The sequence of mystical conditions experienced, expanding the consciousness or clarifying the spirit in coordinated alchemical transformation, may become as much of an obsession as of the trophy-seeker and socialite (each pursuing a desired end). Obsessions may impede further development, becoming an obstacle (rather than a catalyst or agent). As part of a well-tuned ritual discipline they may prove quite valuable, enabling a deepening sense of the sacred, a humbleness of character, and an orientation to Satan (making the Sword of Will available to the dedicated initiate and enjoining of the ecstasy of perfection).

Socialites playing mystic roles, acting the part as of fortune-teller or card reader, may turn a profit without interest in the complexities of the mantic arts or the profound results of using the Book of Thoth in achievement of their aims.

Human beings have the capacity to shift through the developmental levels implied or mapped by ritual and mystical systems (of the Rosy Cross, Golden Dawn, Kindred Society of Light, Eastern Temple, Tassawuf, Vajrayana, etc.) intentionally; these may manifest in symbolic form as elements of experience, and she will become aware of them if she but develop a symbolism by which they might be seen for what they are -- attainment-markers. Whether those systems are suited in some inspiring way to the magician will depend on the conditions of hir birth and the development of hir character.

The New Aeon began at 36N58 122W02 96/6/6 2300 (060000GMT 6/7).

Its origination featured the following natal characteristics:

* -- Sol in Gemini, 16:45
* -- Asc Capricorn, 25:02 (Ura/Nep Conj in Capric)
* -- Luna in Pisces, 00:59 (cusp, Sq Plu & Merc/Mars)
* -- Mercury in Taurus, 23:39 (Conj Mars, Op Plu, Sq Lun)
* -- Venus in Gemini, 22:10
* -- Mars n Taurus, 26:09 (Conj Merc, Op Plu, Sq Lun)
* -- Jupiter in Capric, 15:57
* -- Saturn in Aries, 05:59 (Tr Plu)
* -- Uranus in Aquarius, 04:14 (Conj Nep)
* -- Neptune in Capric, 27:22 (Conj Ura)
* -- Pluto in Sagittarius, 01:18 (Tr Sat, Op Merc/Mars)

The master sits on the floor, or on a special seat of some kind. This is not required, or expected, it is merely traditional. Hir position is resting on solidity and base level truths, elevated beyond this by the comfort of hir merit and grace. Hir words and deeds will ever be fixed on harmonic aims, though the passerby might not know this to look at hir. Those sustaining attention on said being will recognize hir authority by resonance with cherished qualities. Whether astral or physical, the difficulties of ascertaining authority are manifold, and facilitated with a strict regimen, sharpening receptive and attentive capacity, orientation to true authority (internal or external) is a real possibility.

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