Newsgroups: alt.satanism
Subject: Satanism in St. Louis
From: Mirabella)
Date: 10 Sep 1996 23:57:00 GMT

1805 CT, 10 SEP 96

    Satanism in St. Louis has a new name; The Legion of Loki.  We
support and promote the principles of the Church of Satan (to which
many of our members belong) and we are dedicated to the worldly success
of our membership and to helping create a more Satanic world.  
    We are a collection of ambitious, responsible, accomplished, and
independent-minded men and women who are more interested in living the
Satanic ideal than "performing Satanism" for the un-washed masses.  We
work hard, party hard, go in style and take care of our own.  Racists,
druggies and animal/child abusers need not apply.  
    If these are the sort of folk you'd like to spend some of your
spare time with, and 1.) you live in the St. Louis, Mo., Greater Metro
Area (to include parts of southwestern Ill.), and 2.) you are over 18
yrs old, e-mail  Cliff13  or snail mail to
"Ambrosius/ PO Box 140252/ St. Louis, MO 63114"

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