Black Magic, Satanism and Voodoo

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The first edition of "Black Magic, Satanism and Voodoo" by Dr.Leo Martello, 1972; this book contains an interview of Herbert Sloane conducted by Martello in 1970 in which Sloane compares Gnostic Satanism with paleolithic shamanism and with the New Thought Movement
The second edition of "Black Magic, Satanism and Voodoo" by Dr.Leo Martello, 1973


"Dr. Herbert Sloane of Toledo, Ohio, is the Covenator of Our Lady of Endor Coven, the Ophite Cultus Sathanas, and highly recommends the book *The Gnostic Religion* by Hans Jonas. Dr. Sloane writes: 'The Old Religion seems to stem from the Stone Age; specifically from the Paleolithic period and I feel a little over half safe in venturing to say that there is just NOBODY around today who knows what the religious of the Paleolithic period did or did not believe in. (See *The God of the Witches* by Margaret Murray), and my conjecture stems from [a?] 'priest' of that period being drawn on a cave wall wearing ritual HORNS and we commonly know that in primitive religions the priest/priestess BECOMES THE GOD INCARNATE and a few such cults flourish in 1970 too. My feeling is, however, that this Horned God appeared to some person or persons during Paleolithic times even as he did to me back in the woods in 1908 ... and he simply had to be a Devil (that name only means Little God), as he assuredly was not a GODHEAD. Now at no point do i confuse/accept/understand said Devil to be the one advanced by Christians: My Devil is good, O! SO GOOD, at least unto His own!'

"Dr. Sloane is 64, gray haired, about six feet, and sports a thin white goatee. He has been a barber, a card reader and a tasseographist (tea leaf reader). He considers himself both a witch and a Satanist, but is quick to point out how he differs from others. 'So far as Ophitic Gnostic Satanism is concerned,' he says, 'only those called by the DEVIL Himself are in it and public opinion along with that of other sects of Witches are of no concern. Remember that it is the Devil and *not* the Coven Leader who confirms or initiates a Witch of our sect.'

"In a letter he sent me dated Sept. 9, 1970, Dr. Sloane writes: 'Howbeit, Dr. Martello, that even G.B. Gardner who was the 'Luther' of this new surge of Witchcraft did not throw up his hands in horror about the worship of THE DEVIL by witches [?] True[,] such is "beat around the bush" in PUBLIC consumption books, but NOT in PRIVATE correspondence between he and me while he was yet on this earth plane and I still have HIS OWN LONGHAND TO PROVE IT.'

"'As for the Craft; well, everybody from Gnostic Satanists like me to Christian Science practitioners are using it," Dr. Sloane states, 'so that it's anybody's baby so far as I'm concerned. Of course I've been far far more involved with the CULT (in my case Ophitic Gnostic) than with the Craft.'

"He found it highly amusing that a woman writer who planned to visit him was given a '4000 year old scarab ring' as a 'special protection' by her male witch friend who promised to be at his altar at the same time as her arrival in Toledo. Another 'white' witch said he'd be meeting with his coven and they would throw up a 'screen of protection.' His argument was: Why protect yourself against something witches claim not to believe in? And further, if they were really witches they should have known better. Dr. Sloane was right of course. A mild mannered, loquacious... man, he is both harmless and helpful, and his home looks more like a child's phantasy world of Halloween, including dime-store masks, then a Den of Iniquity. A self-educated man, given to rambling sentences, his brand of Satanism is uniquely his own. It lacks the intellectually thought-out premises of Anton LaVey or the anti-intellectual emotionalism of secretive devil-worshippers. He too is open and aboveboard, at times child-like, and unlike most witch covens generous in permitting reporters to attend his services. Recently the Maid fo his Coven died of cancer. Her son barred Dr. Sloane from attending her funeral services. Yet it was his Our Lady of Endor coven that helped make her last years and days on earth easier. Despite what anyone thinks about him Dr. Sloane didn't deserve this 'unkindest cut of all.' She was a very close friend.

"It's sometimes difficult to follow Dr. Sloane's thinking. However, without going into the religious aspects of witchcraft, he does make the following valid observation: 'The Craft I understand to be the regulated application of MIND POWER (Magick in other words), and this was incorporated into religion (for me the cult of SATHAN the Horned God) back in the Stone Age and was "discovered" again about a century ago by Mary Baker Eddy and reentered the scope of religion OUTSIDE the Witch cult. To me, Christian Science, Unity, New Thought, Science of Mind, are using the same CRAFT that the witches do under another name and modus operandi.'"

-- "Black Magic, Satanism and Voodoo" by Dr. Leo L. Martello, HC Publishers, 1972 pp. 31-34.