic that James Nicholson II posted and much of the subsequent conversation about it that transpired.

Please remember to conduct yourself like mature adults, and particularly that:

1) we are limiting this Feud coverage to a single thread (contact me if you need a photo entered into the photo files here at Satanity to add it like have been doing to the thread in question),

2) it would be helpful if you kept to a single thread of criticism and response, rather than straying all over the place and dishing out hearsay and then backing off on it or distracting by talking about others in order to avoid responding to direct questions,

3) posturing or divergence into self-promotion without relation to the feud itself will be deleted as will personal slams.

4) do NOT treat this group as a substitute for a chat, rapidly posting things about what you are doing at the moment and cluttering up the group with your chit-chat like you have to inform people that you're getting the phone or must depart for a period or forever; use the group CHAT for that kind of discussion.

James L Nicholson II:
Pope Fraize - here is your lie - as nothing of this sort was said at any point.


Pope Robert Fraize: i was talking about gino and what his ex told me

Pope Robert Fraize: jess posted already a screen shot where sin admits the things tom said about ginos fam are true . so is she a liar ?

James L Nicholson II: The arrow was not placed by me.. read the part in reference to myself. Do not use the arrow as or the reference to Gino as a distraction please.

Pope Robert Fraize: jake you did have a relationship with your wives sister did you not ? was she not under the age of 18?

James L Nicholson II: Did I have a relationship? Sadly yes a short and uneventful one. She was not under the age of 18 and you did not hear such smutt from anyone other than GM Blackwood. There is no way around the fact you opened the subject, with flawed information, or even half truths and then twisted them under the puppeteering of GM Blackwood.

The other point is, something was said to you,. And you as a priest had no right repeating it. That is unethical and shows that you cannot be trusted sir.

Jessica Carotenuti: Well *jake* is that not a public thread on someones wall? So what would be the point? At this point people you run with I wouldnt trust them as well??? Anyones that friends of whoever seen it right??

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: proof is coming jake not from me or tom
47 minutes ago

James L Nicholson II: ...the information was given to Pope Fraize via private message, he posted this publicly. That is a breach of trust Jessica, and against ethics involving priests. This is an inescapable fact.

Jessica Carotenuti: Is there not a like button under those comments? Which means it is a thread? Right?

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: glad to see your talking about ethics . some people might want to talk about your ethics .

James L Nicholson II: Ethics regarding priestly duties.. moral actions are one thing and I admitted what I did was wrong. Priestly ethics are a separate issue.

Pope Robert Fraize: that convo did not come from a private thread either .

RevTabitha Nicholson: Yes... James Nicholson dated my little sister.. She had just turned 18.. Pope misread, or misunderstood it....

Pope Robert Fraize: i cant help if people make things public . when it becomes public it is not private

Pope Robert Fraize: so barely legal . right is still legal or where you married at the time ?

JAMES L. NICHOLSON II: Pope- what she said to you was in private. You made it public which is something you could have helped.
31 minutes ago via Mobile

Pope Robert Fraize: i do not recall if it was private when she told me . some one else had told me this too ....

James L Nicholson II: I admitted what I did was wrong... morally wrong for sure. I should have never made plans to leave my wife, especially with her sister. That was wrong on my part and I am attempting to make up for what I did wrong.

It is not something I have ever done in the past, nor would I ever wish to do it again. I believed the lies of someone else and made the biggest mistake in my life. That is for sure.

And what I posted was after she talked to him in private, Jessica.

REVTABITHA NICHOLSON: James you clearly admitted to my siser and myself that you liked her the 1st time you saw her (she was 13)... You have always looked at her ass etc... Gross... A child molester that has not acted on it yet... My family and many other people look at that as a child molester.... Make matters worse you told my sister you use to get off thinking about her (under age) you admitted it to me then deny it.. (more lies from you) now lets add in more... How old was you gf before me? 13-14 and you were almost 19. Now lets add in how I had to finish your school work when u were 19 other wise u would of never finished, just like if it was not for me u would be droped from collage already.. Please jake stop telling me what not to say on here... Should I saw more facts about you? Have you even told anybody how u deleted your fb and everything else when I msg pope n Tom? Im truly ashamed to be known as your wife... Im not even with you.. So u want more facts about you on here james?

Temples Feuds
by: Satanist Grand Mufti
16 minutes ago ·

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: so Ok as a priest i was un ethical . now this guy well we see what he is . id rather be unethical then what he is .
9 minutes ago

Troll Towelhead: ‎- What I read in the preceding morass is that 'potential pedophilia' (based on teen love and attraction without acting on this) is what some of the Satanists in this thread think *constitutes* immoral behaviour (reminds me of Jimmy Carter and 'lust in the heart').

It means little in terms of addressing the repeated feuding posts issued by GM Blackwood, Pope Fraize, Sin Jones, Revgino, Reverend French, and others who have a vested interest in drawing attention to themselves and their dramatic festival by character assassination, innuendo, slander, and exaggeration of the facts (as many have attempted here, but when it comes right down to it they admit that they're not talking about anything other than someone compromising their own personal boundaries).

Arguably kids between 12 and 24 may be expected to make mistakes, commit personal and social transgressions, and possibly later regret them. Is this what you call 'qualification for not being in Satanic groups any longer'? Are you so puritanical and repressed that you think people who have qualms, struggle in relationships, and have natural urges and interests are 'not really Satanists' along ideals that resemble Christian scruples?

Much of this is a distraction away from the issues already raised in this thread about the continuing personal slam-campaign being waged by GM Blackwood and his friends, and that it continues here isn't really a demonstration that it is either warranted or is worth the time and interest. "They said mean things about me" does, amongst some Satanists, justify their (immature) interest in returning to the vengeance-fields, but ultimately it wears thin and it comes down to the fact that y'all just like to fight, get attention, and be vicious to one another on the order of television soap operas.

Is *this* behaviour becoming or exemplary as it is conducted by someone ostensibly a Pope of a church or Grand Master of of temples? I'd say that by and large within most religions you'll find that the answer is a resounding NO - moreso it is demonstrating the personal problems of those involved, whether (short-term) immaturity and gullibility to be drawn into such flame-fests or (longer-term) serious psychological problems and sociopathological tendencies.

POPE ROBERT FRAIZE: you can say and think what you want . but the facts are facts . jake said i was a liar . i gues im not a liar am i judging by the thread . and you can say what you want about me and this will not change the fact about these people and what i have said about them . and if your going to say tom and i are bad well these people are just as bad at what is going on or worse from their personal lives . Like i said in my cinch cast today maybe 25 people dont like what im up to while thousands support what im doing . theistic satanism has morals and standards . ask me who I know this and i say to you get some faith and You will Learn .
2 hours ago

DEMENTIA ARMAND: Without pointing any fingers at anyone I would like to interject, at this point, if I may. I think I see what Troll is getting at here with ALL OF YOU. Not just one or two but all of you who are keeping this spat going. One, the ones that are trying to get attention ARE. Two, personal information that more properly remains private has been slung around by almost everyone, reason has been lost, people are calling people names, and so on and so forth. Three, what is the point of all of this? Are you all actually 'getting' something out of this?

I, personally, do not see the point in lowering myself (yes, lowering myself) to the level of engaging in smear campaigns of any sort and would love to see ALL OF YOU (well, except for maybe Troll..... ) grow up and start acting like adults. People are fucked up in general, occultist or no. The world is fucked up and this drama is only adding to it. This is accomplishing what, exactly? The threats to people in my church need to be stopped. The name calling seriously needs to take a vacation.

I am getting very tired of seeing all this mud being slung around, and while I am a very patient person most of the time, I think the vast majority of you need to realize THIS IS NOT A REALITY SHOW, THIS IS REAL LIFE. And there will be a test but not one that you take while still in your machine. And if you haven't learned your lessons, you may have to take the coursework AGAIN. I wonder how many of you have already had THIS CLASS a few too many times.

I, for one, have real work to do that doesn't involve what I can only call high school drama. Being a Satanist does not necessarily have to come with all that, unless you are all still really sad little children at heart (and still, I am not pointing any fingers). If someone has broken the law, report them. If someone has threatened you and you take it seriously, report it. But this bickering back and forth, spreading mud, how ever substantial it may or may not be, is not conducive to the end goal, is it?

I'm not saying we all need to 'unite' or 'just all get along' but seriously, people, isn't the great xstain menace a bit more imperative to manage than throwing mud around about each other. And where, in all of 'this', is there any forward motion on one day all of us being able to actually walk around without the majority of us having to conceal who we are or risked ostracizing or worse from society? If this is not conducive to THAT goal, then why the fuck are you all spending so much time and energy on 'this'? Hmmmm?
2 hours ago · Unlike · 2

JESSICA CAROTENUTI: Agreed dementia... Thats kinda been my theory this whole time ..and I couldnt stand it anymore... so I felt some of my input would have been needed for clarification...
2 hours ago via Mobile

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: I personally could care less the facts were revealed "endless conversations" on this is far too time consuming, Jake we found out has a past we have yet to reveal, Gino all information is verified, Adam Daniels all verified so nothing left to really discuss, THIS IS NOT ABOUT DAMAGING SATANISM because I personally am of Theism and could care less of MODERN OPINIONS or ATHEIST OPINIONS or OCCULT OPINIONS I am comfortable in what I have said and will continue to fight the good fight for those of Theistic Satanism, like it or NOT there will continue to be PAIN for those GUILTY as we have many arrows yet we can fire the DEPTH of these peoples ACTIONS are do deep we have not scratched the surface.....ALLISON JONES or SIN is vowed to continue to make up lies and deceit and I will continue to provide TRUTH and EXCELLENCE and I WILL NOT PROVIDE EVIDENCE to those who DO NOT DESERVE IT.... I REPEAT ONLY CONFIDANTS OF THOSE WHO ALIGNED IN THE CAUSE WILL RECEIVE EVIDENCE, as I do not know MUFI or others I CANNOT TRUST PEOPLE for they will REPOST and hide amongst profiles I use my REAL NAME....
about an hour ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: AND FOR THOSE DESIRING AND END I am Theistic (SECT) and we do not "get along to get along."
about an hour ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: Sex offenders, rapists and freaks have ZERO PLACE OFF-LINE but many of these people are ON LINE only so they do not always understand the impact 72.9 % of offenders of a sexual nature re-offend according a MSU Study in 1995 and if you have kids and accept individuals like this then you should be ashamed of yourself because you are not a good parent, I would never let my son be in harms way of Gino or Jake or Adam.....END OF STORY FOR HERE! But stay tuned
about an hour ago

TOM ERIK RASPOTNIK: And I mean OFF-LINE in meeting, personally the Temples of Satan ( a real Theistic Church) ejected clergy with objectionable past, now lets see others do the same! We were the "bellwether" example of cleaning house for the safety of OFF-LINE meetings.
about an hour ago

DEMENTIA ARMAND: Tom, I do not like being misquoted. Just saying. You have fun with your fight and I will be dropping this group as I truly don't see what point there is in my being here. I joined more to like on one single post... and because my name got mentioned. I have said my say, and I believe, made my points..... but I really do have too much real work of my own to be playing these childish games. Yes, the community needs to be protected from those who are fakes and those who are abusive. That is a given and has nothing to do with religion.... really, the need to avoid allowing those who do not know better to fall in the clutches of a predator shouldn't have to be spelled out for anyone. And yes, the internet has made it easier for predators to stalk.. and also for those who try to protect the public from them for outing such. Does this excuse smear campaigns? Not in my opinion.

I will stand by more former statements and I will be leaving this group, not because any of you have 'bothered' me in any way but because I really don't see what I would be doing in a group such as this.

Troll? I am formally going to say this as well, in this group that you have set up to what, enable the shit slinging? , just so everyone hears/sees it. As webmaster of the Church of Leviathan website, I must formally ask that you remove any and all copyright protected information obtained on or through the website from any posts, documents, website or any electronic equipment you may have stored such information in or on, including, but not limited to, names, images, documents, and/or any personal information obtained through the website itself, other than what is publicly posted on the Clergy page on the site; you may publish THAT and that alone. You do not have my permission as webmistress to re-post anything of 'ours' anywhere of 'yours' other than the clergy page. I would appreciate you taking care of this matter within the next 48 hours.
about an hour ago · Edited

With this post it appears that this thread has run its course, and we can return to a more pleasant and subdued rate of posting. Thank you all for your contributions. If you have more you'd like to contribute to this conversation in general, or you find something important to remove contact me via Fb msg. Thanks!

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism


The following were supplemental requests to include links about the strife and struggle surrounding Temples of Satan (/New Aeon):

MIKE NOXAURA: this is tom attacking Me, leaving a message to threaten me after i told him "i care about you, but you are going nuts and need help" which i think is true"


proof is in the pudding

Just an update on this. I am still in contact with Diane and I continue to keep our correspondence confidential in detail. I am assisting here when I am able to mediate a stop to the attacking, smear and character assassination campaigns recently launched against her. She is making every attempt to make contact with Jake Nicholson II but he has yet to respond to any of her inquiries. For your Satan Service thread, I would like to add the following details:

1. Trifecta M/D/S (Michael Grace) (Diane Vera) (Sin Jones) I would like to clarify this as something that Jake Nicholson II has concocted and perhaps it might be a justifiable paranoia and imagining. I was not in contact with Diane Vera until After Jake had returned from his exodus in a blog post entitled 'End of Me' which has since deleted (screen captures are on record). Allison Hoffman put her on contact with me after I published my phone number for any clarity on my reporting. I made myself available to strangers on the Internet with purpose. It is a lot of information to digest and confusion is rather easy to come by in written form. I was not in contact with Diane Vera what-so-ever before this time. I did make some minor mentions of her in name only as it referred to her position as #1 in search engines for Theistic Satanism, with Venus Satanas at #2. This appears to be important to other Theistic Satanists which are vying for what they see as a brand. Whether Theistic Satanism or Spiritual Satanism. As other Satanists create their own organizations and resource websites they appear to be competing for the top spot in search engines which is what I was pointing out in my public blogs for social analysis of this constant in-fighting and attacks. Jake Nicholson II himself supplied me with his own screen capture with arrows drawn to demonstrate this. See image attached supplied by Jake Nicholson.

Jake was in contact with me on a private group which both discussed the conflicts and shared valuable information to address them either directly or indirectly. Jake was himself under attack for what he claimed to be a false allegation. He was trying to clear his name and he was being offered support and assistance in doing so. I had no personal discussions with him about his marriage or marital problems. I had no knowledge of this affair until it was made public by his wife Tabitha. Incidentally, she was added to our private group without my knowledge. She did however announce her leaving of the group claiming she had what she needed. Rev. Ronald French can attest to this, as he was among the people in the group that questioned what it was she was looking for and needed as none of of the participants seem to know she had been added by an admin. There were 4 admins at that time and none of them would take responsibility for having added her without my knowledge. It remains a mystery to me.

2. My only contact with Michael Grace was to discuss Temples of Satan: New Aeon. He did not officially apply for membership so he was not an official member but rather a supporter and according to Gino S. Vaglivielo had worked closely together on other projects. I was told he could be trusted and Gino vouched for him at that time as being trust-worthy. The only mention of this 'Jake Issue' was after the fact, after Jake had already posted his blog as a result from the discussion on your Satanity Thread which you called the Temples of Satan Conflict on your Satan Service Site. Tabitha did make the affair public before the discussion on your thread. The public Facebook posts I had read stated that Jake had had a secret affair with her younger 18 year old sister, and was planning to leave her and go start a family together. There was no mention of a relationship with a 13/14 year old girl when Jake was 18/19 at that time. This was not revealed until the Satanity Thread. Robert claimed on many voice casts (using Cinch.fm) that he had evidence that Jake was a pedophile and that Jake's own wife was his source. This was later discussed in more detail on your FB Satanity Thread. In her public statements on her own FB page she stated resoundingly that she was going to ensure Jake paid for what he did to her. I did not call Tabitha a liar. I specifically stated that she was a woman scorned and hardly a reliable resource to prove Jake to be a pedophile. A relationship with a 13/14 year old girl when you are 18/19 is not technically pedophilia. I'm sure most people would agree upon this, when teenagers begin dating around that time. Young girls tend to find older boys attractive and seek their attention and equally boys of a bit older age find young girls appealing. This is not the same thing as the allegations of pedophilia. To my knowledge Jake Nicholson II has not made a public confession about pedophilia. He has only confirmed that what his wife stated on your thread is in fact true.

Mike (Noxaura) Grace was informed like the rest of the public about these events. He read the blog which in his opinion read like a suicide letter and became concerned and called Diane Vera. I have no knowledge of how they made official contact, or how he came to have her phone number but I have been told they worked together in some capacity in the past so it could have been that he still had her number on file or obtained it from a mutual contact. I spoke to Mike personally about his involvement by phone. He seemed genuinely concerned for Jake's well being which is why he felt compelled to contact Diane as he believed her to be closest to him and considered her a colleague. He advised me that he and Diane (as well as Allison Hoffman) were discussing what assistance they could offer Jake. Mike conveyed to me that Diane was on the phone with Jake while he and his wife were fighting in the car and by the sounds of the background he was going to be put on the street. This is consistent with the Facebook posts he made in our private group. He was looking for donations from any one who was willing to ensure Jake either had a room for the night or travel to friends. He even offered his own property to Jake to camp on if things got dire but he lives out of state. This wasn't a localized place that Jake could go to. He also advised me he was in constant contact with Diane and she had provided him with some money for travel but as soon as he received the money wire his phone was turned off. It's not clear to me whether the phone was turned off (power) or disconnected. He remained out of contact until he re-emerged on July 1st.

3. July 1st is a date Jake Nicholson II personally emailed me on Facebook to speak out against me about calling Tabitha a liar. I did not call Tabitha a liar and deferred him to my blog post by placing a link in the message and did not respond further. I was not certain at that time if he had actually read my blog post or if he was being told by unknown sources that I had called his wife a liar. This is a motivating factor fore Jake's recent blog, meme, and posting campaign against me on various networks (Wordpress, Facebook, Netblogs). I had no further contact with Jake personally as this marital business was none of my business as far as I was concerned. My only concern was and still is with using Social Media to issue public statements and accusations about pedophilia, rape, human sacrifice, and murder which target Satanists, Occultists and pagans. I blocked both Jake Nicholson II and Tabitha Nicholson from my facebook page. Tabitha tried to make contact with me on my public pages but I blocked her there as well. I wanted no further dealing with these people. I was focusing on the issues.

4. I continued to report on the issues and tactics employed on my public blog for the benefit of demystifying the tactics employed that many people were falling subject to, to include this confound and confuse tact to confuse matters so that all parties involved are declared no longer credible. This is an important one to focus on but especially when any person speaks out against statements made that are false. This is the motivating factor for Jake Nicholson II taking your private conversation to a public blog. In spite of your own Satan Service thread posted to clear up matters, it doesn't mean that people will find your attempt to clear this up credible in lieu of Jake's blogs. It then becomes a popularity club. If you are not well liked you are a liar and thus anything you state is automatically rendered false.

In closing, you have often called to question my pursuits, affiliations and tactics. It is with this focus on Social Issues that I directly involve myself. I am addressing the issues but often use tactics not fully understood by the public eye with purpose. Trickology is the tool of the tricksters and those that trick us must be tricked.

I have made some progress in having a large volume of content taken down from various blogging sites for disseminating this defamatory content dating aback to 2008 which is no longer crawled in the search engines but may appear in the cache for a while as search engines catch up. I have been making efforts to have the cache removed as well on Google utilizing their removal tool. This will indeed take more of my time. I have published a news update to our site feed for public use:

See newsfeed update:

All across the internet, GM Blackwood wrote 'Tom's "Final" Posting':

Why I have decided to walk away from Theistic Satanism and where I am going.

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder of Church of Theistic Satanism and Temples of Satan.

Lets be candid and concise, this will be one of my last public releases of information on this subject and thus will set the pace of where I plan to take the path of Theistic Satanism.

“But wait didn’t you say you are walking away?” Let me explain, for over twenty years I have been working with people who have chosen the path of Satanism in some form of the other and have become a legend and enigma that has changed the “ebb and flow” of Theistic Satanism.

Critics and detractors have been attempting to maraud my castle for years in an unsuccessful attempt to sell you their “bill of goods” or to sleep with this person or that, instead of being quiet long enough to actually let me teach them some important information, not as prophet but as a wise magician.

While when I was younger I slept with many women while studying under me I abandoned the idea, since this did nothing to benefit the deity, only my sexuality, so I understand the allure of Satanism and all of things that go on from gathering to smoke marijuana to wild sex parties all in the name of Satan.

While all of these things, actions, and memories fill my days and weeks traveling on the road in my own business I am also growing tired I am mentally tired of constant distractions and people who are perpetrating lies and deceit and besmirching the name of Satan, all in an attempt to capture the flag I now have laid to rest, in the hands of some new people who actually grasp the concept of Satan and do not speak in Abrahamic terminology about his form and origin.

I may return someday, but for now my life is fulfilled I have never been stronger and faith and my relationship with Satan, but there is more, much more that needs to be accomplished “not for me but for the deity” and even more that is required to finally make this religion a better environment to grow your faith something I do not feel any one man or woman can control or understand since it is personal and your choice.

However it is very important that one who chooses Theistic Satanism select a proper way to go about learning “I said learning the path, yes!”

Learning the path is not some “old wise man” proclaiming “this or that” and how he knows more than you it is the truth and cannot be a topic of debate or rhetoric.

But where do you begin, certainly not by studying demonology, or witchcraft and while there is nothing wrong with witchcraft it is something that a Theistic Satanist should not waste their time or reading on.

Your magic is from within and is enhanced by your faith in the deity.

Faith is something that requires learning but most of all an ability for you to shed all the misconceptions and throw away all the New Age falsehood abandoning them, and even a friends along the way and sincerely without question dedicate yourself to Satan as a deity.

But how does someone dedicate themselves, it certainly is not in burning a candle or selling ones soul to the devil that comes from someone who told you about it on Face Book. There have been many people who have attempted to describe this process now I will explain it for you to be able to explain it to others.

Almost three thousand years ago men and women of faith would dedicate themselves in a brief ritual that included nothing more than a pottery cup filled with a mead (a form of beer) they would seek a Priest or Priestess and gather kneeling down in prayer they lifted their hands and began to pray to the deity and when they finished they consumed the mead and then went home attending the temple every morning before they worked the fields or fed the horses or sat at the pottery wheel.

Each night they would sleep at Sunset until it was around the middle of night then they would ignite a flame, if they were wealthy they would ignite candles made from beeswax (in wealthy homes) or tallow in poor enclaves then they would talk to one another, or even have sex returning to bed and sleeping until sunrise.

They often would pray as they ate morning foods like homemade bread or a form of jerky or berries and then they would head to the temple to pay homage to the deity and then off to work.

On the day they sold their crops or got paid they would attend the temple and offer some gold, bronze, silver or even clay coins to the deity never asking where it was going or how it was spent.

This is dedication and how it should work, but this is also why today Satanists seldom can construct anything but a dog house, and I am not mad because I have unarguably have raised more than any other Satanist living today and still fell short of the lowest cost construction plans.

Meanwhile I watch people build vast temples to gods that they can’t even begin to trace in a historical account or meaning, milling around like Christians listening to anyone and everything but the right thing.

Dedication is something you must do alone or with a loved one, and is personal never to be shared with anyone other than a Priest or Priestess that is of your faith like the ancestors did it.

But such is required to truly begin your path with Satan.

In today’s world this dedication can be modified because we are in a world where people want things now verses later and seldom have time for any other activity but just trying to survive in the horrible economy.

In today world perhaps attendance is not required daily, but perhaps it can be replaced with a regiment of prayer and occasional ritual during the course of the year.

I am moving towards have a small meeting away from everyone once a year at a luxury resort and in privacy since everything seems to be criticized in today’s politically correct world.

The world is changing and people are leaving religions which is so sad because only a few people really will understand just who Satan is and what important things must be done on Earth for historical preservation.

Satan is no fallen angel and is a deity one must simply quit with the “bullshit” and find reality.

Joy of Satan has no clue even thought they speak of Sumerian Lore, which they have convoluted for their own means, underlying tones of promotion to National Socialism, which in no way is the Freedom that the ancestors dreamed about.

Enki, Set, Pan, are absolutely not the origin of Satan but I as much as I have studied and that spans over twenty plus years I cannot reveal his true name, since it is older than Judaism, Islam and Christianity and circumvents in time a past that in nearly incomprehensible.

I chose this silence until an actual Church comes about dedicated to the Real Satan.

Satan is not Azazel or Beelzebub, or Lucifer and while his real name is complicated, I can say he was born from the Creator and rules Earth without fear of any Goddess or God that are made up in Man and Woman’s quest for Polytheism. Polytheism is rampant but in Theistic Satanism it should never be as the name indicates otherwise.

One who accepts this path should clearly remain on a singular path avoiding the New Age convoluted theories which resemble a “Socialist Push” with some concept that everything needs to be calm and get along, that is so far from the truth.

Three thousand years ago in the desert of Iraq priests and priestesses were very devoted to the Creator who was a Moon God, nothing more nothing less, then with the introduction of several visions and tablets man and woman and priestesses and priest changed they found themselves questioning the Moon God as many of the vision explained of a dragon from the Royal Court would ascend upon man and woman as the Ruler of Earth, but it was not a simple task for this Dragon it was a literal fight to dominate this planet from what, we do not know.

Some would summarize aliens, some would explain it as other deities, but by virtue Satan who in his original form came as a Dragon “like” human would conquer the hearts and minds of the priestesses and priests who acknowledged only “One God.”

They were not forgiving of others who traveled to their city states introducing other deities, since they struggled with Monotheism they did not take to well to these strangers they actually killed them in public squares.

While this practice is impractical today, we can take our ancestors to heart and ensure this behavior today by being true to Satan, and avoid all the other convoluted versions and demonic misnames of Satan.

If you take the sword in your hand for Satan that is the choice you make, believing in “false gods” so spoke our ancestors is not a very strong way to Dedicate and Celebrate the two actions that our Priests and Priestesses who understood the deity far better than us pushed forward as edicts were, not the ideas of demons and devils that did nothing more than overshadow his image, but was to ground yourself in one image of him.

While even Satan as a name can be argued it is one of a thousand acceptable names, since he understood that much of his roots would be convoluted, but calling him a demon is a formula for disaster, reading history one will find provided your minds eye is open his origin and I have fought and engaged in discussions and arguments over the years, I did not find this information right away it took over nine years, some in books other in just listening.

But beware since most of today’s authors are out to sell books and its easy to create a web site or Church of “This or That” and they seem to miss the boat, they miss the one thing this tiny island of Theistic Satanists desire a “Safe Haven.”

But there are many others who dabble, who are “half in half out” that has never been me, I do not hold back I say proudly I have faith in Satan and making excuses for your faith means you are not that enamored with it.

Not being connected you are powerless and I as a Priest dedicated correctly to Satan am immune to your delusions or psychotic ideas of Satan and your spell work, so please do not waste your time and breath on this Priest of Satan for I sleep well with my own dreams and should I need to return I shall have sword at side for the glory of Satan

Hail Satan
Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik