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Here follows the link directory of the Pacts With the Devil page, questions received and response provided here:

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__________________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS

__________________________________________ SELLING YOUR SOUL

Trade your soul for vast wealth, incredible fame, or a new body

How to become rich with the sale of your soul

Directions for the briefest soulsale possible

Whether Christians should follow the video soul sale instructions

Why so much attention is paid to selling your soul to Satan if pacts don't require it

The sale of someone else's soul that you own

_______________________ PACTS AND DEAL-BROKERAGE

Where to start when interested in making a Devilish deal

Timeliness and ease becoming rich using a pact with Satan

Becoming a wealthy celebrated musician by doing a Crossroads rite

What number of musicians have made deals for their soul to achieve their success

What a bill of sale is and how to properly construct one

_______________________ SUCCESS AND RISK

Common beginner mistakes which cause the pact with the Devil to fail

Pacts that are 100% guaranteed to work

How often pacts are actually successful, testimonial

Making a successful pact, specific methods and conditions

Real pacts as compared to the fake or symbolic

The irremediable and infernal repercussions of selling your soul to Satan

The risk of pact-making and when to construct amulets instead

A pact's affect on friends and family

What we might receive in return for what we offer the Devil

_______________________ SUMMONING, INVOKING, AND RITUALS

How to do an invocation or summoning

What to do when you failed to get ritual materials and if you really need them

Where the Devil may be found in the forest or other locations for ritual

Where to cut yourself when making a pact

Demonic Satanism Dedication rite

Help with your unusual problem you had when invoking Lucifer


Curing for mental illness by making a pact with the Devil

What to do if you are suffering terribly and you want Satan to help

When you have everything prepared, know what you need, wrote the contract, and set the date, and things aren’t proceeding like clockwork

_______________________ BECOMING A SATANIST

Becoming a Satanist and achieving your earthly desires

Epicurean pacts with the Devil

_______________________ DEMONS, GODS, AND THEIR NATURE

Develop psychic ability to sense the presence of demons

Communicate with demons

Whether demons can affect the banking system

The nature of God and Satan, the truth behind them

Whether Lucifer and Satan are the same

Guardian Demon as part of pact arrangements

_______________________ Satanist Grand Mufti (TROLL TOWELHEAD)

How my life changed since making my single pact

Why i chose Satanism

Black magic, the right way to learn it, and best ways to avoid erroneous books

_______________________ ADVICE AND GUIDANCE

Help with selecting the proper pact for your situation

What to do when you made a pact but there was no response

What to do when your God and Master Satan hasn't connected with you

_______________________ HELP AND JOINING UP

Help with your Devil-pact project

Helping you sign your pact to become the Devil's servant

Joining our church

After a Dedication Pact, joining and membership, and the 300 dollar charge


Recommended sources on conventional Satanism

Reading list for Satanism and Pacts With the Devil

Referrals for magicians, spirits, or demons to assist in rituals and spells


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