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Deftly dodging the bullets of theistic adversaries, the courageous few, mistaking retribution for self-definition, began to maintain to the world that their failure to conform to theistic norms itself constituted an ideology. From this, the paltry faux posture of 'atheism' was born.

For the above reasons most of those who identify as 'atheists' don't understand that there is actually no consistent structural integrity to the philosophical facet which promotes itself as more extensive due to theistic projection. Conventions such as 'Atheists come in "Hard" and "Soft" varieties', distinction from agnostics and from anti-theists have been duly required, and the seemingly never-ending emergence from theistic parameters of thought while conceiving of oneself as having left them firmly behind, are standard fair in the innumerable 'Theist vs Atheist' battle rings thoughout the internet.

Typical atheistic blindnesses include a reference to 'God' as if this were meaningful, an insistence that the Big Bang proves that everything was created, but we have no evidence (yet!) for a Creator, a belief that the Jewish, Christian and Muslim deities are all the same, and a willingness to endlessly sift through Bibles to justify anti-theistic assertions.

Prejudicial, unfounded postures giving those using this identifier a smug sense of self-importance include belief that:

  • 'the Christian God does not exist'
  • 'no deity of any type exists'
  • 'no supernatural phenomena exist'
  • 'religion is a useless sham benefitting the few through deception'
  • 'scriptures are all composed of false mythology'
  • 'there is no essence, or subtle body energy (e.g. life force, kundalini, chi, prana, etc.)'
  • 'it is possible to "verify" ideas, hypotheses, through scientific procedures'
  • 'the lack of evidence constitutes evidence of disproof'
  • 'worship of anything is self-destructive and a waste of time'
  • 'mysticism is a language of obfuscation intended to confuse otherwise reasonable people'
  • 'there is a "true perspective" which we can arrive at if we rudely challenge those who have beliefs of any kind, but particularly those featuring deities'
  • 'everything in religion has already been examined by scientists and turned up nothing'
  • 'civilization "progresses" and this includes the development of atheism as part of maturity'
  • 'theists are all morons who haven't been taught how to think coherently'
  • 'vibrant figures in science history were "beyond" theism or belief in the supernatural'
  • 'religious superheros existed, but were probably blown out of proportion through time'
  • 'the Big Bang was the Beginning of All Things, and this has been proven by science'
  • 'theists reject all scientific standards and evidence'

While hardcore anti-theists have at times taken up the identifier of 'atheist' in order to rattle, dispute with, and reject, faith-based claims about the cosmos from religious seeking to infiltrate and erode the standards of educational systems, real philosophers have undermined what has been advanced based on biology, for instance, language studies, the sociology of religion, anthropology, and psychology of consciousness studies in order to examine the processes and realities underlying religious activities in a truly scientific manner. Atheists by and large find this activity to be reprehensible and futile, and are convinced that the only relevant information is that God is dead (Nietzsche), doesn't play at dice (Einstein), and will never be found or understood by empirical methods.

{Originally my text from the Cult of Cthulhu Wiki}