Generic Testimony of Faith

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For what shall henceforth be called THE GENERIC MUSLIM, one who commits and submits willingly and wholly to one's GOD. It is important here to be plain in speech that this can be ANY GOD, therefore becoming UNIVERSAL of scope in a way only dreamed of by the zealous upstarts.

While there is no ritual specified, I feel free to take this into a dedication ceremony, initiation, or celebratory observance, as befits my desire and interest. The simple recitation is what shall be covered here


This has the benefit of being only positive (never besmirching, arrogantly, the gods of others, but only affirming for myself my own testimony) and asserting with calm certitude my devotional relationship to my divinity. It has the generic advantage of being used to refer to me as in the case of some Satanists (and may be adjusted to 'I AM' in place of the first three words), to others like Satan if they are in some fashion deities


This commences the function of Angel or High Priest unto my cult, establishes for the future the lack of intercessors (spirits, saints, children of the deity, etc.) that might attempt to insert themselves as such a messenger. It affirms that communication is intended, that receipt of such messages will be conveyed to their designated audience, and that all responsibility and credit for its arrival from MY GOD will be mine alone.

Some insert a further portion to this Generic Testimony


Where 'X' should be changed out with the name of someone who is an ally of MY GOD. This affords a special and exalted place for my friend, lover, spouse, or other family member, who forms a portion of my Spiritual Bench supporting my religious interests.

This, then, constitutes the GENERIC MUSLIM TESTIMONY OF FAITH and can be used by all those who are, like me, Generic Muslims, devoted to our God and submitting in all our actions, created on this day in February 2016 with the assistance of Kali and Shaitan for the benefit of Satanists and all religious soever.