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The clearest commonality tying draconic nature together as a motif or reflection is the composite of natural species in a singular organism. Globally this follows several trends, and at points it crosses over, by reputation or familial entitlement, to the demonic or satanic.

In Religions and Fiction

Fish and larger reptilian animals have been ascribe transformative capacity in the development into dragons, and complete underwater kingdoms of water dragons or nagas whose intelligence and insight warranted their description as the repository for the advanced teachings of the Buddha, whose first and best disciple is said to have been reborn in later times and collected it up for further transmission.

In apocalyptic and political metaphor, the acquisitory interest and dangerous power of dragons has been reflected into fantasy fiction (such in the exquisite tales of Tolkien). So often has the emblem been used for supreme (even imperial) and malefic potency (including for vampires) that there is no telling, when dragons are mentioned, of what character they may comprised, aside from intensely powerful and deeply natural.