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See the portion of this site dedicated to Troll Towelhead media; otherwise, the best connection is through Facebook.

The Grand Mufti of Satanism, i have been a friend to demons since my blood pact of alliance with Satan on 96/6/6. Interviewing and studying the adventures of public and dedicated Satanists for decades, i have a clear understanding as to the varieties of its manifestation, and have coached hundreds of the interested to establish and refine their devotional or dedicated connection to the Devil.

My background as a non-Christian gives me an unusual fluency with all religious interests, and so while i am able to relate easily to the path of Satanism which shakes its defiant fist in the face of Christian and Muslim oppression, i am ever counselling the value of working with others rather than against them, outfitted in the demonic style and character that suits the iconoclasm and transgressive modality keenly sought by demonolatrists, Luciferians, and the Satanic. With that said, my ecumenical and pacifistic outreach has me working with religious of all types, and primarily with Christians and post-Christians, since the Satanism i practice stems in its nascent character from early Christianity as i understand it.

The practical aspects of an introduction to and engagement of the Devil are the usual substance of my coaching service. Initiation and orientation to the Left-Hand Path are my focus in all of my consultations, and yet for the interested i am also a well-schooled student on the whole of the Black Arts, specializing in transgressive and demonic ritual and spellcraft from an ethical standpoint.

Altar housing and protecting my pact
The Amulet of the AEon -- an insignia of the office i hold
The back of the Aeonic Amulet, a symbol pertaining to Personal power and indulgence
The Grand Mufti wrote a commentary on The Gospel of Satan and included many fatwas exposing the Left-Hand Path
Troll has revealed the doctrine of Demonic Satanism to the world whereby the interests of Working with Satan and daemons is made plain
The Grand Mufti creates instructional videos on Satanism and soulsale.

My social services extend from one-on-one counselling, media appearances, and video production, to panel participation, reference librarianship, and the the publishing of a compedium of essays on Satanism and the Left-Hand Path within "The Gospel of Satan: Commentary and Fatwas." I regularly examine and evaluate Satanic resources, online data as well as printed forms and social media expressions. I've helped many individuals to construct initiations of a variety of types, dedications, summonings, rituals of pact, and the occasional folk magic spell.

The primary means of consultation i enjoy is public address of anonymized inquiry within the context of platforms like Facebook, or bulletin board systems, or mediawiki sites. Brief essays and referential postings in public may be found at the PactMaking and DemonSummoning Facebook pages.

If you are looking for a particular type of Satanism, attempting to explore the difference between the nightmare propaganda of Christians and the real spiritual and religious expressions of Satanists, struggling to negotiate a Christian culture from within a Satanic personal motive, trying to summon or invoke demons or the Devil and establishing a dedication or blood pact, delving into Dark Paganism or Demonolatry, or attempting to identify and apply Left-Hand Path philosophy for the purpose of self-development and personal success, these are avenues of engagement with which i am quite familiar.

I offer free consultation through restricted channels and inquiries on a preliminary basis (single questions, in Facebook and IRC), then possible arrangements for personal coaching. Public interviews and media appearances may be granted with advance notice.

Contact Information

Troll Towelhead
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Services by Arrangement

  • Coaching arrangements possible, including for dedication, initiation, or pact analysis and co-construction.
  • Other divinatory services by arrangement.
  • Prescriptions may be provided as part of free consultation.

NOTE:I will not do your ritual or summoning service for you. You will need to find a priest or summoner-for-hire for that.