Gospel of Satan Prelude

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PRELUDE -- The scripture is described as fiction.


Why it should be that the Dark Lord and the Hellish Contingent are beyond the bounds of human conception is not explained, but the fact that they are presented by anti-demoniacs as derivative of the heavenly hosts (through the Fall) and originating like their preferred gods as trans-terran is propaganda, according to this scripture.

That's because it presents within its fictional content an inversion of this cosmological convention for purpose of antagonizing the equally fictional presentation within Jewish and Christian scripture. The placation of 'myth' or 'poetry' does nothing to bolster the paucity of evidence presented in support of any Creation story, and this gospel, like most others, doesn't bother to estimate any narrative precursor to the introduction of the Devil or his companions (unlike the orthodoxic certitude of churchy hierarchs, no assured executive relationships is posited for Satan).

However, what it does do is to clearly describe the pre-nativity existence of Jesus-as-Yeheshua within the scripture itself (rather than rely upon weak 'equivalencies') and make the complete coersion of his human vehicle's participation in the entry into his enfleshment apparent. The focus, contrariwise, of the Prelude, is the DEMONDIM, who are described as Telluric (terran), Chthonic (Gaian), and multiple of appearance and form.

As such, this is at best MYTHOLOGY, and thus fiction. It does not pretend to be history, and though it is a Jesus story, it doesn't pretend to be written by eye-witnesses. Instead, it clearly starts out with a prolepsis which identifies the demonic with the Satanic and Gaiaian (global, ecological, nuturing, natural).

This Prelude therefore lays out the Gospel of Satan as a kind of Neopagan inversion of conventional Christian cosmology. It situates the centerpoint of the action (if not the universe) on EARTH, identifies the demons (Hellish Contingent, with the pun intended, here), and the God of This World (Satan) as, by consideration of a planet, living in the center of the world (in the Underworld) and, therefore in the center of the emanating universe.

As a prelude it is not the scripture itself, but a commentary from the author who is not explicitly identified (Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism).