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The disposition of control and exploitation human beings take with respect to other species and our environment supplies us with motivation to demonize and villify those obstacles or opponents in order to bolster our will in removing or dominating them. One of the consequences of this is that our imagery surrounding the demonic is filled with composite species of unnatural combination. Another is that those who undertake to defend or champion the demonic may come to an insight about its relation to the wilderness and uncontrolled natural phenomena and focus some of their efforts on a defense of the planet's ecology, in small or large.

Typically, most human groups wind their way around to seeing the wisdom of loving the biosphere, at times in a personal way, or begin to merge, or fail to divide, nature spirits from demons. Satanists have a diverse, and often harsh and narcissistic manner of subsuming everything unto ourselves. Once one moral standard (set?) is exploded and left behind, why bother abiding any others? Most tend to be Libertarians, it appears, with strays hailing from hippy occultnik and fascist, materialistic rescidivist dimensions.

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