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Satan's Skull Found Weekly World News cover; tabloids have been a rich resource for preserving outrageous stories about Satan, the Devil
Faust and Mephisto first meet, from the 1865 Johann Wolfgang Goethe edition
Theophilus of Adana and the Devil, by Michael Pacher; this is appears to be the earliest historical individual associated with the story of making a pact with Satan to sell one's soul
Robert Johnson, about whom fabrications of a faustian sort have been promoted quite heavily in association to his "Crossroads" song; the actuality relates to Tommy Johnson and a far more interesting event of meeting the Black Man at the Crossroads
Accusatory pact of Urbain Grandier
Popular media soul salel

Cautionary tales about contracts made with rival gods is an institution amongst Christians and Muslims, who have veritably moulded a fearsome golemic behemoth and breathed life into it through countless plays, orations, classic pieces of literature, and media extravaganzas. They make up what mythographers call the 'Faust Cycle' of mythos, and integrate accusatory, comical, and pact-based variations on the theme of an exchange of ones essentiality for a temporary reward.

Here follows a contemporary broadside on mentions of the edifice discernable through the internet, incorporating all manner of historical individual and pop media star.

Tabloid Antics

In 2009, Marge Floori wrote an article for the Weekly World News which appeared in its May 5 online issue called "How to Sell Your Soul to the Devil" in which she claimed that

"You can have power, wealth, an attractive mate and virtually anything else you ever dreamed of – by selling your soul to Satan!"

She referred to demonic pacts of dubious quality and conventional trick-the-devil stories about Daniel Webster and others, citing a "Dr. Rex Touth, expert on satanic rituals and author of 'How to Negotiate Unholy Contracts'".

Neither the doctor nor his publication appear to be real. We may therefore presume that Miss Floori drew on her own resources (or online sites like this one or Wikipedia) to offer up an obscene article for amusement or profit. She quotes "the doctor" as proclaiming that

"Thousands have gained riches and fulfilled their fantasies."

Her practical recommendation is the repetition of a simple and solitary summoning:
"Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right"
claiming that if one avoids the impression of desperation or neediness, then "he'll show up eventually."

Miss Floori first explains the convention Christian folklore that the Devil "badly ... wants their soul" and that "he'll pay anything to get it" impressing upon once-faithful religious that they can demand amazing prices for their supposed essentiality and expect to be well-paid (including a harem of women and 300 years of youthful life). Floori sets up her religious competition to disappoint those whom she refers (giving Satan a continued bad name).

Additionally, she affirms the afterlife punishment extortion presented by Christians and Muslims alike, explaining to her readers that they are "going to burn in Hell forever" and recommends exaggerated compensation, given that this is now a foregone conclusion.

The rest of Miss Floori's article is unimportant in terms of practical or cosmological considerations. She simply touts the controversy of her imaginary doctor's activities and motivations and generally gives the impression that she is trying to be humorous rather than treating seriously these infernal matters.

Horror Cavalcade

On the other hand, Virginia Patrick, at her Mystery of the Iniquity website, seemingly seriously repeats Miss Floori's article, then makes a great effort to lend legs to the story, while ignoring the fatuous basis of Floori's fake Ph.D. source, by concatenating an entertaining collection of Wikipedia and other echoed text online relating to historical individuals including:

• fictional portrayals (Arceneaux),

• legend and lore (Tartini, Heirich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, Kobus van der Schlossen, Johann Georg Faust, and Theophilus of Adana, whose is the oldest story of a pact with the Devil),

• misinformation about Robert Johnson (which should have been about Tommy Johnson);

• rumours (about Dippel and Pope Sylvester II),

• and ridiculous accusations (against Moulton, Paganini, Kasztner, Belykh, and Grandier).

Urbain Grandier's Calumny

The last of these, Father Urbain Grandier, is well-known to have been burned at the stake as a witch with numerous accusations including that he signed a demoniac pact which content has been preserved through to today. It was supposed to have been signed by many demons including Satan and its supposed writer, "Baalberith", and written backwards, with vowels removed, in Latin, saying:

"We, {demon names} have today accepted the pact of alliance with Urbain Grandier, who is on our side. And we promise him the love of women, the flower of virgins, the chastity of nuns, worldly honors, pleasures and riches. He will fornicate every three days; intoxication will be dear to him. He will offer to us once a year a tribute marked with his blood; he will trample under foot the sacraments of the Church, and he will say his prayers to us. By virtue of this pact, he will live happily for twenty years on earth among men, and finally will come among us to curse God. Done in Hell, in the council of the Devils. [reputedly signed and sealed by various demons, as well by the writer "Baalberith"].

Grandier's supposed attestation was as follows (again translated from Latin): "My lord and master Lucifer, I acknowledge thee as my God and Prince, and promise to serve and obey thee as long as I shall live. And I renounce the other God, as well as Jesus Christ, all the saints, the apostolic and Roman Church, all the sacraments, and all the prayers and petitions by which the faithful might intercede for me. And I promise thee that I will do as much evil as I can, and that I will draw everyone else to evil. I renounce chrism, baptism, all the merits of Jesus Christ and his saints. And if I fail to serve and adore thee, and if I do not pay thee homage thrice every day, I give you my life as thine own. Made this year and day. Urbane Grandier. Extracted from hell." (cf. "Witches: History of a Persecution" by Nigel Cawthorne for more, and the original pact may be found backwards and frontwords with and without its vowels at the Latin Wikipedia).

Low Brow Humour

Beyond these ridiculous, trumped up, fantastic stories, there are also arch, informed, web-based entertainments, such as that constructed by a friend of the Grand Mufti. It includes as factors of ordinary pacts (resolved by 'online vending') that:

• getting the attention of Satan ordinarily requires a "complex technical knowledge of sorcery";

• Satan is an Archangel and is incapable of lying;

• Satan can provide your strangest fantasies at your merest whim;

• one must be legally bound to Satan before compensation begins.

Post-Christian Humorous Construct

The author of this joke, Clifford Low, which is located at Necronomi.com, provides this contract for online signatory:

"I relinquish the ownership of my immortal soul into the keeping of Satan, the Master of Evil Demons, Commander of all Ungodly Forces and Unclean Spirits, Inventor of the Sin, Eater of Souls, and Chief Torturer of all dead Heathens and Damned Christians. I furthermore give to him and his subservient creatures the rights and privileges and freedoms entitled to me by the Creator of the Universe, whose name I flout. I understand fully that I will live as a creature of sin and an artist of villainy and corruption in this world, and become a slave of evil in the next; property of the diabolic in both. I shall spurn and debase all things worthy and pure, and I shall make ruin my cause and calling. I shall indulge in joyous cruelties from the pettiest to the most maleficent. I swear that I shall curse the names of all the angels of the host of heaven; and with the aid of my Liege, they shall hear me and be tormented thereby. I shall endeveor to commit all kinds of sin and crimes against the Enemy-who-yet-rules, succeed and blacken the soul of the earth. I am a blasphemy. I am one accursed. I am among the host of the damned.

"This Pact, binds me to the Eternal Darkness that is Satan in a manner as irrevocable as his fall into the realms of perdition. There, with my new master, I shall remain in torment and unforgiven until the end of the world.

"In return for this sacrifice and for my denial of all that is good and redeeming, I will possess money in substantial quantities, the fulfillment of all of my lusts, and the destruction and degradation of all that opposes my whims. I shall overcome with blackness, succeed in monstrosity, vindicate all scorn, by breaking the Whole. In return for the additional corruption of other people, for every one damned and dead that I am responsible for directly, I shall have my life prolonged in health for another two years and a day.

"I fully understand the consequences of the signing of this most unholy pact; I proceed willfully, cognizant of my coming privileges and debts. I furthermore promise to fulfill my debt punctually and without resistance, nor will I pray nor plead for my soul in any way, nor attempt to have others plead in my behalf. I confirm this in this covenant more tightly knit than the bonds of life and death. May the Prince of Darkness take pleasure in my gift and my betrayal, and use such to spread his reign further throughout the phenomenal world by annihilating the spiritual."

It is followed by a form-mail which has spaces for Name, E-mail Address, Street Address, Phone, a pull-down list of the following Recent Former Affiliations:

  • Protestant
  • Catholic
  • Other Christian
  • Jewish
  • Buddhist
  • Moslem
  • Hindu
  • Wiccan
  • Agnostic
  • Atheist
  • Other

a list of Favorite Sins:

  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Sloth
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Envy
  • Green
  • Other

a "Sign Pact" button and a "Decline" button, concluding with a parenthetical apology that "this form is no longer currently functional. People have been selling other people's souls with Administration." and "The Infernal Signature of Satan Mckatrig, the Lord of Hell."

Pop Media Claims

Whether as true confession, a lark for attention, or as some at least partially serious endeavour, modern pop media stars have been accused of, of have become known, like the above-mentioned artists of the past, as having sold their soul or established a pact with the Devil in order to achieve their success. Examples included Bob Dylan, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Royce Da 5'9, David Blaine, and others. What follows are embedments of entertaining examples of this phenomenon.

Roseanne Barr

The comedienne has made numerous outrageous claims, incorporating multiple personalities, conspiracy theories, radical politics including MK Ultra, chip insertions into her body, and these claims included a number of conversations with Satan primarily contained within her online blog. In 2011 she published a book "Rosannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm", featuring a contention that at age 12 she entered into a pact with the Devil in exchange for fame. She repeated this during her appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson publicizing the book.

She said: "...when i was 6 all of a sudden {to my family} I was a has-been {as a singer} they started to tell my younger cousin that she {was the real singer} and it really upset me so i, like, summoned Satan and i write {in my book} about how i made a {deal} ....

it's in the chapter called "Eat Pray Love Conjure Satan" ... and when i was 12 years old I signed a deal with Satan in my room and....

... because I wanted to get famous no matter what and then I forgot I had this deal with Satan and everything and then i got really famous and then one day i like had this tragic singing accident and I realized then that Satan was coming for my soul, so , yah, he wanted me to pay up....

and how at the end how i invite Satan to dinner at Spago... I asked him to give me a refi-, a refinance on my soul thing, and so that works out {in the book}, it has a happy ending....

yah Satan, i have to say, is really cool, cuz....

I lure him in."

Roseanne describes the deal in disclosing the book's content on her website, RosanneWorld.com:

"Raised half-Jewish, half-Mormon, and 100 percent misfit, Roseanne made a deal with Satan early on as the price she paid for stardom. But now she’s looking to refinance the loan of her soul — this book represents her final exorcism of fame."


Miss Barr's blog contains primarily Jewish religious associations, though her conversations she describes she had with Satan are strained, and, at times, aggressive. She ultimately comes to the conclusion that he is a symbol or metaphor for evils and we are left to wonder how much to attribute to comedy, how much to artful personal struggles.


Vincent Price

During the 1960s, Terry d'Oberoff wrote a script recited by Vincent Price as part of a multi-record education on witchcraft and spiritualism, featuring his reading of a pact instruction largely taken from the Red Dragon grimoire.

Record 2, Side 3 features the following stirring instruction:

"Script by Terry d'Oberoff

"The scene must be a place where nobody can disturb you: a hut, a ruin, a desolate heath, a crossroad, an attic, a cellar, or some secluded chamber. You make the usual preparations: a hazel wand, a knife, a bloodstone, candles flicker, the charcoal glows, the perfumed smoke of incense drifts around you, sulphur and brandy hiss and burn, and you begin to recite the invocation in a strong voice, without fear or hesitation:

"Emperor Lucifer, master of all the rebellious spirits,
I beseech thee to be favourable to me in this conjuration
i make upon thy great minister, Lucifuge Rofocale,
as i desire to make a pact with him.
I beg thee also Prince Beelzebub Lord of the Flies to
protect me in this undertaking.
Oh Count Ashtoroth!
Favour me and cause that this very night
the Great Lucifuge appear unto me in human form without
any evil smell or foul effluvium, and that he shall
grant me by means of the pact that I shall deliver to him
whatever I shall ask of him.
Oh Great Lucifuge!
I beseech thee to leave thy dwelling in
whatever region it may be
and come to this place and speak with me.
Appear then, instantly, or I shall torment you continually forever and ever!

"Now the candles fade and flicker and go out. A chill wind forces itself upon you. You feel the presence of death! Now you say:

Come Lord of Blackness, Lord of Power, Lord of Death! Approach! I command thee!

"Lucifuge Refocale appears. The spirit replies:

I cannot grant thy demand but on condition that thou givest me thyself at the end of 20 years so that i shall do with thee body and soul whatsoever shall please me.

"This is the solemn and terrible moment. The supreme decision must be taken. Throw him your pact which must be written in your own hand on a small piece of virgin parchment. It should consist of these few words and be signed with your veritable blood.


"I promise Great Lucifuge to repay him in twenty years for all he shall give me. In witness whereof I have signed X_____________ in my blood."

This seems to have been taken largely from the grimoire called "Le Dragon Rouge":

"Emperor Lucifer, master of all the rebellious spirits, I beseech thee be favorable to me in the calling which I make upon thy great minister Lucifuge Rofocale, having desire to make a pact with him. I pray thee also, Prince Beelzebub, to protect me in my undertaking. O Count Ashtoreth! be propitious to me, and cause that this night the great Lucifuge appear unto me i human form and without any evil smell, and that he grant me, by means of the pact which I shall deliver to him, all the riches of which I have need. O great Lucifuge, I beseech thee leave thy dwelling, in whatever part of the world it may be, to come and speak with me; if not, I will thereto compel thee by the power of the mighty words of the great Clavicule of Solomon, whereof he made use to force the rebellious spirits to accept his pact. Appear, then, instantly, or I will continually torment thee by the mighty words of the Clavicule.


"I promise great Lucifuge to repay him in twenty years for all he shall give me. In witness whereof I have signed"




"I Sold My Soul to Satan" (2010)
(Kai Blackwood, musician (Kai Blackwood and the Tokyo Death Squad), and Jymie Darling, occultist (Panpipes Magical Marketplace), cameo by Dark F00l, Satanist, at 2:41 and 3:28!!

IMDB Data:

"....Kai Blackwood, an aspiring rock-star, learns about real-life occult practices as he follows the instructions laid out in the ancient book 'Le Grande Grimoire'. He attempts to sell his soul to the Devil... on TV."
- Written by Anonymous

....Hollywood hopefuls lineup around the block to be selected to strike a deal with Satan himself in order to achieve the unattainable stardom they so desperately seek. ...Kai Blackwood, an aspiring rock star is chosen and embarks on a nefarious path of real-life occult practices following the instructions laid out in the ancient book 'Le Grande Grimoire' and proceeds to LITERALLY sell his soul to the Devil."
- Written by Chemical Burn Entertainment

from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1509241/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl

Before entering into the dramatic half-pact-making endeavour, it should be made clear to the reader that this grimiore, The Grand Grimoire, is neither ancient nor was it the product of likely more than crafty or transgressive Christians. People exaggerate its importance and its agedness to give it gravity in consideration of soul-sale.

The Grand Mufti's Review:
Kai *almost* sells his soul to Satan. He believes that there are rules relating to selling his soul as if there's a science or set of standards -- a quasi-religious mentality about the education he received from the witch, Miss Darling. Apparently she broke the "required" black mirror portal needed to get the pact he'd written and signed to the demons involved, as part of an arrangement she and Kai made whereby he would not be required to face the apparent challenge of the actual pact if it became "too dangerous" and things went awry (like candles flickering and going out and the loss of control of defensive energies).

Miss Darling had a similar personal experience whereby she set things in motion for a similar pact, then stopped just short of the culmination. As she explained within the film, we can presume that it would not just terminate without consequences.

The pact which Kai signs includes irrational and extraordinary compensations: going back in time, being able to fly "like Superman", as well as eternal youth and living forever. It is in part modelled on that found in the Grand Grimoire but includes quite a bit more, despite the interest in minimizing expression so as not to make possible the "loopholes" which were, in the film, clearly marked out as dangers to those dealing with demonic forces.

Kai seemed to sport an anti-demonic and fearful attitude (about death, about demons, about occult topics), disclosed many times through the course of the original film, and this is made even more plain in the followup interviews to which he's agreed. His Roman Catholic background, and lack of in-depth study of the history and content of that with which he has involving himself gave very good reason for his arrangements with Miss Darling to abandon the plans when it came down to handing over the pact to a potentially adversarial agent.

I interviewed both Kai and Jymie about the pact. Below find the results of that interview as well as the stills i captured from the film.




Kai says that he burned the original papers upon which he wrote the pact and its practice contents, and there was nobody yet whom we can locate who has video material or stills displaying it. Jymie says that the preliminary content of the pact was "The Elder Binding" and was derived from grimoires like the Grand Grimoire, the Lemegeton, and the Grimorium Verum. We may conclude based on current media and their recall that it went something like this:


Kai said he had wanted to include very obvious success criteria to the pact so that he could conclude for himself "that it was all real." He explained he thought that if he wasn't granted these fabulous powers then it was, to him, evidence that it was all a sham. So in effect his interest in engaging the film and its content was defiant and cynical, and his interviews give this impression as well (portraying him as a profound skeptic having a go at the Prince of Darkness and folkloric tales for possible profit).

"How To Sell Your Soul With Kai Blackwood"

"Published on Apr 18, 2014"
"I SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN film subject Kai Blackwood shares his experience of selling his soul in this uncensored interview that explores God, Satan, the human spirit and the philosophical extremes that people will embrace in exchange for success. Witchcraft, ritual, the bible and demons, and the question of money and power are faced in this Buzzsaw hosted by Sean Stone."

"Kai Blackwood is an award-winning filmmaker and musician living in Los Angeles, CA. As his films and music have explored the darker elements of life both in this world and beyond, it should come as no surprise that he was also the subject of the notorious documentary, "I Sold My Soul a To Satan". His involvement with this film has since thrust him into a crossfire of controversy. Since the release of that film, he has received a barrage of emails from all over the world. Some, from unfortunate people who feel that selling their soul is the only hope for them, are heartbreaking. Some are just creepy. Others are downright unsettling... death threats, vitriolic rants and unbridled hatred have come his way, mostly via extremely religious people who, inexplicably, are offended by the film."

"00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:30 Introducing Kai Blackwood.
01:00 Why Blackwood sold his soul in I Sold My Soul To Satan.
04:00 The rituals of selling your soul and digesting witchcraft.
08:30 Blackwood discusses contacting the beyond, rituals, and his experience with the paranormal.
17:30 Questioning common perceptions of Satan and God along with their portrayal in the Bible.
23:00 The religion of conquering the mind and experiences interacting with spirits and demons.
30:00 Thanks and goodbye."

"What's Going on Since the Sell My Soul Party"
Dr. Monika the Psychic Surgeon

"Kai Blackwood shares tonight what's going on since the sell my soul party.

"Saturday April 25th 8pm Eastern Standard Time

"...I am going to be speaking to Kai Blackwood, he is for those not in the know a guy who {auditioned} for a reality show in which the "chosen" one would go through the ritual to sell his soul to the devil for his own chosen delights. ....

"...First lets remember this is was done in Hollywood, where doing a soul selling ritual is not even a seven on the weird scale. In Toledo, YES. But in Hollywood, just another day baby.

"The story and the interesting thing for me is what happened to Kai since, the ritual was done wrongly from the start and not actually completed. {But}, the energy generated, and the effects of it aimed at him {were] very real...."

-- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drmonikathepsychichofosho/2015/04/26/kai-blackwood-shares-tonight-whats-going-on-since-the-sell-my-soul-party

This blogtalkradio show interview shows some more of the background and details behind the "I Sold My Soul to Satan" 'documentary'. He was working against the rite from the beginning and didn't complete it. His contention was that the film producers were disorganized, interrupted the preparations, and stopped and started the activities he was supposedly doing to prepare. He claims that Jymie said the candles were going out and that it was dangerous and she had to break the mirror in order to stop the rite and abandon it.

He said that one of the states of things with religion, prayer, and prayer requests, which he thought was operative for the pact with Satan was that one could only ask for things for oneself in exchange for one's soul. His understanding of this seems to have presaged a significantly different perspective of aesthetic and seriousnessness than the film's director and writers, who lampooned prospective pact applicants for not seeking to trade their essentiality for altruistic aims. This insight appears later to have manifested in comparably different levels of perfectionism.

What he was seeing in the production did not pan out to a quality output or portray him in a manner he desired, and this fed his skeptical attitude until he was both opposed to a perspective which might motivate a pact with the devil (the mild experimentation motive or the greater motivation for gain) and disappointed with the consistency and thoroughness being brought to bear in connection with the project.

While Kai is something of a philosopher and will maintain a variety of intellectual positions with respect to the subject matter (thus making for an entertaining guest on talk shows) who likes the Law of Attraction and agrees that belief is not required for effects to ensue, yet he is terribly and existentially disappointed that life cannot be shown to inherently feature meaning and significance. The paradigm against which he may continue to struggle is the Roman Catholicism by which he was so heavily inculcated. His background and attitude (perhaps iconographically faustian) may have predisposed him as much against a successful outcome to the demonic pact as it may have attracted the film's architects and disposed them to their haphazard and inconsistently serious treatment of the project.

Pact Documentary

Faustian Pact Documentary

"Faustian Pact - Deal With The Devil - Part 1/4 (Connecting the Dots)"
1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsCIQAckSVI
Uploaded on Jun 3, 2010
A Faustian Pact, is an agreement made or done for present gain without regard for future cost or consequences, traditionally known to be made with the Devil.

This has been best exemplified, as well as getting its' namesake, through the legend of Faust.

This is a film documenting the legend and speculation surrounding the act of selling ones soul to the Devil.

It is part of the Connecting The Dots Series"

While the above video does contain a graphic of the pact created by the Grand Mufti of Satanism himself(!) it is sorrowfully askew in the focus upon Robert Johnson (as even are many fans of Faustian pacts, it seems). Below find correction to this notion in a fictional drama which relates the actual individual and perhaps a bit of his motivation. The other 3 parts to this video series deal more with other things than Faustian pacts.

O Brother, Where Art Thou - Sold my soul to the Devil"

In this excerpt from the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", Tommy Johnson, the actual crossroads deal-making bluesman, makes an appearance intersecting the hapless convicts whose adventures we are following. Tommy explains only that he met the Devil at the Crossroads and exchanged his soul with him for skill at guitar playing.

Despite a closer approximation than the myriad falsities one might encounter surrounding Robert Johnson (the video immediately above embarrassingly focusses on this lie, and the two men were not even related), even this fictional episode is not entirely without flaw. The Southern convention tends not to be Faustian, instead, like Tommy's arrangement, constituting a sale of himself for the transmission of musicianship, and from an entity particularly known for encountering at the crossroads, the Black Man.

Accusations, Confessions, and Vlogs

Kirk Martin Confession of Pact

Confession of a Demonic Rocker (CBN.com, 700Club.com)
"Selling Your Soul To the Devil Actually Works?"

Mr. Martin explains how he was an angry rocker as a result of molestation issues as a child, driving him to venture into the wilderness, clutch at the soil, and promise his soul to Satan exchange for women, fame, money, and power. Now instead of Led Zeppelin t-shirts he dresses in lavender, has an ordinary hair cut, and seems like a very pleasant fellow whose fearsome past may be completely repented.

The pact is vocal, attractively tied to the soils of this world (compare the Buddha), and displays the lusts and interests Mr. Martin had at the time of his grasping desperation. His obvious faith and distinct improvement are apparent in this confessional film.

Vlogs on YouTube

Fearless J2008

JNJ doesn't recommend to anyone playing with the spirit realm. He explains that imprecations, rites, promising to slay a baby, have an abortion, or delivery up your soul are the price. Without question he is convinced that such arrangements are dangerous. According to him people have made pacts through near-death experiences, venturing to Hell. The result appears to be having been provided for all one's material needs. Deals may also be made through dreams and visions. Scratches, sores, bumps, bleeding in certain places are evidence of other-dimensional action and may indicate that a demon is around one or that one has come close to the infernal. The pact is irreversible, one cannot just repent; Lucifer or the Devil will make it so that you don't have the option.

Fearless gives much information about how pacts may be conducted and composed, what it is that is possible in association to them, including their price and symptoms. He does not provide the best procedures and strongly recommends against it in any case.

The Satanic Innovation

In 1996, on June 6th, the Grand Mufti of Satanism re-embedded the accusatory propaganda of the Pact With the Devil into a transgressive alliance between the God of This World (immanent, physical, present) and the ritualizer.

The Deal as is usually depicted is highly unbalanced, trading short-term gain for long-term potential in a reckless, lust-filled attempt to either spurn the God who made you or exercise strategic treachery (because you can backstab Satan later with appeal to his superior).