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"The Origin of Satan", Elaine Pagels, Random House, 1995; ISBN: 978-0679731184. [ Pagels is a scholar and a reliable religion writer. she examines literary data and concludes fairly in her analyses. her strong familiarity with Gnosticism assists, and the focus is on Satan by name or title. -- BO]

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a. Composite

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b. Personification of Evil

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i. religion

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ii. folklore

"Behind the Mask of Adolescent Satanism", by Joyce Mercer, Fairview Press, 154 pgs., 1991; ISBN: 978-0925190222; [ exhibiting some of the best and worst aspects of the Satanism Scare, examining such things as fantasy roleplaying and Heavy Metal music and their contribution to corruption of minors. unconvincing, at points ridiculous. -- BO]

"The Butcher's Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town", by Helmut Walser Smith, W. W. Norton & Company, 276 pgs., 2003; ISBN: 978-0393325058; [ ...a masterful job (of) exploring the history of the blood libel (the charge that Jews commit ritual murder of Christian children), as well as of community and how people band together to bring about great good or in the case of Konitz genuine evil. Yet, Smith argues that Konitz should be seen as a case study of "process," of how different forces came together to make "latent anti-Semitism manifest," causing peaceful townspeople to turn on their neighbors. Drawing on a remarkably detailed documentary record, Smith analyzes social, class and other factors in the violence the role of the middle vs. working classes, Protestants vs. Catholics and in an original piece of analysis, shows how the townspeople's response was itself a form of ritual murder. ...PW; The (author) explores the murder of young Ernst Winter in the West Prussian town of Konitz on March 11, 1900. Though the authorities suspected the Christian butcher, Gustav Hoffmann, the Christian townspeople suspected a Jewish conspiracy to kill Winter and acquire his Christian blood for their Passover matzo. ... LJ -- AM]

"The Complete Book of the Devil's Disciples", by Leonard R.N. Ashley, Barricade Books, 368 pgs., 1997; ISBN: 978-1569800874. [(book cover) This fourth book in Ashley's series traces the roots of the occult -- devil worship, ritual killing, witchcraft, etc... throughout history. -- AM]

"Demons of the Modern World", by Malcolm Mcgrath, Prometheus, 323 pgs., 2001; ISBN: 978-1573929356. [The author shows that organized satanic-ritual child abuse and alien abduction are unsupported by the evidence but that our fantasy life may permit these imagined practices to appear real when seemingly supported by "scientific" theories of child truthfulness and practices of "recovering" memories through hypnosis. The text needs better proofreading, but the content is superb. Recommended for all libraries. William P. Collins, LJ -- AM]

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"Evil Incarnate: Rumors of Demonic Conspiracy and Satanic Abuse in History", by David Frankfurter, Princeton University Press, 312 pgs., 2006; ISBN: 978-0691113500. [ ...observes trenchantly that those seeking to purge demonic conspiracies have done more violence than the devotees of those so-called evil groups. Frankfurter's conclusions will likely be hotly contested, especially among those who claim to have been ritually abused, but his judicious insights about the nature of evil in our world provide thoughtful glimpses at the ways societies demonize the Other. PW -- AM]

"Gentile Tales: the Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews", by Miri Rubin, University of Pennsylvania Press, 280 pgs., 2004; ISBN: 978-0812218800; [Beginning in Paris in the year 1290, Jews were accused of abusing Christ by desecrating the eucharist -- the manifestation of Christ's body in the communion service. Over the next two centuries this tale of desecration spread throughout Europe and led to violent anti-Jewish activity in areas from Catalonia to Bohemia, particularly in some German-speaking regions, where at times it produced regionwide massacres and "cleansings." Drawing on sources ranging from religious tales and poems to Jews' confessions made under torture, Miri Rubin explores the frightening power of one of the most persistent anti-Jewish stories of the Middle Ages and the violence that it bred. She looks not just at the occasions on which massacres occurred but also at those times when the story failed to set off violence. She investigates as well the ways these tales were commemorated in rituals, altarpieces, and legends and were enshrined in local traditions. In exploring the character, nature, development, and eventual decay of this fantasy of host desecration, Rubin presents a vivid picture of the mental world of late medieval Europe and of the culture of anti-Judaism. {From the Publisher:} Miri Rubin is Professor of History at Queen Mary, University of London. -- AM]

In Pursuit of Satan: the Police and the Occult", by Robert D. Hicks, Prometheus Books, 420 pgs., 1991; ISBN: 978-0879756048. [ one of the better evaluations of "Satanic Ritual Abuse" witch hunt dynamics. -- BO]

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"Raising the Devil: Satanism, New Religions, and the Media", by Bill Ellis, University Press of Kentucky, 2005. [ reviewed by Roshi bobo 500102, updated 2005 -- BO].

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"The Satanism Scare", by Best, Bromley, and Richardson, eds., Aldine de Gruyter, 1991; ISBN: 978-0202303796. [ by far the best source on Satanism in the 20th century. this rivals LaVey in religious value and is a perfect antidote to "Michelle Remembers" by Pazder that catalyzed the recent horrors. -- BO]

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iii. sociology

"American Exorcism: Expelling Demons in the Land of Plenty, by Michael W. Cuneo, Doubleday, 336 pgs., 2001; ISBN: 978-0385501767; [Cuneo, an intrepid sociologist based at Fordham University, explores the bizarre subculture of renegade priests, rough-and-tumble preachers, shady psychiatrists and tormented souls, spewing foulness. Building on his earlier surveys along the fringes of contemporary Catholicism, the "openmindedly skeptical" author interviewed hundreds of believers and attended dozens of exorcisms, here described in mordant deadpan. ... Lucidly written and riveting as any horror novel, Cuneo's excursion into the darker paths of American faith offers a deeply disturbing, ironic vision of what he sees as the unintended consequences of popular culture for the modern religious imagination. PW -- AM]

"Comprehending Cults: the Sociology of New Religious Movements", by Lorne L. Dawson, Oxford University Press, 272 pgs., 2006; ISBN: 978-0195420098; [Tackling popular misconceptions about new religious movements, Comprehending Cults summarizes, synthesizes, and assesses over 40 years of research by historians, sociologists, and psychologists. This excellent introduction to the study of new religious groups offers a balanced treatment of new movements as a source of spiritual satisfaction while confronting issues of violence, sexuality, and brainwashing within religious cults; (About the Author:) Lorne L. Dawson is a Professor of Sociology and Chair for the Department of Religious Studies, University of Waterloo. -- AM]

"The Cult Around the Corner: a Handbook on Dealing With Other People's Religions", by Nancy O'Meara, Foundation for Religious Freedom, 104 pgs., 2003; ISBN: 978-1928575108; [ (from the author) This is the most recent book published about "cults" - and is a book for the new millennium. It is about how to understand other people's religious choices and learning to live in a pluralistic society. Coming from a family that includes a sister who is atheist, a brother who is a Methodist minister and another sister married to a Catholic and raising four daughters, I have had first hand experience coping with deep seated belief differences. The Cult Around the Corner is the perfect book for the challenges people are dealing with today on a personal and professional level coping with a shrinking world of every greater religious diversity. -- AM]

"The Damascus Affair: 'Ritual Murder', Politics, and the Jews in 1840", by Jonathan Franklel, Cambridge University Press, 509 pgs., 1997; ISBN: 978-0521483964; [(from the cover) In February of 1840, an Italian monk and his servant disappeared in Damascus. Many Jews in that city were charged with ritual murder and tortured until they confessed. The case turned into a cause celebre across much of the Western world and produced an explosion of polemics, fantastic theories, and strange projects. This book, the first since 1840, assesses the affair as a factor in European and Jewish politics of the time, a chapter in Jewish history and historiography, and the stuff of radically conflicting myths that eventually led to the Holocaust and the establishment of the Israeli state. -- AM]

"Witch-Children: From Salem Witch-Hunts to Modern Courtrooms", by Hans Sebald, Prometheus Books, 258 pgs., 1995; ISBN: 978-0879759650. [Sebald's analysis is more than just an attack on atrocities committed in the name of Christianity (and equally common in non-Christian religions, although his history does not extend that far). A retired professor of sociology at Arizona State, Sebald ... points out that in the demonological system, children become persecutors as well as persecuted. We see it in the hysteria about child sexual abuse, which has resulted in such horrors as the McMartin preschool case. ... Once interpreted as influenced by Satan, "today the scientifically-minded would interpret the same behavior within a social-psychological framework." -- AM]


"Do What Thou Wilt: a Life of Aleister Crowley", by Lawrence Sutin, St. Martin's Press; 448 pgs, 2000; ISBN: 0312252439.

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a. religion

The Black Flame -- The International Forum of the Church of Satan. Post Office Box 499, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10101-0499. $6 per issue (U.S.) $8 (outside U.S.) Check, bank draught or money order in U.S. funds only. "Extremely useful review section, eclectic articles. Hells Kitchen Productions is also at this address - they have certain items that may be unobtainable elsewhere." -- LU

The Black Pun-kin -- A publication upholding the principles of Anton Szandor LaVey's Church of Satan. Post Office Box 32017, 1386 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K2B-1AI. $7 per issue (U.S.) $7 Canadian (Canada) $10 (U.S. Overseas) All checks or money orders to be made payable to Robert Lang. -- LU

The Cloven Hoof -- The Official Bulletin and Tribunal of The Church of Satan. Published by The Church of Satan. Post Office Box 210666, San Francisco, CA 94121. This publication ceased publishing in 1988, but has now [?when?] resumed where it left off (Issue 126 starts the republishing point). $5 per issue (U.S.) $7 (outside U.S.) U.S. funds only. -- LU

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Not Like Most -- 'Not Like Most was conceived and first published in June of 1995 (XXX A.S.) by Matt G. Paradise, a Magister in the infamous Church of Satan' -- NLM; 'Not Like Most magazine brings you an online resource for information on mythological figures throughout history, referenced by culture and relevant to those researching for academic studies or for ritual.'

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c. sociology

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2. DEVIL -- composite, personification of evil
3. PACT WITH DEVIL -- folklore, anthropology, sociology
4. DEVIL WORSHIP -- folklore, anthropology, sociology
5. SATANISM -- religion, folklore (subversion ideologies, cultural motifs), sociology
6. DE FACTO AND PROTO SATANISM -- organized, solitaries


"The Devil's Disciple", George Bernard Shaw

"Hymn to Satan", Giosue Carducci

"Letters to the Earth", Mark Twain

"The Gospel of Satan", R. bobo (nagasiva yronwode) 1997.

"The Marriage of Heaven and Hell", William Blake

"Man and Superman", George Bernard Shaw

"Paradise Lost", by John Milton.

"A Pen Warmed in Hell", Mark Twain







AZAZEL, by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode)

BAPHOMET, by Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant)

DEVIL DOG, by William Wegman

LEVIATHAN, by nocTifer (nagasiva yronwode)




AM: description of the book

BO: boboroshi (yronwode, nagasiva;; private library.

LJ: Library Journal (as through AM)

LU: Lupo LeBoucher

MC: Mizz Crowley

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PW: Publishers Weekly (as through AM)

UP: Underground Panther and Pwcca Man (; public posting.

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DRAMATIC FOLKLORE (No Particular Order)
The Satanist, Wheatley
The Exorcist, Blatty
Rosemary's Baby
Devil and Dan Webster
La Bas, Huysmans
Asylum of Satan
IXth Gate






2. DEVIL -- composite, personification of evil
3. PACT WITH DEVIL -- folklore, anthropology, sociology
4. DEVIL WORSHIP -- folklore, anthropology, sociology
5. SATANISM -- religion, folklore (subversion ideologies, cultural motifs), sociology
6. DE FACTO AND PROTO SATANISM -- organized, solitaries

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