Lawrence Pazder

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Lawrence (Larry) Pazder (April 30, 1936 - March 5, 2004) was a Catholic Canadian psychiatrist and author. Pazder is known for the discredited autobiographical 1980 text Michelle Remembers that he co-wrote with his patient (and eventual wife) Michelle Smith, and for his involvement in the satanic ritual abuse moral panic.

That book was endorsed as legitimate by several large psychological associations and through this endorsement stimulated the anti-cult and anti-satanism moral panics by promoting what was then called 'Recovered Memory Syndrome". This syndrome has since been discredited as unreliable fearmongering, implantation of false memories, witness leading for false testimony at trials, and led to several incarcerations based on dreams and nightmare fantasies of those with Christian conditioning. Only now are some of these cases (such as the West Memphis Three being revisited and corrected.