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What follows is a roughly chronological list of names of people there is reason to believe, based on reliable references, were at one time (and perhaps still are) associated with religious Satanism, combined with their pseudonyms or name(s) previous to becoming a Satanist, if known, and the reputable source for the estimation of their participation or activity, so as to make tracking them easy and possible for the interested researcher:


From its inception in 1966, the Church of Satan was the centerpoint of continuing religious Satanic activities. Its initial period extends until the stipulation of the policy in May of 1975 that "professional services, funds, real estate, objects of value, etc., which contribute to the tangible, worldly success of the Church of Satan are qualification for elevation to both II' and III'." This caused such a controversy that it led to the resignation of a number of church members.

  • Anton Szandor LaVey (b. Howard Stanton Levey 4-11-1930, d. 10-29-1997; aka Dr. LaVey; aka John M. Kincaid; many published accounts/works)
  • Diane LaVey (b. Diane Hegarty; aka John M. Kincaid; aka Lana Green; many published accounts)
  • Ed Webber (MACOS [1])
  • Tony Kent (MACOS)
  • John A. Ferro (MACOS; aka in Burton Wolfe bio: Gregorio Gionoffrio)
  • Kenneth Anger (b. Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyre; published biographies)
  • Randall Alfred (published works)
  • Michael A. Aquino (published works)
  • Wayne West (MACOS)
  • Herbert A. Sloane (many published sources)
  • Donald R. Blythe (aka Dr. Blythe; JLST [2])
  • Zeena Galatea LaVey (published accounts)
  • Lilith Aquino (b. Patricia Sinclair, formerly Lilith Sinclair; MACOS)
  • Tery Taylor (JLST)
  • Evelyn Paglini (JLST)
  • Chuck Steenbarger (b. Charles Steenbarger, aka Adrian-Claude Frazier; MACOS)
  • Wayne Chonicki (MACOS)
  • Wayne Forrest West (MACOS)
  • Larry Green (b. Lawrence Green; MACOS)
  • James L. Stowe (MACOS)
  • Dolores V. Stowe (MACOS)
  • Joseph P. Hoff (aka J.P. Hoff; MACOS)
  • Bill Meilen (b. Wilm-Artur Meilen; MACOS)
  • Isaac Bonewits (many published sources)
  • Spencer Waldron (MACOS)
  • William Van Ness (MACOS)
  • Altovise Davis (MACOS)
  • Forrest J. Ackerman (MACOS)
  • Ronald K. Barrett (MACOS)
  • Margaret A. Wendall (MACOS)
  • Dale Seago (b. L. Dale Seago; MACOS)
  • Robert Ethel (MACOS)
  • Jinni Bast (MACOS)
  • Lynn A. Norton (MACOS)
  • Ricco A. Zappitelli (MACOS)
  • Tom Huddleston (b. Thomas Scott Huddleston; MACOS)
  • Colleen Geske Huddleston (b. Colleen Geske; MACOS)
  • Bill Murray (b. William F. Murray; MACOS)
  • Jim Moody (b. James Moody; MACOS)
  • Marcello Truzzi (MACOS)
  • Charles Naylor (MACOS)
  • Karla Maritza LaVey (published accounts)
  • John De Haven (sometimes known as John DeHaven; many published sources)
  • Joseph M. Daniels (many published sources)
  • Ronald E. Lanting (many published sources)
  • Harry L. Booth (many published sources)
  • Cliff Amos (b. Clifford Amos; MACOS)
  • John Amend (aka Seth-Typhon; GBLR [3])
  • Michael A. Grumboski (aka Shai; MACOS; 'Grumbolski' in GBLR)
  • Michael McQuown (MACOS)
  • Judy McQuown (MACOS)
  • Stuart Jay Levine (MACOS)
  • Alessandra Erb (MACOS)
  • Stephen Hollander (MACOS)
  • Arthur Zabrecky (MACOS)
  • Tony Fazzini (MACOS)
  • Jay Solomon (MACOS)
  • Douglas Robbins (MACOS)
  • Robert G. Brink (MACOS)


Many Satanists who were active in the latter part of the 20th century had initial membership in, or at least interaction with, the Church of Satan. The second period of Satanism's history is therefore buttressed on the one end by the 1975 dispute within the church itself and the death of Anton LaVey, who was the leader and executive director of that organization.

  • Tani Jantsang (many published sources)
  • Ole Wolf (many published sources)
  • Nikolas Schreck (b. Barry Dubin; published works)
  • Martin Lamers (aka Maarten Lamers; published sources)
  • John Allee (aka Lord Egan; published sources)
  • Paul Douglas Valentine (published sources)
  • Damian Alan Sinclair (JLST)
  • Laylah Agatha Sinclair (JLST)
  • Arthur Lyons (published works)
  • Brian Nalls (JLST)
  • Marco Dimitri (many published sources)
  • K. Brent Olsen (JLST)
  • Gavin Baddeley (published works)
  • Carl Abrahamsson (GBLR)
  • Michael Moynihan (many published sources)
  • Victor Norris (aka Raoul Belphlegor; GBLR; Elizabeth Selwyn calls him Thomas Victor Morris)
  • Magda Graham (aka Mother Lilith; GBLR; Elizabeth Selwyn calls her Magdalene Graham)
  • Marc Almond (several published accounts)
  • Varg Vikernes (b. Kristian Vikernes, aka Count Grishnach; GBLR)
  • Christos Beest (b. Stephen Brown; published work)
  • Stephen Leyba (many biographies)
  • Blanche Barton (b. Sharon Densley; published work)
  • Peter H. Gilmore (published works)
  • Boyd Rice (published works)
  • Rex Church (many published sources)
  • Peggy Nadramia (many sources)
  • Shane Vedvik (JLST)
  • Josh Coker (JLST)
  • Casey Prellwitz (JLST)
  • Dianna Genesis Lewinsky (JLST)


With the advent of the death of Anton LaVey in October of 1997, and the creation of internet websites relating to the Church of Satan at least by name in 1997 and 1998, not only did the character of social networking transform, but the Satanist subculture more confidently decentralized into varieties and assemblies whose visibility in relation to aggregate membership numbers (always a controversy) made them difficult to assess.

  • Vexen Crabtree (several sources)
  • Amina Lap (b. Amina Olander Lap; JPCRS [4])


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