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Meetings of witches, as portrayed by Christians in their subversion ideologies. The term was appropriated from 'sabbath', the term for the Jewish holy day (Saturday), which Christians later transposed to Sunday.

The nightmare witch sabbat attested amd accused as a night flight of the soul through the air, at times in the form of an animal, perhaps as a result of the administration of psychotropics, to arrive at a distant gathering for ritual worship of the Satan, the Christian Devil.

At times these gatherings were said to have featured infanticide, abortion, or the sacrifice of a woman who had not born a child (a virgin).

Dancing, bonfires, myriad forms of 'pagan' revelry were said to be elements, and at times the crescendo or high point of the rite was said to be when the witches were penetrated by the ice cold member of the officiating Christian anti-God.